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  1. Yea I remember u. Zak 1 my other mates has been picked for beta 2021 and has posted 0 posts in there forum. So u guys keep telling me u have to be active to get the beta, all lies
  2. I understand what you saying, I do accept there decision, I just feel I could of made a difference,. I will definitely report any bugs when the new game comes out. I don't feel there is much point on the current game as we're all about to move over to new game. I don't feel they would patch 2020 anymore this year?
  3. It's not just that. I want the game to be perfect and every year it has alot of bugs, all I want to do is make the game I love as best as possible. And then I mentioned sum bugs I noticed never got fixed in the current game. Mahout an yes the game will be full of bugs.
  4. So I am aware codes sent out. I wasn't picked. So again another year the game will be full of bugs glitches, after 1 year the f1 2020 game still puts me anywhere in final standing of a race , never fixed. Cannot run full 3 part Q in a online event because glitches out before race. If 1 person leaves and joins. And when I fast forward a session in Q how does the computer find 1.5 seconds. Another glitch... I won't be buying 2021, will be full of bugs glitches errors. Like every year.
  5. Yes I am carm XD just feeling sad, at present I I'm currently driving in 4 leagues a week. And I help run 1 of them, so I do post , alot lol. But sadly not on here. I will try be more active, thanks for your reply
  6. I did apply in end apirl and last year, and never get picked. I've been racing f1 games daily for 24 years. I don't understand why I wouldn't get picked.. I'm 34 , not currently working all timw in world to play the beta and report all problems.
  7. Do you guys get the code? We're my code?
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