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  1. Solution http://steamcommunity.com/discussions/forum/1/619569608553500325/ .
  2. Update ... finally found cause! ... Steam.exe*32 process!!! I exited Steam and GPU load stayed high. After that found another Steam.exe*32 process, killed him and GPU load dropped to 0% . I experience same behavior on my desktop machine if i play Alien Isolation with difference that Steam.exe*32 process will not load GPU, but one CPU. So something with Steam is wrong.
  3. Same problem, more comments http://steamcommunity.com/app/226580/discussions/0/619569340986328257/?tscn=1414029931 .
  4. In my case GPU will stay loaded too after quitting game. Logout and login again in Windows will solve GPU load problem. So after that if i am lucky i am able to do few laps before GPU will get loaded permanently again by game.
  5. sWalko

    F1 2014 still stutters

    Hi Please, try to look here if you have similar problem like i have http://forums.codemasters.com/discussion/4359/f1-2014-lagging-and-stuttering-after-some-time-gpu-load-locked-on-100 .
  6. Fresh start, F1 2014 is performing great. After some time (random period, mostly about 1 minute, sometimes longer) game performance will drop significantly. It seems that some routine will run cycle on GPU without end. After performance drop, GPU load will stay high (100%) too after quitting game. This is not caused by CPU/GPU throttling, temperatures are OK. I experience this behavior on Macbook Pro 17" early 2011 with i7, Radeon 6750m, 8GB ram, bootcamp Windows 7 x64 . It does not matter if i have old or latest drivers. Other games runs fine. On another computer with NVIDIA gpu is everything ok, no performance drop.