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  1. Some extra info: This also happens when both players get through to Q2 and then get eliminated or retire. Both me and my teammate got eliminated and were forced to watch Q3.
  2. @BarryBL I created a new topic with filled in report. The extra things are: Platform: PC Attach a DXDiag if PC. See other topic Frequency? Happens every time we play a session. We only play 1 race weekend per session. Any specific actions in your season before the issue is experienced? Examples of what is useful to us are: did you change vehicle components during the weekend? have you changed settings before it? was it after a transfer windows? if so what happened during the transfer? No specific actions, happens with component change and without component change. Se
  3. Me and my teammate are forced to watch the rest of the qualifying session when both players are out of qualifying either by elimination or by retiring. This happens everytime one of the 2 teammates goes through to one session and the other players is eliminated or retired. When the player in the next session then retires or gets eliminated, both players are forced to watch the remainder of the session (Q2) and, when eliminated, after loading also Q3. Report Code: None? Platform: PC Game-mode: Coop-Career [ONLINE] The amount of players in your session: 2, Me (Larsotje)
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