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  1. because the engine are a disaster, ruined ams2 and reiza trying improve that, november update fixed many things but yet very bad and with old vicious bugs like AI don´t losing grip when on grass and etc ams 1 is so better than ams2 because the disastrous engine
  2. no, the official f1 video game don´t have the real tracks like should be
  3. youre really expect codemaster may update and balance the things? or one or another
  4. no, he are worst than bottas here, and frequently i end ahead of him (i´m always playing with mclaren and end on 4th at 9th place)
  5. no, in release date he always says will receive more calendar tracks by free dlc, don´t say what tracks but whateover, f1 2021 official video game don´t contains the official content, that´s fact like new turn changed in spain still not present, mexico have a turn wrong by years still don´t fixed, and some more wrong curbs and etc never fixed
  6. the game don´t have qatar - losail track, yeah, the official formula 1 game, costing much more this year, and don´t have the track 👌
  7. squalles

    F2 2021

    hahahaha really? you really believe in new patch this month? make me laugh
  8. i play without assists on g27 and last week my clutch pedal is broken, i try start without clutch and i made my best start in my life hahaha i don´t know how but without using the clutch even without assists, manual start and etc, i finally do a great starts now, before i´m always lost 2 positions or more
  9. i don´t understand right these option, what he does?
  10. squalles

    Patch 1.13

    where f2 2021 cars? where new handling model?
  11. where f2 2021 cars? where new handling model?
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