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  1. What is your Wheel ? Can you found your Wheel in the list ? If yes, re-select it from the list, don't make any manual calibration !, and re-make your setting ( mapping, advanced and FFB ) , Soft locks work fine for me for all cars , i am on Xbox One X + Trustmasters TS-XW
  2. This is quite normal, the replays only records the movements of your car (and the others cars in RX ) but obviously not all the animations of the decord.
  3. On 5/22/2019 at 8:11 AM, GregPit81 said: for me the soft lock does not work as it should. Some car have strange steering angles a few examples Golf, HF Integral 990, RX2 630, I must each time check the steering angle at shakedown, I can not rely on soft lock mode. Did anyone else notice that? _______ the soft lock parameter does not support the angle or position of the steering stops but the force applied to the steering wheel to make it feel that the Wheel is in stop. Each car has a specific travel angle and direction ( when soft lock is on, in advanced parameters tab )
  4. I played the German Event 'Defi hebdomadaire' : the pace notes are to much low on Waldaufstieg, and on the first ( in this Event ) Frezungsring reverse. The same for the last stage of this Event ( i Don't remember its name ). I play with the co-pilot's way strong enough, and I only perceived it barely on those stages. My co-driver speak French and i am on Xbox One X. otherwise nothing special to report,.... yess ! I saw a DOE cross the road 🙂, and the same since last update : the Rank tables Don't show the cumulated time when we are in event ( just the time of the actual stage with false rank number )
  5. Didd31

    Group B rwd, Ai stage times.

    Maybe you have to fix your piloting in Group B RWD, these cars are more difficult to drive than 4WD with sequential gearbox and automatic clutch. Tip : Don't use sequential gear box as an help with group B RWD/4WD cars if you have a clutch pedal and/or a H shifter.
  6. Didd31

    FFB fixed? No, we need VIBRATIONS!!

    If it is vibration that you like the most in driving, you should use a gamepad, it makes it very well, no fine vibrations of tires are returned in a real steering Wheel. Dirt Rally 2.0 is made for simulating the real rally Driving, not for arcade style ( you have Dirt 4 for that ). The new FFB is very nice, thanks a lot to Codemasters for keeping the course of the simulation
  7. about the new FFB : I think the compromise chosen is good, I am of those who prefer the FFB 2.0 to the old Dirt Rally and with this new system we do not lose the feeling of mass transfers …. oufff ! and we feel all the mouvements of suspensions ……. thanks a lot 😉. Your FFB is just EXCELLENT !!! Especially gamers think to re-select your steering wheel in the list. Thanks a lot Codemasters for the job 👍🙂
  8. Christina you said : [ Have you done any changes related to Tyre Wear? Because people are suspecting tyre wear has been improved, and therefore tyres will wear faster. If so: - Tyre wear has been adjusted to make tyres wear faster. ] Yes it seems that the tyres wear faster, yesterday my Run in Renault 5 Turbo was catastrophic in Spain wet, it's a good thing to have add that 👍, the tires were too strong before. I also found that I was much faster with easier control in Fiesta R2 in Australia !?, it was as if the display framerate or physical calculation rate was much better ?!?, did you do something for it? I'm on Xbox one X.
  9. I have also problems with Events leaderboard : Xbox One X At the end of the on line rally event : first screen just after finishing the last stage of the rally ( it was the same at each stages ), the board is incomplete and the time is not the cumulative time of the rally ( i suppose that it is the stage time 😕 not usefull ) , the rank is 52 ! --------------------------------------------- the second screen is after having made a scroll-up, i found me on another rank : 11, the time is not the cumulative time of the rally again. note : it is the same if i go to top by menu, if i make a "found me" the first screen re-appears as it was. ------------------------------------------------- the third screen is after have finished the event and have immediately consulted its result by the Event menu , i am on another Rank : 22 , the time is correct, it supposed to be the cumulative time of the rally ( It is very unfortunate to no longer see it while we are playing the event ). You said " Leaderboards will now support going to the top from all positions " , it seems like it broke something, the tables ranking worked very nice before the update. =========================================== Apart from that the game works "nickel-chrome" 🙂
  10. Didd31

    reduced repair costs

    That is rally, it's the mechanical sport : you drive over your level limits you make damages => you pay for equipments repairs. Raises your foot and bring your car in good condition upon arrival. The good news is that in simulation you will not get hurt.
  11. Didd31

    leaderboards country filter

    No matter how to call it, just use a filter on the field that exists in the database : the flag. It seems to me that Codemasters does this in F1 2018, or perhaps Turn 10 in Forza, i don't remember.
  12. Thank Christina, 😉👍
  13. I Don't complain , i just report a malfunction to help to solve it 😉
  14. The new Impreza 08 doesn't appear on "my garage" mode and can't be selectable on the Community event, on "personalized" mode it is ok the car is here and playable on "up to 2000cm" categorie. For the Ford Focus all is ok. Xbox One X, De Luxe version.
  15. Since each player has his country flag, would it be possible to have a filter on our nationnality in the Event's ranking in addition to the friends filter ? This would simulate national competitions in addition to the global world competition.