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  1. Sure that would be really helpful
  2. It's embarrassing to admit but I always just use the balanced set up and I've never had a problem before. For some reason both Quali and race I just had zero pace.
  3. Alpha Tauri, alongside Gasly. I know set up is massively important, but I'm just lost as to why I've gone from being on his pace to nowhere near it. At least in last years game we could turn carcass temperature on or off
  4. It's just strange to me as I'm in season 2 and was perfectly fine at the same track. It's annoying we can Improve team facilities in normal career mode as I have so many R&D points but can't use them
  5. I'll give that a go. I'm just very confused at how 'improving' a car can actually make the game harder
  6. i don't understand how the car can be so different.
  7. I must be doing something totally wrong as in a couple of races I've gone from easily racing where the car should be to two seconds a lap slower then everyone else...any ideas? Ive never had problems with the tyre carcass temperature as I assumed it wasn't in the game but it became impossible in the last race. I have zero idea why I'm so slow compared to my team mate now also the team hasn't updated the facilities so we can't improve the car, am I doing something horribly wrong?
  8. I'm in my second season of career mode and I'm driving for Alpha Tauri. I was thinking of attempting a verstappen/Albon mid season move to the big team but I'm just curious as to who I would replace? If verstappen would end up at Alpha Tauri then that would spoil the realism but if I replaced Perez that would work. Which driver would I replace if I did move?
  9. Yeah I did notice the loss of finesse, guess that's going to happen unfortunately? I just will have to work on my driving style
  10. My controller was only going to 70/80% thank you all so much, I changed the saturation and it's now 100
  11. Bog standard career mode, I'm driving for Alpha Tauri alongside Gasly
  12. Ah really? Is there anyway to fix that? I guess the answer is probably a new controller?
  13. I can try but my team mate is also massively faster in a straight line
  14. Maybe I'm doing something completely wrong but every AI is so much faster in a straight line. At speed tracks it's impossible to keep up with them even in a good car!
  15. Ah ok thanks, I'll forget that idea then haha
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