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  1. Actually, it was a lobby with all B rank players with around the same skill level as me so i am curious how many points were gained/lost for the person who ended in 3rd place
  2. I did 1 race, player lobby of 10; ended in 4th place and lost 10 points. I did expect to at least earn a few points for ending in the top half, but to my suprise i lost 10 instead
  3. Just wanted to do a ranked race, quali no problem but then the race, waited for 10 minutes, race wouldn't start, couldn't press the "start" button either to go back to the main menu. I was forced to restart the game and because of that I lost over 100 points. Why are we getting punished so hard for something that is not even our fault. This trophy is so unfair. Just change the system that points can't be lost, i'd rather don't earn points for ending in a bad position then lose points for something i can't control
  4. @Hoo can you please give us un update about a possible solution for this. we need one asap
  5. @Hoo will there come a solution for us who already achieved rank silver or do we have to level up to gold to get the trophy
  6. @Hoo i'm on ps4 , silver rank 13 doesn't unlock for me either after several races, even levelled op from 12 to 13 and no trophy
  7. I was already silver level 12, do i have to reach a level 50 again to get the trophy
  8. Congrats @Lightsp33d1987 for getting this annoying, frustrating trophy. meanwhile i wonder if there are new updates on how this unfair skill rating is being dealt with. @Hoo @Faya I just lost 10 points for ending 3rd in a 4 player race. Is it my fault that not many people are online? No Should i be punished for that? No if i lost this many, the person who won probably earned only 1 point, this is such an unfair system
  9. You're right, depends on the how many people in the lobby who's only goal is to destroy other peoples race
  10. Sad thing is that one bad race can make you lose double off those points
  11. Same thing was happening to me with S ranking, now i'm down to B and problem now is that it's more an destruction derby than a race. same with small lobbies, we're getting punished cause there's not many people online. This is beyond unfair. I'd rather earn 0 points for finishing last instead of losing 10-15 points. any updates on how you'll change this unfair skill ranking?
  12. This is an excellent idea, i support this 100%
  13. Thanks you for this awesome news, this made my day
  14. If it's intentional for getting the trophy at platinum 50 (level 200), wouldn't it made more sense that the other 2 trophies for levelling were given at silver 1 (level 50) and gold 1 (level 100) instead of bronze 10 and bronze 25. right now there's a gap of 175 levels between 2 trophies
  15. I got silver 1 just yesterday. I'm not an experienced racer so for me it takes more races to level up then people who reach podium finishes all the time cause i earn less xp. Right now i don't really have the motivation to continue and i know that it will get harder in the future to level up cause my guess is that in few months servers will end up empty lucky when you get silver, you start again from 0xp, so levelling goes faster at the beginning but still a long grind that's just not needed I have the badge that i reached level 50 so i should be given the trophy aswell.