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  1. i´m changed my old 60hz monitor to 144hz and run the game with 144fps and freesync on, i´m improved my times but because lower input lag, now i can move my wheel and have better response, i can fix the position when losing traction for example
  2. ridiculous price range, btw the game incoming incomplete and uses the same tracks layouts since 2016 edition, every track have someting wrong or changed and the game don´t fix that
  3. since i´m updated the game to 1.09 and now 1.10 version i seeing the graphics looks worse now, textures in cockpit looks low quality and yeah we know the game never had a good antialiasing option, i´m using TAA with fx fidelity sharpness and don´t have problems before but now looks very poor, i´m having aliasing effect in halo, tyres, fences and track lines
  4. i don´t know why so many people moaning about performance patch, that´s takes time and need more 2 or 3 races to collect the correct data honestly i need say codemasters do a great job, the performances looks almost the real except ferrari and mclaren teams and codemasters do it without see races yet f1 2020 are most correctly than f1 2019 in end of season where rbr are a **** on acceleration, toro rosso are horrible, mclaren are 6th team, haas are 4th better car, racing point are better car on straights, almost all wrong
  5. that´s true, AI always makes the wrong movement by inside and lose some time on kerbs
  6. singapore are my favourite track, and i hate monaco and azerbaijan hahahaha
  7. squalles


    i´m always played without any assist on g27 wheel in release version 1.03 i´m played on 82% of difficulty, with patch 1.05 i´m changed to 90%, and now on 1.06 im changed again to 95% i don´t know why but i feel the car more easily (unrealistic) to drive, because on 1.03 version the car are more heavy and bad in corners, on 1.05 are way better but need a minimal care with traction and abs, but on 1.06 looks arcade mode i checked 3 times on menu if i really disabled all assists because now on 1.06 looks like traction control and abs enabled, its very very hard to lockup tyres and
  8. so, any chance remove "reset to track" of multiplayer races? or create the option like on or off when create the lobby
  9. squalles

    dirt air

    i´m feeling since the patch like if dirt air don´t working anymore, with 1.03 version when i´m faster than car ahead i can aproach of him but when close looks more harder to overtake him, sometimes i need try 3 or 5 times on drs zones and using ers on overtake and hardly i stay close of the necessary to try side on side but on 1.05 looks like 2019 version, if i´m are faster i will aproach and continues faster when close too, i need only 1 drs zone to overtake and go ahead
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