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  1. You sure that most people have NAT 3? i think most of them have NAT 2
  2. I know the reason. My friend has Network-Type NAT 3 but he needs NAT 2… i have NAT 2 and we tried it today when he visited me with his PS4 together in my home network. It worked without any problems. Try it guys !!!
  3. A detailed description of the issue. I started a two-player online career and invited my friend PascalSeling but every single time he wants to join the session codemasters says that there is no network connection. So i tried to let him join the session first and that worked. So after that it was me who wanted to join him then because obviously he HAS network connection, but this time codemasters said that I have no network connection. That means… the one of us who is wants to join the session second isn‘t able to go inside because codemasters says „no network connection“ Report C
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