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  1. I have a Vanilla ps4 and Samsung 8 series uhd TV, and I have no problem with blurry images. The only thing thats a bit anoying, is some of the dark parts, being pitch black. Otherwise, I think the graphic is great. I had to do some major adjustments on the TV setting first, but as I read and learned. My tv setting where all wrong for gaming in the first place. And as a bonus, all my other games now also looks so much more crisp and clean. On a sidenote. Tried to play bouth v-rally4, and wrc7 again, just for fun, the other day. And boy those where some unstable, twitchy, choppy games. Not even close to dirt rally 2.0 feeling, when racing So imo dirt rally 2.0 is the superior game by far! And I hate to see it disapear due to hate from people, that might struggle with HW problems, and not the game itself.
  2. Grimstreaker999

    Favourite corner sequence?

    I love the one that goes " wosh woosh wrooooom" sadly I usually go " wosh wooo oow bang"
  3. Grimstreaker999

    Season 2 Info, will there be a season 3

    As the season info now is out, please let there be a season 3-4 aswell 🙂
  4. Grimstreaker999

    Missing Impreza?

    Yeah, logged in later last night, and bouth where in my garage. Ooooh love the sound on the Subaru
  5. Grimstreaker999

    Missing Impreza?

    7 Yepp. Status says installed and they are in my add-ons in the ps4 library. But not in the game
  6. Grimstreaker999

    Missing Impreza?

    Got the Deluxe money and the new livery, but none of the new cars. Im on ps4
  7. Grimstreaker999

    How do I shave those last seconds?

    I need some really good tips on how to sqeeze the cars to the max. Playing mostly daily, weekly and monthly races, Im now experiencing that the gap to the lead is increasing. In the beginning I was around 6seconds behind the lead pr split, but now Im around 10seconds behind. Mostly ending between tier 3-2 So where should I start, trying to improve? -I play on regular ps4, with the g29 wheel, -use cockpit view, -use semi auto gear (as Im not good enough yet to drive stick, but Im practicing), with downshift in the left paddle, and upshift on the O button -I use the right paddle as handbrake -I have no idea on how to tune my car, so I have to rely on my chief engineer. I really wish there was a way to upload/download settings here CM. - I myself feel that Im starting to get the hang of the driving part, with the right speed in to corners, momentum and so on. And the car is usually in good shape, crossing the finish line. But tips is very welcome
  8. Grimstreaker999

    The unexpected moments stopped?

    The drones keep showing up frequently, and the odd car on the side. Also have the light flicker sometimes in night stages, but never seen any animals or birds. Play on ps4, not tried historical yet
  9. Grimstreaker999

    Community improvement priority.

    Sadly many of them, not knowing the real conseqenses of what that negativity can bring either. Thinking CM will just rush out and fix stuff, the more negative and harsh people act, the faster they will fix it. While infact it might, or more certain, will go the opposit way. Since CM is a company, who must rely on income. And all this non constructive negative critisism, will turn away future buyers. Said income will not come, so what do companies do when they dont earn money off of something? Easy math really
  10. Haha that sweet, although sometime very expensive love
  11. Grimstreaker999

    Dirt Rally 2.0 - Fantastic game

    I totally agree with you. I didnt even know I was supposed to hate this game like the plague, until I entered the forums. Playing on ps4 with g29 wheel, Im having a blast. Maybe Im just lucky, I dont know?but I really can't relate to all the things, describing this game unplayable. Only hassel must be the extreme dark spots sometime, but I actually learned from this. That I needed to turn the contrast enhancer off. Making all my games look so much nicer. And just as you, I would love to see many more seasons. And I would buy them all. But seeing all the comotion on these forums, Im afraid there wont be much support in the future. And maybe as a result further on, CM will drop making more rally games at all. Leaving us with even fewer options, as you already mentioned. There arent many good rally games to begin with. Maybe people should take that in to consideration aswell, before raging blindly on the forums. Cause it's a great way to loose this series for good. I for one, does not want that
  12. Grimstreaker999

    Restarts, Repairs, Credits

    Let me first start og with, Om not the best rallydriver out there, but I love to race. And I totally agree, the 5 restart max is great. I really dont just want to hit the restart button until I win, I wanna earn it, AND I also wanna loose if I drive poorly. Like the first wrx season, I had a really bad start, and ended on 4th, but became better and bette. And at the end of the season I had the most intense fight for first place, and at the end I managed to win. Now that is more fun, than hitting the restart button, every time the car spins or crash. Thats also why I love the community event, you only get one try