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  1. Another temp fix is to do this: Social Play > Create A Lobby > Friends Only > Settings > Lobby Options > Car Select: F12021 > If it's on Equal change it to Realistic if it's already on Realistic turn it to Equal then back to Realistic. Obviously, it isn't really what you would want to do but it's a temporary solution, this can be done by whoever joins the lobby first (doesn't have to be the person who created the 2plyr career mode.)
  2. Yep, I agree with this. It would be good to see an incident from another POV. Should be quite easy to add into the game as there is already that feature on the instant replay in race.
  3. Currently we have the option just to add grid penalties for the next race, but I would want an admin to have the ability to add a time penalty for the race just gone if a player did something that warrants it. I would also like the option to tell the player in the email section or even on the menu page of the league why they got the penalty, this would add another dynamic to the game! Thanks. 🙂
  4. Yeah - I have this glitch too, as seen here. It should be set to Realistic not Equal as shown. There is no way to choose it and ruins the experience for me.
  5. Hey! I had a mate who was doing some TTs round Austria earlier on, and Corner Cuts are so inconsistent. Has anybody else experienced something like this? Image one was deemed as a corner cut while Image two was deemed fine. I think all we need is some consistency. Wouldn't it be great if we could get the corner cuts to act like what they do in real life, Austria is a perfect example of this, as on the exit of turn 9 they are allowed to go to the edge of the kerb unlike in the game, where it seems to change lap on lap I wonder what other people think about corner cuts on the F1 game
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