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  1. Codemasters f1 2020 Ranked multiplayer lobby allows trolls to kick vote clean racers calling them cheats, that shows the contempt they have for their loyal customers.
  2. I've got nothing good to say about Codemasters I'm done with them.
  3. Why are clean drivers allowed to be kicked from a Ranked server? ramming trolls have ruined this game because you Codemasters allow it.
  4. You'll get kicked after trolls ram you, what kind of game rewards the peretrator this game is ****!
  5. I was kicked from a 5 lap Ranked server after being rammed by two others they ruined my car I never retaliated then, was kicked by the rammers and others in a pile on, this game is unfair. Look at my record as "Testeagle" I've always been a clean driver why is this allowed to happen to a %100 S licensed player I hate this game now.
  6. I'm looking forward to a good race when all these bugs are fixed, in the mean time whilst waiting and go play all my other games that do work properly.
  7. I haven't completed a multiplayer race yet due to communication with online services flashing every race, so I tried time trials and after 4 or 5 laps got a Ego dumper almost every time trial this is typical of Codemasters every f1 every year has major bugs.
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