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  1. Apologies for the harsh message, awesome to hear it's being looked at. As a side note, the new game is the best one yet, by far. I think massive kudos is definitely earned in that respect!
  2. The disgusting part about all of this is that @BarryBL is quite clearly ignoring this thread now, as evidenced by his activity in other threads. Obviously F1 2020 bugs and whatnot take priority at the moment but the lack of feedback here is appalling in my opinion.
  3. Yeah, I was so looking forward to this game but it's been ruined by this unresponsive car business for the pad. IMHO, a patch is needed for two thing:  1. To remove the unresponsiveness and heaviness of the steering for pad users, and 2. The auto-TC even when it is turned off.  I would love a wheel but don't have any space for one. 
  4. I agree regarding that when assists go off, they actually should. But seriously,  some wheel users need to realise that pads are SO much slower through a lot of the corners. When wheels can turn in so much faster it's ridiculous! Take Hockenheim, me and a fellow pad mate can stick with our wheel using mate up until the last sector, then it's no contest, wheel user just drives off into the distance. 
  5. @Anonymous848‌  Not sure where I even stated that I was on the dole? Didn't know you could be while at school mate. Just for the record, I bought the game with my own money, like I buy all my games. So, in saying that, looks like you're the one that needs to grow up, along with my good mate @hammymansell‌ 
  6. @hammymansell‌ not sure why you're bringing the dole into this? No one has mentioned anything to do with that. @sjsharp2010 exactly mate, if you want to voice your opinion, do it constructively! Don't listen to the troll, clearly something is up when he thinks CM aren't comprised of human beings like you and me.
  7. Completely agree mate, the people who complain that they don't get an answer are generally the ones who complain about a kerb being off-coloured or a missing bollard. Same with the OP here, he doesn't like to listen. 
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