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  1. squalles

    rain, rain and rain

    i´m always do 50% of distance race, and runned 4 races since the game released, in 1 started rainny and remains at finish, 2nd started sunny and changed in middle of race to rainny, 3rd started sunny with sky very clear without clouds and again changed to sky gray and started rainny, and 4th race is the same thing, sunny and clear and changed fast to gray and rainny the old problem is back?
  2. squalles

    g27 ffb problem

    hi, i never had this problem before, in f1 2018 and 2019 my wheel worked by default settings except wheel saturation to sync rotation same with the game, but now in f1 2020 its very weird, i tried set the same settings but its very different, the wheel are very very lighter, i almost can´t feel the rumbles, the track effects are very weak and i can´t feel nothing when i´m losing the behind, sometimes in rumbles the wheel push to opposite side without explanation, i never see that reaction in another game before, i´m very frustrated because in f1 2018 and 2019 everything always worked great i´m tried increase the settings but without sucess, anyone feel the same? or find a good configuration to g27?
  3. squalles

    F1 2020 game release date

    well, without races because chinese virus will be very hard do the game, he don´t know about lap times, car performances, what teams doing well, its really complicated and everything will be based on imagination, so i believe the release date back to end of august like before versions
  4. squalles

    remove reset to track

    please, option to remove "reset to track" on multiplayer races, when anyone spin he need back to track by yourself, not disappearing and appears on track like magic
  5. squalles

    F1 2019 DENUVO

    have a huge difference to me, but i use a old processor, like i7 2700k 4.7ghz, when online my fps is almost half than i play with steam in offline mode
  6. squalles

    10 FPS drop after 1.18 and no SC

    my god, fx 8350 are very weak for your gtx 1080ti, i have one i7 2700k 4.7ghz and one gtx 1080 (non ti) and doing 125fps on average
  7. nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo please nooooo
  8. squalles

    Codemasters New Contract with F1 !!!

  9. squalles

    F1 Equal Cars in Grand Prix and Time Trial

    why dammit anyone want play with equal cars against AI? well, about time trial looks better a separate list by car, like best lap times with mclaren on these track, best lap times with williams on these track
  10. squalles

    MicroProse back in business

    even without licenses, if microprose launches one f1 version with generic teams and drivers will be better than codemasters f1
  11. squalles

    it never rains...

    unfortunatelly rains in every weekend
  12. squalles

    Tracks were the AI is OP

    no... all depends of your own level on different track i´m need reduce 3 points on britain, 4 points in baku, and back to default difficulty on mexico and suzuka, like i say before, all depends your own level on the track, like i need increase 3 points on austria, germany, brazil, belgium and italy
  13. squalles

    Tracks were the AI is OP

    you´re bad on these tracks, thats happen i´m good on mexico and run in same difficulty than another tracks but need reduce in baku and monaco, my fault
  14. squalles

    new bug with patch 1.06

    my lap times don´t saving in time trial since 1.06 patch
  15. squalles

    F12019 - Next patch wishes

    and less rain, very less rain