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  1. @loore So I decided to take a week off after sinking well over 250 hours into grid autosport to play some driveclub. I came back knowing there was going to be a patch/update due to the drag pack so I installed patch and then hit start and damnit wouldn't you know it corrupted at level 245 , that's 5 levels from my platinum now I'm fuckin pissed I can't believe the garbage you guys have produce over the past 2 years. Hell you can't even make your own forum work as this is my 4th browser on my phone and finally works. I've tied chrome,internet explorer,dolphin and now Firefox. So now I throw up the middle finger and say kiss my ass codemasters . I will not put any more time into this mess. Your company is a mess and needs to be emptied with the garbage pos devs you guys have employed. How there still employed I have no idea. I will never preorder another game and never buy another game until I read forums to see if it makes it past the save game corruption bug that follows all your games around. I'm like totally bamboozled as to why you idiots can't get your shit in order there. So glad I wasted all them hours for what nothing. I even was stupid enough to not buy your season pass I bought everything separate and saved maybe 10 bucks what a bargain lol. Again I don't need a apology cause I'm sure I wouldn't get one anyways. I'm just sick of your lack of commitment into fixing your problems. Btw I'm on ps3 , maybe people have this right and u should stick with your pride and joy the PC. Since you take so long getting console patches out . don't give me this shit about its in Sony's hands. Cause driveclub has had a rough start yet they've had 2 updates/patches in a week . Anyway thanks for nothing get your head out if your asses and maybe your sales would be larger I hope for bankruptcy for you guys and if I get banned whatever and if it's by @justbiglee I don't care I'll be right back on .
  2.  where oh where is the console patch? I knew it wouldn't ever show up.
  3. V8R3L3NTL3SS1

    Brakes ,what are they ?

    I've noticed in all racing games nowadays nobody knows A. How c to use it and B. What it is.  It all seemed to start when the games became region unlocked. Back in the Motorstorm days people at least knew What brakes were. There was track blocking and other goings on but brakes were known.  It all started when regions came together and the crappy racers came together. Imo it's here to stay unless devs can figure out a way to stop it.  Anyways good day ..
  4. V8R3L3NTL3SS1

    tuning questions for drifters?

    Ok so I have the rx7 for c2 and the evo for c1 anyone have any advice as to what a good setup would be.  I'm racing offline single player right now and the ravenwest drift car seems much easier to control .  So anyone with tuning advice I'm all ears thank you.
  5. Ok so I couldn't get k&n to come up but a buddy told me this so I figured I'd pass it on as I just got it. Go to tuner , hellaflush championship, its 3 easy races 2 time attacks 1 drift. So just keep running this same championship for as long as it takes to get k&n to show up. Took me 8 tries but got it out of the way. Just try to get as many sponsor objectives you can and choose different teams including ravenwest. You may use the same team twice but it does work. 
  6. I've seen only gom,trp,STD In online playlists. 
  7. V8R3L3NTL3SS1

    @justbiglee re: console patches

    Clear this up for me please. So I see this is PC 5th patch , I'm on ps3 , I know about it having to go through Q&A and whatever other checks they go through.  But with the ok from Sony like you said earlier why isn't it released yet.  My main question is with as long of a company as you guys have been around you have no pull with Sony or Microsoft on asking them 2 please push patch through . I mean damn its been what 5 - 6 weeks now that's embarrassing . 
  8. Just to let you know it's not in U.S. store nor is it available in game. Any answer would be appreciated. 
  9. Downloaded patch now , seems kinda small hopefully it works .
  10. Downloaded patch now , seems kinda small hopefully it works .
  11. V8R3L3NTL3SS1

    no sprint pack on ps3 ?

    Not that it matters to me but I just checked store and no Sprint pack dlc this week for ps3 in U.S.
  12. V8R3L3NTL3SS1

    To good to be true ....

    Well the corruption hit me just now. Both backups 1 to cloud wouldn't restore anything and 1 to usb stick same. So to fellow corruptionairs what is best thing to do ? Was at lvl 130 damn 6 weeks in the shitter. Will I get anything back once patch is in place ? I'm sure it's been answered but I'm to mad atm to try to find any answers. 
  13. Just what title asks please answer @loore
  14. V8R3L3NTL3SS1

    @loore can you confirm ....

