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  1. Luckysmokerings

    F1® 2020 | Announce Trailer

    I'm just hoping for a multiplayer co-op championship just like in previous F1 games, EXCEPT F1 2019... It still boggles my mind why this feature was removed. The league system is way to restricted for just roleplaying a championship with my best friend. Ahh remember the days when we had a co-op career?! Golden days...
  2. Luckysmokerings

    No Online Championship on F1 2019

    And realistic performance...
  3. Luckysmokerings

    No Online Championship on F1 2019

    Haha true that!!
  4. Luckysmokerings

    No Online Championship on F1 2019

    Dude... That's my ultimate dream right there... A full blown co-op championship. Man, that would be awesome. They can include it in the upcoming Grid game as well. Stimulate playing with friends!!
  5. Luckysmokerings

    No Online Championship on F1 2019

    Dear Codemasters. Most "angry" reactions on this thread isn't true hate. It's because they love the game and want it to be complete!! We want to play this game with our friends and share the experience. Be truly honest... How hard can it be to include this feature?? This thread is a month old now. There's no way you haven't informed the devs about this. Please just talk with us, the fans of your series. E sports isn't what floats our boat. Just include a co op career. C'mon Codemasters!!!!! Listen to your community @Faya
  6. Luckysmokerings

    No Online Championship on F1 2019

    Haha! Good point! We need it asap! I'm keeping track of points through an excel sheet atm. How amateuristic...
  7. Luckysmokerings

    No Online Championship on F1 2019

    Yup. The league game mode is completely useless as there isn't an option for realistic perfomance, 100+ AI and mid weekend saves...
  8. Luckysmokerings

    No Online Championship on F1 2019

    I second this.
  9. Luckysmokerings

    No Online Championship on F1 2019

    Indeed! But we want a proper game mode nonetheless! It enhances the immersion.
  10. Luckysmokerings

    No Online Championship on F1 2019

    A friend of mine is making an Excel to keep track of points... This is like we're back in the nineties 😜
  11. Luckysmokerings

    No Online Championship on F1 2019

    @RedDevilKT Just like other members on this thread I also renewed my CM account just to share my thoughts. I've been playing F1 games from CM since 2010. Also, since F1 2011 I've been playing this game mostly for the online championship, back then it used to be a co op career I think. You had the option to outrank your buddy when racing for the same outfit and that you got newer parts to enhance your car, that was awesome! Since F1 2014-2015 the co-op career was thinned out. Since 2015 it was nothing more than an unranked lobby that you could save. I was kinda dissapointed, but nevertheless happy that I could still race with my buddy and roleplay a F1 championship, restarting the championship as we got "promoted" to a better outfit. We recently finished our last season in F1 2018 to make the stepup to F1 2019 only to find out co op championship is gone… This really ruins the game for me. yeah, the career mode is great and all and I DO play it. Still, the place where I get most of my fun is an online championship with my budd because hey; social gaming right? Now this function has been ripped out. Only unranked lobby that you cannot save and have to jot down points or keep an excel. Leagues aren't even an option because equal performance and AI set to 100 max, we play at 103. Now this game is kinda thrown away money to me. I will play career mode... on my own… without friends… Think of what could've been. Is it that hard to create a save function for unranked lobbies? Every game until now had this function, why rip it out? You can't tell me that this costs many resources and code because it was in the previous. I thought these game meant innovation, how frickin cool would a co-op career be? The singpleplayer career that you can play with a frien? MAN! I'd pay serious money for that. Please don't let us down codemasters... the true fans of your games...