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  1. [Solved] Saison3 & Saison4 tokens are now available Hello, I just bought the Season 3&4 pack at the normal price indicated, I own the version Deluxe Dirt 2.0 ( Xbox ). After my payment the installation is done immediately in 2 seconds ?!? , but if I go into the management of my Dirt Rally 2.0 , for Dirt Rally Deluxe Content Pack 2.0 season 3&4 I have the file: Starter Car Upgrade Pack !!!! I've never bought this matching pack before, and I don't have on my Drive the 3&4 season pack that I just paid for. On the market the Pack 3&4 is notified "installed" if i go on Détail, it show me on my drive the starter Car Upgrade pack . !!!!!!!!??????? here a screen shot from my Microsoft account
  2. Hello, I again noticed a loss of sound : Sweden in club event. Xbox One X, sound mode "Windows Sonic for headphone" in console settings, headphones: Stealth 700 for Xbox One Turtle Beach, Dirt2 ver 1.6 Deluxe edition. if I go to the console's parameters without leaving the game ( just return to game menu ) and I switch back and forth between "Windows Sonic for headphone" and "Stereo uncompressed" the sound comes back in the game. this happened only once on a 12 special event long (at the 10th in fact)
  3. Didd31

    Wales Rally: Available Now

    Wales Rally 2.0 = 👍👍👍 , thanks a lot !
  4. Didd31

    DiRT Rally 2.0: Share your Screenshots!

    it was time to arrive ( Xbox One X )
  5. Didd31

    DiRT Rally 2.0: General Clubs Discussion

    i'd just finished your ELITE DIRT's first championship, it work fine 👍, thanks a lot for this good job 😉
  6. Didd31

    DiRT Rally 2.0: General Clubs Discussion

    points are awarded only after the Event is over and this board is sorted by STAGE, click on TOTAL column header to sort by the EVENT cumuled time ( see the little white triangle )
  7. Like yesterday, I lost today the sound playing on Elite Dirt Club Event stage 2. I do not know if it is the hazard but like yesterday, my camera was not the right one, and I switched it at the time of the departure of the special and I lost the sound few minutes after while driving. i finished the track without sound, return to main menu and come back, during the rest of this Event this did not reproduce ( but my camera was ok ). Since the beginning I have lost very rarely the sound in DR 2.0 with my Xbox X, but it seems to me (and I'm not sure) that this product when I change the driving camera. !?!? i use the Inside cockpit near front board camera (the one just after the helmet camera ). Another thing: at the stop of assistance we can now re-adjust its car's setup, it's cool ! but it is systematically initialized in the Setup menu ( This is produced in the Elite Dirt Event but not in one of my custom rally, and not in RX hebdo Event, in those, the setup's menu keep my data correctly). @+ and thanks a lot for those new Clubs 👍
  8. I lost the sound in the last stage of your Club's Expert Dirt Event, so 10 km without the co-pilot and the engine. 😩. North Fork pass, Subaru 1995, XboxOne X.
  9. Didd31

    DiRT Rally 2.0: General Clubs Discussion

    It seem that on your EXPERT DIRT club, gamers can use assists. Or perhaps the Assists filter is reversed ??? 100 results on this screen shot with the assists filter on => 19 results with assists filter off ( with 15:00.000 anywhere ? , filter reversed so it is a penality for using an assist ?) =>
  10. on Xbox One the beug of the event ranking ( during playing the event) is partially resolved: 1) it's OK, it's the good cumulative time of the rally that is displayed : solved ……….. 2) but it's the same bug insolved on the display "found me" : above the lines are empty and filled with "player dirt" without time and my rank is false. When I do a scrolling up I find my name higher at the right rank. and when I redo "found me" the first false display reappears.
  11. happy to have H gearboxes and clutch on RX tracks 👍 🙂, thanks a lot 😉 for those two new vintage cars !
  12. What is your Wheel ? Can you found your Wheel in the list ? If yes, re-select it from the list, don't make any manual calibration !, and re-make your setting ( mapping, advanced and FFB ) , Soft locks work fine for me for all cars , i am on Xbox One X + Trustmasters TS-XW
  13. This is quite normal, the replays only records the movements of your car (and the others cars in RX ) but obviously not all the animations of the decord.
  14. On 5/22/2019 at 8:11 AM, GregPit81 said: for me the soft lock does not work as it should. Some car have strange steering angles a few examples Golf, HF Integral 990, RX2 630, I must each time check the steering angle at shakedown, I can not rely on soft lock mode. Did anyone else notice that? _______ the soft lock parameter does not support the angle or position of the steering stops but the force applied to the steering wheel to make it feel that the Wheel is in stop. Each car has a specific travel angle and direction ( when soft lock is on, in advanced parameters tab )
  15. I played the German Event 'Defi hebdomadaire' : the pace notes are to much low on Waldaufstieg, and on the first ( in this Event ) Frezungsring reverse. The same for the last stage of this Event ( i Don't remember its name ). I play with the co-pilot's way strong enough, and I only perceived it barely on those stages. My co-driver speak French and i am on Xbox One X. otherwise nothing special to report,.... yess ! I saw a DOE cross the road 🙂, and the same since last update : the Rank tables Don't show the cumulated time when we are in event ( just the time of the actual stage with false rank number )