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  1. Didd31

    DiRT Rally 2.0 - Share your Screenshots!

    Xbox One X ( 1980p )
  2. Didd31

    DiRT Rally 2.0 - Share your Screenshots!

    it was time to arrive ( Xbox One X )
  3. Didd31

    DiRT Rally 2.0: General Clubs Discussion

    i'd just finished your ELITE DIRT's first championship, it work fine 👍, thanks a lot for this good job 😉
  4. Didd31

    DiRT Rally 2.0: General Clubs Discussion

    points are awarded only after the Event is over and this board is sorted by STAGE, click on TOTAL column header to sort by the EVENT cumuled time ( see the little white triangle )
  5. Didd31

    DiRT Rally 2.0: General Clubs Discussion

    It seem that on your EXPERT DIRT club, gamers can use assists. Or perhaps the Assists filter is reversed ??? 100 results on this screen shot with the assists filter on => 19 results with assists filter off ( with 15:00.000 anywhere ? , filter reversed so it is a penality for using an assist ?) =>
  6. Didd31

    From year to year it is getting worse

    - every year i buy a Codemasters's F1, - i drive with no helps and race on 50% or 100% long against AI, GP or carrier - i play racing game since it's exist ( grand prix 1 1989  - EA sort's F1 - GP legends etc  ...  ) - there is no doubt about that : 2010 <<< 2011 < 2012 < 2013 < 2014 - every year troll people in forum are more and more stupid that's all. 
  7. Didd31

    F1 2014 joystick domination

    we buy a whell to have realism, precision and challenge, not to win with none fairplay the players with pad. As it's need to be very close of the good line for making good lap, playing F1  with pad was too hard with old versions, it was 2-3 seconds by lap more than a wheel, with F1 2014 it's really nice. So you bought a wheel ? so found friends wheel equiped to make private race with, and let the palyers with pad have fun with this new and fine handling. it's the same with the new Forza5 and Horizon 2 on xboxOne, playing with a wheel is more realistic but of course it's more difficult  than playing with pad in "arcade" style. It's a good evolution for the racing games.
  8. Didd31

    Additional Issues

    if my brain of old man is still ok , the 1/1/11/11 glitch has been killed by codemasters since the first Patch of f1 2011. ;) , 3 years ago !
  9. Didd31

    F1 2014 braking is like ABS turned on

    the same for me : without ABS i can't lock my front wheels when i done a full braking. Even with :  - no ABS and no other helps - full brake on AV - full power of brake - the largest Disk - under rain so braking is really easy and boring the same too with the overstear, i can't spin with full trottle on turn, ( and my setup is very overstear ) so with no helps it's feel like all helps on , it's stange. With Pad on xBox360, GP and Carier mode.