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  1. ironside67

    Freezing update

    What  update.if you are on about the one to fix the freezing  issue on 360 then you will be waiting on that for ever.I have been asking same question for weeks but with the same crap as a reply.we are working on it waiting on QA.Oh we as 360 owners made up 54% of sales for this game autosport yet PC are getting updates all the time,and we are sat here with a game which is dying a death,Give us what we want a fix/update for 360 owners so we can play this game,first come first serve is what i say fix this before fixing you other messed up titles F14.
  2. ironside67

    GAS Freezing

    Strange how CM can give info out on next patch for PC Yet still no info on xbox360 fix for freezing/lockups.Sick of hearing its being worked on its going through QA then submitted to MS.If  fix is not here this week my games gone
  3. ironside67

    GAS Freezing

    Its still broken still no fix.The game is doing my nut in.I think its time i went and got my money back
  4. ironside67

    autosport race clubs

    You are not alone,its nothing you have done,as my club has same issues.oh and theres still the issue of the game locking up and freezing which is more of a concern to me