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  1. TBH I think they know what they're on about. This achievement / Trophy is skill related, not something that can be attained by grinding, but by being better than the vast majority of players you race against. To improve your rank you've got to be better than your opponents - thats how they deterim your skill level which is logical. They've fixed what the main issue was (major points loss for bad results) And how have people "Cheated" to get gold?
  2. but is it a glitch? the description for the achievement says reach level 50, seeing as the only level 50 is when you get to the theoretical level of 200 then surely it's not a glitch? I'm only level 35 atm, but apparently it goes from Bronze 49 to Silver 1 - so this surely isn't a glitch and is designed this way. Yes it's a grind, but it will hopefully keep more people playing. @Faya are you able to confirm if this is a glitch or is by design?
  3. Some of them may run assists, some may not. I noticed about 3 or 4 names that I've been regulary placed against in the weekly event leaderboards near the top (showing no assists) they're just really good and should not be placed against silvers.
  4. @Faya It seems the main problem (unfortunately) with Xbox atleast is the lack of players online at any one time in ranked. The most I've seen it say is 280 and it fluctuates between 200 - 240 most of the time - I'm guessing that includes all Ranks and Safety Ratings. The problem with the major fluctuation in points is probaly due to this. The main problem I find is the match making - I've been matched up against gold 2/3 players - there is nearly no chance of a silver beating a gold as the skill gap is massive. I'm at the point of being around 1900 skill score and I'm stuck. I cant go up due to the golds fill out the top spots (they're about a second a lap quicker) - they shouldn't be matched against Silvers - It's like giving one driver a Williams and the other a Mercedes. The skill gap from Silver to Gold just isn't balancing out correctly - causing a lot of issues. The whole system needs re-adjusting - I mean is there any point in Bronze? I've seen Silver 1's lap up to 10 seconds off the pace and they're still quicker than Bronze! I enjoy hard achievements when the difficulty is set - give me an achievement to win the championship starting with a backmarker on Ultimate difficulty - but when the difficulty is defined by the players and certain players basically being able to lock out that achievement (by no fault of their own, they just want to race) it isn't exactly fair.
  5. The best option is to just make it the same achievement as last years... almost had gold earlier today - was on 1963 score and then had a race were i started with a puncture... typical codemasters.... thanks. The main problem with it is the lack of players and i'm not joking... I only come across the same players now, the Silver3's and gold1/2/3 are all top leaderboard players - how are you suppose to compete? when I search for a game, only around 200 players are searching - is that across all ranks and Safety ratings?! What_a_joke.mp4