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  1. I find using the buttons (I use PS3, so Green/Triangle for up, Blue/X for down) a little awkward, I may experiment with R1 and L1 and see if that helps. Either way I would love to be manually competitive! 
  2. Thanks for your thorough advice Matt, really appreciate it. I'll put your words into action and do my best. I guess one of the things that made me struggle with it was constantly having to look at which gear I was in, which would interrupt my race rhythm, but I take it after some proper practice it's one of those things you can just feel
  3. Hello, I'm a pad user who's been playing Codies F1 since 2010, whilst I've gradually been able to turn all the assists off, I find it very difficult to change gears manually with a pad. I just had a couple of brief questions. 1) Approximately how much time is there to gain from using manual gears (correctly) vs auto gears? (I know there are a variety of influencing factors - track, car, setup, driving style, driver ability, etc - but I'm talking generally here for a pretty decent driver) 2) Any pad users that have 'mastered' manual gears - any advice as to what buttons you use for up/down shi
  4. I hope Didd31 is right and Codies dealt with the issue a long time ago! :) I've only managed a handful of online races in F1 2014 so far (quick matches), has anyone encountered any drivers using "hacks/cheats" or being "abnormally/impossibly fast."  I still see the "jumpers" (the guys who approach a corner, drive full pace straight off the track to maintain their speed, and then reset back onto the exit of the corner as if they haven't lost any pace, thus eliminating the actual braking phase of the corner!), has anyone else seen any?
  5. Sorry Anonymous848, didn't mean to p*ss you off. I've only just started posting today. I don't know if it's a "glitch", or a "hack", but it's fundamentally incorrect to just set the car up to 1/1's and 11/11's and have it outperform all other cars on other setups (this was definitely the case with some of the previous F1's - I don't know if it is the case with F1 14). All I'm trying to say is, -IF- this still exists, then it needs to be removed and made realistic, whether it's a "glitch" or a "hack." Have I explained myself to you now?
  6. In terms of the ERS, how can we actually see when the energy is recovering, and when it is being used?  Bit confused about this aspect myself.
  7. So we all know the usual errors with this game at the minute   - pads with permanent traction (with assists off) VS wheel, and wheels with better high-speed-corner steering VS pads  - AI first lap too slow, AI does not want to overtake, AI way too quick in the wet, AI fully upgraded at start of career, AI tyrewear VS player tyrewear  - Gap between Expert and Legend too big  - Williams car WAY too slow, etc etc etc... But I just wanted to see if we could highlight any other issues which are detracting from the experience that should quite frankly be amazing (I mean, th
  8. Hi, forgive me if I shouldn't be posting this here. It's my very first on these forums. So I've had all of the recent F1's (2010, 11, 12, 13, 14) and I race against Expert AI (I can just about handle Legend on GP mode, but no chance in career), and I'm half decent. I've been learning to use zero assists for this year's game (slowly but surely getting better!) however I find myself struggling bigtime with manual gears, so I use auto. Are there any leagues for people such as myself (btw I use a pad) who are not amongst some of the best racers in the game, but who are still pretty decent and c
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