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    F1 2019 DENUVO

    have a huge difference to me, but i use a old processor, like i7 2700k 4.7ghz, when online my fps is almost half than i play with steam in offline mode
  2. squalles

    10 FPS drop after 1.18 and no SC

    my god, fx 8350 are very weak for your gtx 1080ti, i have one i7 2700k 4.7ghz and one gtx 1080 (non ti) and doing 125fps on average
  3. nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo please nooooo
  4. squalles

    Codemasters New Contract with F1 !!!

  5. squalles

    F1 Equal Cars in Grand Prix and Time Trial

    why dammit anyone want play with equal cars against AI? well, about time trial looks better a separate list by car, like best lap times with mclaren on these track, best lap times with williams on these track
  6. squalles

    MicroProse back in business

    even without licenses, if microprose launches one f1 version with generic teams and drivers will be better than codemasters f1
  7. squalles

    it never rains...

    unfortunatelly rains in every weekend
  8. squalles

    Tracks were the AI is OP

    no... all depends of your own level on different track i´m need reduce 3 points on britain, 4 points in baku, and back to default difficulty on mexico and suzuka, like i say before, all depends your own level on the track, like i need increase 3 points on austria, germany, brazil, belgium and italy
  9. squalles

    Tracks were the AI is OP

    you´re bad on these tracks, thats happen i´m good on mexico and run in same difficulty than another tracks but need reduce in baku and monaco, my fault
  10. squalles

    new bug with patch 1.06

    my lap times don´t saving in time trial since 1.06 patch
  11. squalles

    F12019 - Next patch wishes

    and less rain, very less rain
  12. no, AI are perfectly balanced now on wet, on patch 1.04 i´m 4 seconds faster than leader, but now i´m on same second, maybe you need improve your performance on wet
  13. no, AI are perfectly balanced now on wet, on patch 1.04 i´m 4 seconds faster than leader, but now i´m on same second, maybe you need improve your performance on wet
  14. squalles

    patch 1.05 ruined AI

    and again, no more fights, now AI when outing side on side with you on end of corner, just slowdown the car to back to ideal racing line behing you, giving the position like in last version of the game
  15. squalles

    patch 1.05 ruined AI

    you´re wrong, AI just remains in your own line before, if you crash on him its just because you tried back to line ignoring him, but you will be happy now, AI slowdown the car and give you the ideal racing line
  16. your fault, he going by inside line and your don´t remains in outside and try back to inside line even when he have half car in the same space
  17. squalles

    patch 1.05 ruined AI

    read the topic again (3rd time) and try understand when and what happen
  18. squalles

    patch 1.05 ruined AI

    read again the topic to understand
  19. squalles

    patch 1.05 ruined AI

    yes, i agree, but unfortunatelly codemasters destroyed the AI again
  20. yes, back giving you the position when outing of corners side on side, slowing down the car to back for ideal racing line behind you, like previous game
  21. congratulations, ruined the AI fights again
  22. i hope the patch fix the same issues fixed before in f1 2018 like AI are so slow in rain, slow in austria, faster in singapure, player slower than AI cars in final speed on straight, AI don´t know manage your own car, always start the race fast but later 1st pit stop don´t have the same performance gain like you looks very ridiculous how the game is launched with the exactly same problems of f1 2018 in release date too, everything this is fixed by patch on the last game so why back again? i think the team make the patches don´t have any participation on game development
  23. squalles

    Held in pit box after stop is complete - race ruined

    you never will see that in codemasters game
  24. squalles

    F1 2019 Handling

    if you consider another games the assetto corsa, rfactor 2 and automobilista, are all with same result on driving a f1 car and you just ignore this because think f1 2019 are right, so you clearly don´t know what your saying, i don´t talking about any generic racing game like project cars 2 or forza, but ok, maybe one day you know these games and really can drive on him with a real wheel if you want compares by another method, see a lap on lando norris on f1 2019 and real lap, he make almost same and are 4 second slower in the game because don´t have acceleration, grip and understeer even close of the real, if you have doubt can try replicate a real hotlap on the game and see how it don´t work
  25. squalles

    F1 2019 Handling

    yes, i like ACC too, but i prefer play AC1 because had much more cars and tracks but my prefered game is automobilista, i feel a amazing ffb on him