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  1. So, thanks to the overwhelming CM support I finally managed to find the root cause and fix the problem - I do not know why, but my savegame was corrupted. After reset, everything works fine again but my career is gone for sure. Very poor from CM that they have not implemented error handling with try/catch and a simple error prompt that something is wrong with the savegame.
  2. I already posted to another F1 2018 crashing thread, but my problem is quite different. I am using an overclocked I7 2600K (4.5 GHz), 16 GB RAM, a GTX 1070, 2 Crucial SSD (one is 😄 and on the other one is Steam with F1 games installed, ~20 GB free space of 120 GB) and several hard discs and optical drives. F1 2018 was after the game launch issues running properly for over 350 hours of play time. Last week I got the Windows update to 1903 and afterwards F1 2018 1.16 shows weird crash behavior: By starting career mode, championship modes or online modes the game quits immediately to desktop. Grand Prix and time trial mode is still working properly as before! What I already did: * Steam file integrity check -> same behavior * Un- and reinstall the game -> same behavior * Tried elder Geforce drivers up to 419.67, tried newer beta drivers 431.19 -> same behavior * Tried DX12 beta -> same behavior * Deactivated Steam overlay -> same behavior * Deactivated Steam cloud game save -> same behavior * Tried to vary pagefile size from 1 to 8 GB although I use 16 GB RAM -> same behavior * Closed MSI Afterburner -> same behavior * Launched game in safemode - > same behavior * Sent crashdump by email -> no reply? * Other F1 games like 2017 and 2013 and also other games like GTAV are running fine like before 1903 So perhaps no I could get some hints and clues for fix or somebody from CM takes care about it. If there is something else needed, please tell me. Thank you in advance
  3. MistaNULLSkillZ

    F1 2018 crashing on Win 10 1903

    I launched the game with the arguement "-safemode" -> problem persists, same behavior as described.
  4. MistaNULLSkillZ

    F1 2018 crashing on Win 10 1903

    I just installed the oldest Geforce driver (419.67) I found on my HDD and gave it a try. -> problem persists as described.
  5. MistaNULLSkillZ

    F1 2018 crashing on Win 10 1903

    @steviejay69 Before 1903 I was using 430.86 without any problems. My F1 2018 is crashing when I start career, championships and online. Time trial and GP are still working! If you look some posts above, the behavior is the same if I am deactivating Steam overlay. So in my opinion my problem has not to deal with the driver.
  6. MistaNULLSkillZ

    F1 2018 crashing on Win 10 1903

    Sorry, you re-installed Windows because of a single buggy game? As I mentioned above, F1 2017 and GTAV are working fine. Yesterday I installed just for fun F1 2013 and everything went well. Codemasters should fix their buggy F1 2018! And when I read all the topics herein, I see that they released F1 2019 as beta for full price.
  7. MistaNULLSkillZ

    F1 2018 crashing on Win 10 1903

    - Today I gave the latest NV hotfix beta graphics driver a try (431.18) -> problem persists.
  8. MistaNULLSkillZ

    F1 2018 crashing on Win 10 1903

    - Extended pagefile size from 1 to 8 GB -> problem persists (pagefile is located on different SSD, not where the game is installed). - Free SSD space >27 GB from 119 GB - Deactivated Steam cloud saving -> problem persists - Deactived Steam overlay -> problem persists - Closed MSI Afterburner -> problem persists - Downgraded graphic card driver to 430.64 -> problem persists Again, Grand Prix mode and time trial is working properly, if I want to continue career game immediately quits to desktop, same at championships and online mode. EDIT: F1 2017 works fine, also other games like GTAV.
  9. MistaNULLSkillZ

    F1 2018 crashing on Win 10 1903

    My system: I7 2600K overclocked to 4.5 GHz 16 GB RAM/Page file 1024 MB GTX 1070 Crucial SSDs Nothing changed than Windows Update 1903, no new graphics driver. Game is crashing when entering career mode. online or some other championship, time trial, Grand Prix etc. working fine. Seems to be an issue with saved games perhaps. I spent 350 hours with the game before.
  10. MistaNULLSkillZ

    F1 2018 crashing on Win 10 1903

    Still no fix for crashing when enter career mode... I will purchase F1 2019 when it is in virtual bargain table, then I can be sure that it is running properly.
  11. MistaNULLSkillZ

    F1 2018 crashing on Win 10 1903

    Same problem here...F1 2018 crashes, F1 2017 runs properly, even other games like GTAV. Fix needed CM! EDIT: Tried F1 2018 DX12 beta - runs even properly, so it´s up to you CM!
  12. Hello CM, me and a mate of me are playing co-op at F1 since F1 2011 and I´ve always been a little bit faster than him. I use a Xbox360 pad, my mate uses the keyboard. Now in F1 2014, he is up to two seconds per lap faster than me altough I did not forget how to drive in F1 games. I tried any driving assistance but I cannot manage to come closer to his times as up to 5/10, so I am worried. Is there an advantage given to keyboard player like gamepads and steering wheels? If so, fix it!