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  1. Just a quick question about moving teams. At the end of a season do you carry over your resource points before a new season starts?
  2. im just playing usual career mode and the only change from the first to second season was Russell replacing the retiring Raikkonen and Albon going to Williams. Everything else states the same
  3. I am currently in my 4th season of career mode and the only driver moves in the last couple of seasons have been me or someone retireing. I started with two full seasons and then 2 shorter 16 race seasons, i was just wondering if that may have affected the driver moves? Its a shame that people are not moving teams
  4. I have all that set on automatic. I've always loved Silverstone on the game but I was over a second slower then my team mate.
  5. I was just wondering is anyone struggling in qualifying? Maybe it's just me but on race pace I'm ok and can match my team mate but In qualifying im so far off the pace. Any tips or advice? Maybe I'm just slow haha!
  6. Does this mean that in existing career modes you won't replace the number one driver?
  7. Ok, I'm sorry to keep asking questions I just am not 100% clear on it all. When I've started a fresh normal driver career mode, whatever team I join the team mate has a big boost and I haven't done anything yet.
  8. Ah ok I see. So if my team mate is Gasly for example when I start a new career mode he will be very difficult to beat?
  9. Sorry I meant normal career mode. Does that mean it turns a Giovanazzi into a Leclerc? I'll probably end up being absolutely thrashed then by a team mate
  10. Just a quick question, when I start a driver career mode my team mates rating always goes up. Is there any reason? And does it effect things?
  11. I've found I'm really slow on the straights as well. I use the R2 trigger for acceleration, I read somewhere it may not be giving full acceleration. How do I calibrate it or make sure it's giving me full power?
  12. That's cool 🙂 it will be good to change the tracks season from season!
  13. Ah ok, that's alright. Still means I can change what tracks I race on from season to season
  14. I'm really sorry I've just remembered I wanted to ask another question, can you reorder the races when you choose which 16 or do they stay in order ?
  15. Oh great thanks. I only ask about who the team mate is as I wouldn't want to move from a lower team and replace someone like Lewis Hamilton or Max Verstappen lol! That's great F2 drivers also move in normal career mode, makes it really realistic
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