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  1. Issue still present in 1.15, really disappointing. already nearing the next game cycle and still a major bug since launch has not been fixed... time to stop messing about and release polished games instead of unfinished projects.
  2. Literally just updated the game.. FFB was even working fine with that 1.13.1 beta patch
  3. I’ve never seen a difference in frames or stability with discord being closed, I suppose that could just depend on how much Memory people have, as I have 32GB and a 12 core CPU, having discord in the background doesn’t cause much impact for me at all when playing games. as for Asynchronous compute, I don’t notice any difference with that on or off either, should I?
  4. Sounds like a totally different issue. My FFB works perfectly fine now
  5. Is there much Difference with Texture streaming going from Very High to High? I do like to have good graphics and I am pretty happy with 100fps which I get with my current settings. also yes I always run Discord in the background and Ghub, Corsair iCUE and Razer Synapse but otherwise that’s about it.
  6. I've done a little more testing. it seems even the slightest touch on my GPU Clock speed (Asus ROG 3070 Ti OC) and the game will crash.. Memory clock i have set at +250 and the game works fine but not with +100 or higher clock speed. so i guess this game is poorly optimised when it comes to overclocking. as i have stress tested my 2115MHz (1845MHz base) OC setting on various benchmarks and games and its fully stable and the only problem i have ran into is on F1 2021. maybe this can be looked into? @BarryBL
  7. I am unsure as to what other troubleshoot steps i am able to try?? its just simply game crashing no matter what mode i try and play. even in Theatre or Showroom. Just happened again so here is a screenshot plus the Settings you asked for. P.S would like to add as i noticed you have it enabled. but DLSS on this game is the worse i've ever seen compared to other DLSS enabled games. even on Quality mode and it doesn't make a difference in FPS for me either. egodumper.log
  8. A detailed description of the issue. Every time i load into a session, no matter what game mode, the game CTDs and EgoDumper pops up about 30 seconds to a minute after loading in. at first i thought it might have something to do with my Overclock settings but Stress Tests and playing other Performance heavy games run fine and no issues arise, and after setting my OC settings back to stock, the game still crashes. leading me to believe its something to do with the new Update Report Code N/A Platform? PC Game-mode? 1.14 [PC ONLY] Please post your DXDiag, including the mak
  9. What is this in regards to man? follow the correct reporting template
  10. So fix the exploit? Instead of making brake bias virtually useless… may aswell just delete the brake bias slider in the Setup menu
  11. Thanks I’ll have a look, NAT Type is Open so I don’t think it’d be a NAT issue
  12. Still waiting on this to be looked at.. no other app is doing this, not even F1 2020
  13. I’d put money on Codies already being in contact with Logitech but Logitech taking their sweet ass time
  14. You can’t say “with all respect” and not give respect.. I know you want an ETA, I do too, but asking for the Third time in this thread isn’t going to get you an ETA when the question has already been answered twice. You can’t put an ETA on a fix when they don’t know what’s causing the bug. Working with PCs in Retail you learn very quickly that all sorts of problems take different times to fix and can’t be rushed. give them time to fix the issue properly and don’t force them to give you a date they may not be able to meet.
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