    That the patch to well anything since pc has had like 3 or 4 patches already and ps3 has had 0 and Xbox only 1 that a patch is with Sony or Microsoft as you said it was a couple weeks back . Please any answer I'd like to know @loore ?
  15. I've noticed some of my cars getting towards 1 million dollars , does the price of vehicles have anything to do with corruption?
  16. V8R3L3NTL3SS1

    @loore garage fixed ??

    Was the garage fixed with the corrupted data patch. Pretty simple question ,hope for a response thank you .
  17. V8R3L3NTL3SS1

    @loore patch progress please .

    ok so going thru the patch notes I see a day 1 patch for both pc and 360, about a week later end patch for pc with corruption fix and other stuff. Now sitting here having 5 of my 14 garage spaces locked up cause of stupid garage issue is trying my patience , I mean most of us have been patient but we are now going on week 3 of no ps3 patches so what I would like to know is. What is the timetable that the ps3 patch is coming through? Will u please answer the question without a I'm not sure or soon. Thank you.
  18. V8R3L3NTL3SS1

    Glad to see tracks ....

    Not ever being used *sarcastic* wtf  is up with the same old track rotation that we get to choose from. Its so damn old, off the top of my head track choices are usually brands hatch Mont treblot or close to that anyway, then good old spa but in reverse . Also every time street comes up its always HyperCard or supercar . sorry just needed to rant .Have a good day !!!
  19. V8R3L3NTL3SS1

    Selling cars ?

    Why can't I sell 3 of my 5 cars it shows there worth 0 dollars. Just started happening, am afraid I'm gonna get corrupted data I hop that fix is coming this week ? @loore can u give an estimated time of arrival , I've had 2 friends get corrupted today and there pissed.
  20. So I preorderd  grid autosport digitally a couple weeks back. I got my theme right away but as many others I can't find my black edition anything from car to livery's , I'm on the ps3 just went back to pen store to see if I  missed something and I'm good on my end can u confirm that there is a problem with this or let me know if I'm doing something wrong. I have seen in online lobbies people running the SLS black edition.
  21. @loore same old garbage as grid 2 . I'm not a custom playlist guy so I don't want to hear go to custom rooms . I shouldn't be panelized for liking online playlists . But here the problem the first corner crashing is out of control. Now tell me why for the first 20-30seconds of a race can't we be all invisible . then at least we would be pretty much all sorted out. I'm sick of getting wrecked to the point in the first damn corner that I can't steer so I quit. This is the be why grid 2 servers went dead so fast and people will get sick of this garbage . why am I getting hosed when I get plowed into a wall . not sure if a fix is even possible but dang man this is garbage online ..
  22. V8R3L3NTL3SS1

    @loore regarding garage

    In the patch to fix the corrupt data will there also be a fix for the broken garage ? I mean I have 5 spaces 3 of which I can't use the cars or game freezes and why on earth did you guys make us buy more spaces especially for 50k that's a lot of money for a garage space don't you think.
  23. I've asked this question in the corrupt files thread but got no answer. @loore said that the corrupted data was steaming from the garage and upgrades. My question is did any of you have cars that said you couldn't sell them cause they were worth $0 ,they are unable online because it freezes your game and I have 3 cars that I cannot use. So in the patch did it fix these cars that say $0 dollars for sell?
  24. V8R3L3NTL3SS1

    Well car question here.

    As we all know that in grid 2 there were certain cars that everyone used. Now I'm wondering if that holds true with autosport. I'm saving up my cash but I'm ready to buy a few different vehicles . not sure if we could get a thread stickied so we can discuss what cars are best per discipline. Also @loore are we only allowed 5 cars in our garage ,cause I'm not sure how it works then if your racing touring for instance and there is what 5 or 6 different category's under touring . guess I need some clarification before I go and start spending my money.
  25. V8R3L3NTL3SS1

    To many complaints !!!!!

    This game was thrown together to hope satisfy people that hated grid 2. So I'm sure things were a little rushed some things skipped but IMO they made a damn good game in a pretty quick turnaround from grid 2. I'm sure there next game on the newest gen consoles will be great . I figured there would be complainers about some things but damn I feel sorry for CM cause in your guys eyes they can't do nothing right . If you don't like the game put it away and play grid 2.