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  1. Grimstreaker999

    PSN Store wants me to buy Estering!?

    Same here. I think it's supposed to be like this with this game. Its the ones with the season pass, who will get it last
  2. Grimstreaker999

    New rain effects

    I really hope you are right Riggs
  3. Grimstreaker999

    AI in WRX

  4. Grimstreaker999

    DiRT Rally 2.0: Input on Inputs!

  5. Grimstreaker999

    New rain effects

    Yeah agree. Rain looks great, ffb works great for me, the game itself is really great. The only thing that is left to be fixed, is the HDR/dark spots/carlight issue, and I have my dreamgame. The unbeatable times is fine by me, Im not the best driver out there, and ending around 6-10 place is where I wanna be. (until my mad skillz gets better.) Im on Vanilla ps4, and havnet been plaqued with blurryness, but my eyesight isnt as good as it used to be anyway. Maybe my eyesight is blurry? But in the stare the game is in now, I really love it. To bad so many people rage reviews it, keeping others/sales away from it. As I want to see S3 and many more in the future
  6. Grimstreaker999

    DiRT Rally 2.0, Version 1.5: Bug Reporting Thread

    I dunno if anybody else have mentioned this. But when Im in the service station, between races. And push a button, for example to tune car or change tires, all ambient dissapears. This is on a Vanilla ps4
  7. Grimstreaker999

    AI in WRX

    Hi CM. this is not a complaint, but maybe a rant light. I love the WRX part of the game, and was happy that S2 would build on that. BUT the AI part, that must be fixed! I know it's a very intense sport, with adrenalinefilled close driving, and dirty takeovers. And in real WRX fishtailing and pushing opponents out do happen. But here in the game, Im more surprised when it doesnt happend. As I have just started a new carrer, due to the new add ons, Im just more and more frustraded. I never use the try again button in WRC, because if I do a mistanke, it's me. And thats how rally is. But when driving WRX I have no choice. Q1 I got a good grid position, and ended 1st in my group, 5 total. But now after starting Q2, I have been pushed out eight times in a row, before the second turn. And I tried to play hardball back, but the car infront of me didnt even flinch. I really hope your looking into this, to give the cars more awareness of the surrounding, and give them consequenses when crashing aswell.
  8. You know CM, I have defended you all the way. But this is just f**kd. You just ruined my trust to you. Just go away, dont want to see you right now.
  9. Grimstreaker999

    Change carparts

    Is there another way to change worn out parts from the cars, other than between races? Just realized this was a thing, and that the dampers on one of my cars was starting to wear. And one more thing, when do you recomend changing the part? This damper is work about 1/4, but thinking dampers are important
  10. I was about to come here and say, Im officialy broke, and have no money to repair (even with a full staff) or upgrade my cars (had my first terminal, of course on a r5 yesterday) But logged in, and all of å siden, rewards are popping up like zits before promnight.
  11. Grimstreaker999

    Patch 1.5 next week

    General stability improvements and minor bug fixes. Well, lets hope it's under this one. As the rain (which now hopefully will be fixed), and the pitch black sections. Are the two things making me not enjoy the game to the max. Although I really love it, these fixed would make it my soulmate
  12. Same for me, on the ps4.
  13. Grimstreaker999

    Dirt Rally 2.0 on PS4 with DualShock4

    I have bouth a wheel setup, with a chair and all. But sometimes I just want to take a few quick stages, and use the controller. Of course wheel is number 1, but Im lazy, and dont always bother hocking it up. And I must say, I do enjoy the controller aswell. Me personaly get a good feel using the stick, and the times are around the same, as with a wheel
  14. Grimstreaker999

    We need more rally locations on Tarmac!

    As it is, I love Germany 🙂
  15. Grimstreaker999


    I love WRX, and the tense racing. And Im look forward to new content. But the other cars drive like tanks, making the races really unfair. I never thought about it to much until todays rx groub B challenge, when we only get one chance. And out of 4 races, I was fishtailed out of the racecourse 5times. Ending in 13place, and not qualifing. In WRC races I never do reruns, case what happens on the track is all me. And I dont want to win all the races, case thats how it should be. But when it comes to WRX, I use the retry button on these events. And as said, I havent thought to much about the behavior of the other cars. But when I only get one try, I can see how unfair the AI is. So please try look into it CM m'kay?