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  1. Grimstreaker999

    WRC 9

    Tried wrc8, washed out graphics, twitchy controls, 30fps, stil robot co driver, the most demanding crew ever, same engine sound from all the cars. Yeah a real winner
  2. Grimstreaker999

    Patch 1.1 Notes

    Well done codemaster. Playing on vanilla ps4, and the new graphics is amazing. No more blur, and the rear view mirror is now fluid. Making a good game, even better. Cant wait to see what you bring next
  3. The content says installed, I only have one user and one ps4 set to primary, trying to restore my licenses crashed all my games on my external hdd. Great! only 2tb worth of games Update: For some reason my ext hdd was unregistered when restoring my licenses. But after disconnecting and reconnecting the hdd, everything seems to be back so far. So now I can breathe again, and the vw is in my garage aswell
  4. I have the ps4 versjon, and no vw golf in my garage. And its downloaded and says imnstalled
  5. Grimstreaker999

    Grid 2019 IS EPIC CONGRATS You Guys!

    Playing on the Vanilla ps4, first hour. No hickups, just cheer enjoyment. This game should be called grin, cause thats what I sit and do after each race. Now back to the race
  6. Well i hate commercials anywhere, and this is the one and only reason I stopped watching ordinary tv. So I personally say NO to more commersial
  7. Grimstreaker999

    The unexpected moments stopped?

    The drones keep showing up frequently, and the odd car on the side. Also have the light flicker sometimes in night stages, but never seen any animals or birds. Play on ps4, not tried historical yet