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    DiRTy Gossip

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    Formula E

    Recordings of it are all over YouTube. They don't seem to be taking them down (probably good in the long run for brand exposure etc. etc.). Would rather have a leccy rallycross series, low category single seaters are pretty tepid despite the driver line-up... cars could make the full six laps too without having to swap to a new one. Plus an RX course is a lot more compact than a full blown street circuit which is good for logistics and crap. Imagine an electric RX Lites... like the Trophee Andros Electrique but faster and with a lot more exposure
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    Sprint Pack

    Not showing up as a free download as part of the season pass (UK PS3). Seems this is becoming a regular thing.
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    Coupé Style Car Pack available today!

    Pack still showing as a payed product separate to the season pass (UK PS3).