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  1. hello, what do you discover about setup parameters in the last release? is still better a full aero setup? Here my opinion: -brakes: let your car brake faster, allowing easiest overtakes for sprint and grd races -power: acccelerate faster from low speed to top speed. -aero: accelerate faster at high speed, and reach higher top speed -weight reduction: more grip on turns, at all speed -handling: car seems more smooth, takes more time to understeer and lose control. You opinion is similar to mine?, or your tests brings you to different conclusions? thank you
  2. TurboNitroFlame

    Device Goes Hot

    I think it is normal, also my iphone7 became a grill
  3. TurboNitroFlame

    Device Goes Hot

    Fon me, CPU and gpu is working much more on f1 game. Probabilly in asphalt not all Cores/functionalities are used.
  4. TurboNitroFlame

    Can someone explain this?

    i think this is their working Method:
  5. TurboNitroFlame

    Duels Leaderboards...

    @RosAlfonz i agree with you, probabilly should be first of the list the player with the highest percentage of Wins , but manufacturers of the game probabilly wants to reward Who is online (less bots for other players)
  6. Yes, but this will be a bigger difficult only for me, not for my opponent... i am not so sadic to hammer my fingers my self! ūü§ē
  7. Hello, i think should be more challenging if top players will be ALL forced automatically to not use trajectories. This aids should be Grayed out reacing élite 1 (maybe also for elite2?) and automatically reappear when decrese to lower level... what do you think about it?
  8. TurboNitroFlame

    Game stuck on loading screen

    With new update now it works correctly on my iphone
  9. TurboNitroFlame

    Game stuck on loading screen

    I also have this problem
  10. TurboNitroFlame

    Car setup

    Also for me, full aero is the best. I Made 3 setups lightely different, but always with aero near max value i can