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    Realistic Patch requests

    Looking forward to seeing the patch for this game.. For me I would say codies have done a very good job with this title..but a few gremlins need sorting out once and for all. I enjoy playing career on legend but do find it somewhat annoying that my car is at a disadvantage from the off in terms of R & D.. I think the R & D in principle is a good idea but it should be set for all the cars, AI and your team mate..otherwise it just makes it a bit unfair..and subsequently unrealistic. The difference in performance in wet races needs looking at too..the A.I clearly have superior grip..  Lastly I had this same problem with 2013...that the mid session save does not work at all on my PS3. Other than the above a great effort from the Codemasters Team... Quite possibly the best so far. Cheers