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  1. Solution http://steamcommunity.com/discussions/forum/1/619569608553500325/ .
  2. Update ... finally found cause! ... Steam.exe*32 process!!! I exited Steam and GPU load stayed high. After that found another Steam.exe*32 process, killed him and GPU load dropped to 0% . I experience same behavior on my desktop machine if i play Alien Isolation with difference that Steam.exe*32 process will not load GPU, but one CPU. So something with Steam is wrong.
  3. Same problem, more comments http://steamcommunity.com/app/226580/discussions/0/619569340986328257/?tscn=1414029931 .
  4. In my case GPU will stay loaded too after quitting game. Logout and login again in Windows will solve GPU load problem. So after that if i am lucky i am able to do few laps before GPU will get loaded permanently again by game.
  5. Hi Please, try to look here if you have similar problem like i have http://forums.codemasters.com/discussion/4359/f1-2014-lagging-and-stuttering-after-some-time-gpu-load-locked-on-100 .
  6. Fresh start, F1 2014 is performing great. After some time (random period, mostly about 1 minute, sometimes longer) game performance will drop significantly. It seems that some routine will run cycle on GPU without end. After performance drop, GPU load will stay high (100%) too after quitting game. This is not caused by CPU/GPU throttling, temperatures are OK. I experience this behavior on Macbook Pro 17" early 2011 with i7, Radeon 6750m, 8GB ram, bootcamp Windows 7 x64 . It does not matter if i have old or latest drivers. Other games runs fine. On another computer with NVIDIA gpu is everything
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