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  1. wipendclean

    F1 2019 Game - Sign Ups Xbox

    We are now running time trials to sort people in to the correct tier for the first season... Time Trial & Sign Up Info - http://www.pesonline.co.uk/f1-2019/
  2. wipendclean

    Xbox one F1 2019 - Drivers Wanted!

    Sign up at www.pesonline.co.uk
  3. wipendclean

    F1 2019 Game - Sign Ups Xbox

    Looking at first race weekend being 7th July - get in now... https://forms.gle/rgbAyUmxxPNpM7PL9
  4. wipendclean

    F1 2019 Game - Sign Ups Xbox

    Bumping this, keep em coming guys if interested.
  5. wipendclean

    F1 2019 Game - Sign Ups Xbox

    41 sign ups so far. If we get another 19 we'll be able to open a third tier! Keep them coming https://forms.gle/rgbAyUmxxPNpM7PL9
  6. wipendclean

    F1 2019 Game - Sign Ups Xbox

    Bumping this over the next couple of weeks ahead of the game coming out. 28 drivers confirmed so far, 12 more seats up for grabs right now
  7. wipendclean

    F1 2019 Game - Sign Ups Xbox

    Hi all, We are finalising numbers for our first season on the 2019 game. If interested just go on this link and put your gamertag in - we’ll get in touch with more information before the season. https://forms.gle/rgbAyUmxxPNpM7PL9 Site is www.pesonline.co.uk Settings - Short quali, 50% race, manual ERS, starts and pits, all other assists allowed Setup - we have been running about 4 years now. We run 10 race seasons across two divisions with promotion and relegation each season for the best / worst drivers. Races are at 9pm (UK time) on a Sunday. We have something for everyone, give us a go if you’re not sure on your plan for the new game!
  8. wipendclean

    3 Seats open XBOX

    We have 3 seats open in tier 2 at http://www.pesonline.co.uk 5 races to go so plenty left (10 race season), get in now and get a guaranteed drive for the new F1 2019 game when it's released. We race on a Sunday at 9pm UK time. Short quali and 50% race All assists allowed except manual starts, manual pits and manual ers Friendly league with lots of parties open you can jump in to and practice sessions happening before the race! Register here - http://www.pesonline.co.uk/register/ Or message me on XBL - gamer tag is wipe nd clean Thanks for reading 🙂
  9. wipendclean

    XBOX - Season 4 - Additional Drivers

    Hi all, We are a two tier racing league - the bottom 6 drivers in Tier 1 are relegated each season and replaced with the top 6 drivers from Tier 2. Each season lasts 7 races in order to keep things fresh and not let any one driver win every race constantly leaving others with nothing to race for. We race at 9pm on a Sunday evening (UK time) with the lobby opening at 8:45pm. We will normally be finished by 10:15pm. Short quali & 50% race - all assists are allowed except manual starts, manual pits and manual ERS. We are going to have about 5 spare seats for season 4 which will be starting on the 10th March. If interested, please register on site and post in the forums (once your account has been confirmed by admin (you'll get an email confirming approval). The registration will be on http://www.pesonline.co.uk/register Alternatively, message me on XBL - my gamer tag is wipe nd clean