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  1. You can think of EA what you want but if they bring classic tracks back as a DLC, I would totally buy it. Much more value for money than opening random packs in Fifa. In addition, with a higher budget it's much more likely to have laser-scanned tracks, which is much needed in a game like F1.

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  2. 21 hours ago, Furbii said:

    Doubt it. They haven't said anything about a next gen patch. It will probably load a bit quicker, faster texture loading times and that's it. Basically the PS4 version played in a PS5.


    Hopefully next year is a next gen only title.

    They could at least "unlock" a higher texture quality or so.

  3. On 10/7/2020 at 12:48 PM, steviejay69 said:

    Why would you not be able to? If F1 2020 is a PS4 title and the PS5 has PS4 compatibility (99% of titles, but nothing from PS3 or earlier) then you matchmake on the same system (PSN).

    That’s actually a serious topic. In my league we already discussed how we deal with the fact that 50% stick with PS4 and 50% switch to PS5 and still manage to do our league races. 

  4. In my league we plan to start the new season at the beginning of August and therefore had a test race yesterday with strict corner cutting rules like in 2019. The amount of penalties was so high that I know would like to as if CM  plans to tweak the corner cutting with the next update? @BarryBL


  5. 15 minutes ago, Sector4 said:

    It sure is. Last year the issue was small enough so that you could learn to ignore it. Now it's impossible to not see everywhere. Menus, grid lineup screen, grid preparations, pit stops, post-race... The amount of texture pop up is insane. 

    And there are a lot of FPS problems, too, mostly with replays and cutscenes. And strange screen tearing on PS4 Pro. Both of these issues were in F1 2018 but mostly absent from F1 2019. I've read that Codemasters now have two teams working on their F1 games so maybe 2018 & 2020 were made by the same team and that explains why we've taken a step back from 2019? 

    It's not all negative though. In some aspects I feel that the graphics have improved slightly. The draw distance might be better, for example. I first noticed it when I was at the Red Bull Ring. Last year the big bull statue was barely noticeable when driving, it was just a blurry mess somewhere in the background. Now it's so clear and prominent that I felt I could reach out my hand and touch it.

    And the image I get is more clear and sharp compared to 2019. Reminds me of Xbox One X videos I've seen of previous F1 games.

    Could you explain what you mean with texture pop up? I can't think of a suitable translation in German. 

  6. I think ABS off is much easier to handle in F1 2020 compared to last years game and I actually don't care anymore, if someone with ABS on is faster. I think the leagues have to deal with the problem themselves. Lillhelm and myself race in the same league as we have this discussion for years now. You either divided the series in "Non"-Assist and Assist leagues then you might lose some drivers or you leave it as it is. For now, we decided to leave it as it is because we think it's still a hobby and everyone should be able to race how the want to. 

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  7. After a lot of tweaking I finally found a solution for the graphics to improve. I raised the sharpness on my TV and now it looks better. The reduced quality of the font still exists but I assume it’s because as soon as I start the game the console reduces the overall resolution to 1800 instead of 2160. 

    Maybe I noticed it even more this year because m TV is much bigger now. 

  8. 33 minutes ago, BelgiumDude said:

    What kind of screens are you people using? I can't see what you people are talking about. If you would have said that it is not a huge step forward in graphics I would understand it but I don't see a downgrade. To me it just looks a bit better I suppose. I don't have time to watch the trees whilst I'm racing so I probably don't care too much for such details

    LG CX OLED TV + PS4 Pro

    The TV is an absolute beast in terms of picture quality so I assume it isn’t the reason for bad graphics.


  9. I already complained about reduced overall graphics in another thread. It seems that as soon as you start the game it reduces the resolution. How did I noticed it? When I’m in the PS4 main menu everything is crisp and sharp. Then I start the game and press the PS-button as the menu comes up and everything looks pixelated, less sharp and you can clearly see less anti-aliasing. Unfortunately it’s hard to make a photo of the difference. 

  10. 1 hour ago, BarryBL said:

    Sure, I think that's fair. 

    So, to elaborate a little, we haven't sacrificed graphics quality because of Split-screen. We haven't sacrificed anything on the graphics front at all, and should perform to at least the same standard. Examples here when the game has been released @SAL_LippiArsenal would be useful.

    Split-screen runs at 30FPS to accommodate for 2 players, but that is the only area of the game to do so. All other areas of the game are unaffected.

    Of course, I will do it as soon as the game is officially released. 

  11. I made comparisons with F1 2019 and other games last night, they all look sharper than F1 2020. This is noticeable especially when you compare the buttons on the wheel, the PS-buttons in the bottom right. I assume, just like someone else already said, they sacrificed graphics to achieve a higher frame rate.

    I really enjoy the new physics and handling model of the game, but still graphics are also important to me. 

  12. If they really sacrificed the overall graphics quality to implement a split-screen, it would be a bad decision in my opinion. Games like COD MW2019 also offer split-screen MP and only reduce the graphics when you play together. Here it seems that the graphics is worse overall, it's not specific to the split-screen mode. 

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  13. Hi everyone, 

    I received my copy of F1 2020 this morning and directly noticed that the general graphics quality seems to be worse compared to F1 2019. 

    To me the cars are much pixelated and the Anti-Aliasing is worse. same applies to the buttons and the HUD

    Anybody else noticed that too? I play on PS4 Pro and a 2020 OLED TV




  14. 3 minutes ago, SS016 said:

    Bit of a silly question

    Will the BETA code go to your email or will it go to some social media account of yours?

    You will receive a code by email and will be activated for the hidden forums, where all the reporting takes place.

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  15. Well, it's perfectly fine for me not to have all tracks laser-scanned or with LIDAR data but to have some classic "evergreen" F1 tracks such as Spa, Monza, Brasil, Silverstone as accurate as possible would be nice, especially if you take into account the differences in altitude of the track. Spa, for instance, is actually a roller-coaster. Why not update just two or three tracks every iteration of the game with LIDAR data.

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