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  1. Something new and exciting is coming to FNL1eSports. Over the last couple of years now, along with our broadcast partner Demo 1 Garage we have established ourselves as one of the best PS4 Formula 1 & 2 leagues in Australia. Now with the eminent release of the new Codemasters F1 2020 edition we think it’s time to take it to the next level. We are looking for and inviting the best and fastest drivers to join us in a new era of open wheeler racing at FNL1eSports. If you are a beginner or just curious about the game, never fear, we have you covered. We have guys that can help
  2. StryderIT absolutely brilliant app! 5+ Stars! Would it be possible to implement a "Live Delta Time" to the car in front and behind during race, or at the very least a "Static Delta Time" at each sector interval as the game does? Preferably both. I find this info very critical in F1, especially during 50%-100% race distances where strategies have to be tweaked on the fly relative to the pace of the cars. Thx in Advance!
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