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  1. Hey I voted 1/2. But in reality, I played career until I had all SP steam achievements and then I lost interest. Needless to say, this means I did the ultimate series twice (once in a beginner team, once in ravenwest) But I would say I completed only half the series that were available.
  2. This technique is actually worthwhile. The rolling speed across the start line on the first lap is considerably slower than consecutive laps where you can take the last corner at race pace, so the first lap will never be your hotlap regardless... may as well waste it experimenting with grip levels and new lines etc. However, it is still a work around and waiting for 30 seconds or so every time we start a challenge is bothersome.
  3. I'm all for themes, Loore. Sepang motogp has just been, allowing Marc Marquez to match Doohan's 1997 record of 12 wins in a season. I would love to see a celebratory racenet line up for that :)
  4. Total Races: 821 Total Wins: 565 Total Podiums: 747 Total XP Earned: 2,626,959 Distance Driven: 13,108.9km (8,145.5miles) Global XP Level (Total of all 5 disciplines): 180
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