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  1. just to update on this, i just completed my Global league race in Hungary aswell as a few online races on Friday, with no further problems, although im happy at the results im dissapointed that we cant fix this bug as i'd hate for it to happen again, and honestly i am afraid of it going into every race.
  2. Ah okay, i just dont get how a connectivity drop can cause the whole game to crash. i have not played the game since, i have been meaning to get on again tho just to load into some quick races to grab Thumbnails for my videos, as the last 2 races i took part in didnt save to the Theatre which was dissapointing
  3. Okay, i honestly dont think its a connectivity issue, im no devoloper but im pretty sure a connectivity issue doesnt cause the whole game to shut down and then after starting the game back up i am racing on 15 Frames per second. ive had connectivity issues one in F1 2019, and this aint it. in regards to a lap record on lap 25, are you watching the Hungary Race stream? there was no lap record set on Lap 25 of the race where this original bug occured.
  4. Unfortunately i didnt find this to be a Connectivity issue, i am unable to run a wired connection in the lounge as the modem is in the computer room connected to my PC, but this was definitely a game issue and not a network issue. NAT Type is Open We always have the same host and i've never had connection issues in our races on my full stream, the timestamp is around 1:11:40
  5. I Have edited the post to include the template. that screen that popped up was the screen that pops up with Twitch when not in a game, as the game turned to a black screen and took me straight to the Xbox Home screen. this video was a grab from my Stream on Twitch
  6. i was participating in a League race and was having one of my best races of the season so far, fighting for P2 with 7 laps to go in Hungary. in the last sector the Game cut to a black screen and i was met with the Xbox home screen, ultimately ruining my race and ended up rejoining with a very laggy game running at 15fps on the Xbox One X (This shouldnt be happening!) and finished P9! Platform: Xbox One X Game Version 1.10.1 Unranked Private Lobby Wireless Connection 14 Players in session I was not the host This was an issue only i encountered I cannot make the problem happen again as it was not triggered by a certain action or event, the whole game just crashed to the Xbox home screen with no error or warning of any sort I am unsure as to how to replicate this bug as it was a game crash and was not triggered by a certain event Report Code: GBRK-5DMX-AVHP-SMMC (Unsure if this is 100% correct, the Letter 'X' is the only letter i am unsure if its correct, i grabbed the code from my Stream and the stream was really laggy after the game crashed) Video Attached below, the Session was Streamed. timestamp 1:11.40 i hope this issue is resolved and i'll be damned if i see this issue again in F1 2021 or any future release, to be releasing buggy games like F1 2020 at this level is UNBELEIVABLE... GAME_CRASH_COST_ME_2ND!!_(F1_2020).mp4