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  1. TheGoaler

    [Grid] A Wheely Good Time achievement/trophy

    I haven't tried in a few days but am 3 seconds off as well. Someone said don't brake the first 3 turns. Is that true? I got all the others but this and the 'Around the globe' disaster.
  2. We should be able to choose our own car in these online races, not just at the start of Skirmish.
  3. TheGoaler

    Around the Globe trophy

    This is a soul-crushing trophy, if you care. Do you know how it feels to be expecting this trophy to pop, but instead, it's a PSN friend log on notice, to upper left of our screens where the trophy notification would be. This is about as unfair as anything i've ever encountered in all my years of gaming. What i would like to know is how did this get approved, and is this trophy a middle finger to trophy/achievement hunters? I really believe that is why this was put in, to say 'nya ha ha ha, trophy freaks, you'll be playing until December 2020 to get this!' I think that is another reason for this, to get us to keep playing your game. I love this game, but come on. As of this writing, 57 players on Playstation have it. I'm sure even more that aren't registered to a trophy site have it, so it's achievable. I think i'm close, but how would i know? No tracker is INEXCUSABLE. Then of course, there is not one odometer to be found. At least games i played that had mileage achievements (Gran Turismo 6, The Crew (the original one) had odometers in their cars. Can someone explain to me why mileage isn't even in the accolades section? This is an example of how misguided and downright stupid this trophy is. I want to keep this clean, but i really want you guys to know that i think you are really f-ed up and sadistic to do this to us. It's like you figured no one would Platinum your game (Playstation). I thought finishing Career and Season 1 would get us very close, but no. Let's do countless 99 lap races around Indianapolis. Really brilliant, guys. Then if we fall asleep doing countless oval laps, we get disqualified, losing all progress. Can you also explain why there is a 'reset progress' option? Why would someone want to reset all their progress? What if someone hits that button by mistake. I see that it cannot be reversed if you do. I hope whoever thought of this got their jollies putting in something this stupid. Then of course, you haven't released season 2, which of course isn't free. Now, i fully realize and understand many people do not care about trophies. Some people don't get the appeal at all. Some even think we're a bit crazy, but that's not the case. It is fun to unlock trophies in games, be it sports, adventure, or racing or others. Especially very hard ones. Another thing that really stinks is i went back to GT6 to get the last 3 Super License tests. My overall mileage for everything i did in that is about 8, 350 miles total! I was in complete disbelief when i saw that. You guys are asking for 24K + miles. Wowwwww. It's a damn shame, a travesty, really. Sorry for the long post. Maybe when i finish this post the damn trophy will have popped.