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  1. I use 49-51 brakes 1-1 balance. 1-1-3-1 suspension and camber to the left and toe in the middle. That's my most commom setup. With wings it depends on the track
  2. I'm on Xbox 360. No I am dropping 3 seconds a lap at the end of the stint half way through about 1.5 seconds lost a lap.
  3. Hi JupiterJoe thanks for the reply. I will look at his twitter page. Thanks for sharing. Wynterdust. I have played F1 since 2010 and am very good at these games. No matter how smooth I am the tyres don't last ever. The AI get faster over the stint not slower. I will give an example Bahrain Lap 3 I do a 1:37.8 say in Mclaren . Button is around 1:37.8 as well. By the time I get to lap 8 my times will drop to a 1:38.6 say and the AI will get faster due to no tyre wear and fuel burning off. Say a 1:37.5. By the time I get to Lap 16 (end of stint) my times have dropped to 1:40s whilst AI do 1:37.3
  4. I'm on Xbox 360. Using the Wireless Speed Wheel/Controller I will give a list of things that need to be fixed in order of importance. A reply would be appreciated 1. In Qualifying the player is able to match AI lap times and at the start of the race also. As the tyres wear about half way down the stint the AI pull away or catchup by up to 2.5 seconds a lap. If the AI tyres wore down equally with the player the game would be 1000x better. Once I pit I can keep up with the AI again. 2. Controller users have more traction than wheels however wheel is faster because of change of direction and un
  5. adjust your tv settings in the picture section
  6. It does it at whatever speed I pull a unless i turn on TCS. The AI get very good starts which is what causes me to get the warning
  7. Hi need some help. On Xbox 360 at the start of any race I will pull away normally in a straight line at the start and the black and white illegal blocking flag warning comes up.  I am not blocking the cars simply puling away especially does this when being gentle with throttle at the start. Please fix codemasters
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