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    Pre-order not arrived

    cool down dudes as i know keys from cd key sites come previous or the release datye of game...be patient!  ~X(
  2. MiatakiasGR

    Hey everyone! What was your first racing game?

    a formula 1 game and an other with bikes in Atari with 300 games in RAM back to 1988 about..:D
  3. MiatakiasGR

    The 'I purchased Autosport' Thread

    It kinda grows on you, lol . . . Yeah but these cute oragne faces will be like that  :-S in round of 8 finals as they will face Greece after Greece<:-P has disqualified the Mattey's team Costa Rica in 16 round! Until 29/6 that Greece plays with Costa Rica my biggest rival and competitor is Mattey ! Mattey i am gonna chase with my blue - white car with a greek flag on it you in GAS  as the Greek defenders will chase Costaricanos attackers like Bolanos and Campel! =))
  4. MiatakiasGR

    Where's the reviews???

    high rating from most sites!  B-)   lol this photo from PC gamer rocks! Best until this time , its like demo derby with the bloody Deltas! 
  5. MiatakiasGR

    The 'I purchased Autosport' Thread

    ahahaha Assiemodis 8-X an other good game for Holland but in next round will be harder with Mexico ! Vamooos, vamoos amigoos arriba ole ole!!  <:-P   :ar!
  6. MiatakiasGR

    Where's the reviews???

      ahha thanks Rastus we will be waiting for these videos ... :-B
  7. MiatakiasGR

    GRID Autosport confirmed cars/tracks/features

    lol what is this?? the F1 gran prix in Austria of today..??  =))
  8. MiatakiasGR

    The 'I purchased Autosport' Thread

    RubyRuby said :  @ Cap:  I know, I was thinking of other sandboxes that could be used by a dev team who wanted to make another open world game and get similar sized territory without arbitrarily removing big chunks of real estate.  The Netherlands would be cool, but I was thinking of other large islands that have plenty of roads.  Heck, how about the UK - England, Wales, Cornwall and Scotland?  Or New Zealand? yeah I know what you mean I'm tempted by Project Cars although I do prefer semi sims like what CM do Project cars does look very tempting to me as well. I have NFS the run it's a fun game but nowhere near as good as what CM have done. In a way it's very similar to Grid 2 in that it has an arcade feel with very similar challenges to Grid 2 as well just a different storyline with a bit of cop dodging in the middle. ahaha i have nfs the run too on origin , iplay soemtiems , its funny game... i stably believe that codemasters must create a new arcade franchise as NFS's competitor with cop's , fast sport cars , beautiful sea side and mountain scineries exactly as NFS franchise does... Codies can make it better , i am sure.. [-O<About open world racing games , yes i like them and i love TDU  series , i still play TDU2 and waiting for The crew.... only i dont like the too american style of it... [-(I also waiting Project cars , today i saw it for preorder steam key for 38 euros... i will wait for better deal offcorse...But the most anted game ever for me is GTA V a game that includes everything B-)
  9. i have heard that you can make work your PS4 gamepad as xinput gamepad with an extra programme you can find on google... PS4 has very good shape so i would be interested to buy one if i need any gamepad in future... why dont you try this extra programme man :-??  ??  i would like to hear the results too.   @-)
  10. ahhaa yeah it will work man ! waiting wireless receiver too for that! i may buy it some time its a high quality gamepad for sure... :-bd  i gas we only need gamepad settings as grid 1 to adjust with precision... :)
  11. MiatakiasGR

    The 'I purchased Autosport' Thread

    Sorry that England already disqualified from next round in world cup b-( , Greece will do too , at least we have the dutches here  that they will continue and   Mattey  B-) !  Costa ricano vamoos ole ole vamooos  <:-P
  12.                                 XBOX 360  GAMEPAD 
  13. MiatakiasGR

    Preloaded and ready to go...

    really?? on steam ?? PC version??  @-)
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    The 'I purchased Autosport' Thread

  15. MiatakiasGR

    What do you believe makes a great racing team

    I hope the players in online in GAS not to brake as  Massa  in last lap in  Canada  .. b-(    =))
  16. MiatakiasGR

    This is Racing // Launch Trailer

    nice video Loore ...Out of the interest do you know Loore what are the extra sponsores of black edition....?  :-?
  17. MiatakiasGR

    Grid Autosport Videos and screen shots thread

    trailer for street races.... in the video is shown the bloody classic  LANCIA DELTA  ...I love it !  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0vcej03eyoA#t=108
  18. MiatakiasGR

    The 'I purchased Autosport' Thread

    hahaahah go  Netherland  go for the world cup!  <:-P
  19. MiatakiasGR

    Grid Autosport Videos and screen shots thread

    watch in this video some great crashes for  GAS ...and its from  xbox360  version , think about  PC  version...  =P~   i love the way that dalara loses control and wrecks on the wall in 01:00 about...  :-O Also in this video is shown the old classic 70's Mini Cooper and its lovely as i expected 8-> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UeVm88fA3hY
  20. MiatakiasGR

    What system you buying Grid Autosport for?

    yeah i ahve played monaco gp with ayton senna in front page of box , its was evry good , also lotus was very good..:D  
  21. MiatakiasGR

    Autosport youtube videos

    official tuner videos here... Mazda RX-7  my love !  8-> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n5_yAIf1YE8
  22. MiatakiasGR

    What system you buying Grid Autosport for?

    i had SEGA Master system and MEGA DRIVE too... i liked virtua racing there... :)
  23. MiatakiasGR

    Colin McRae Rally

    lol i loved this game too man the 1998 .....one of ebst racing ever...:D
  24. MiatakiasGR

    "Next" DiRT game wishlist!

       Acropolis  rally for next dirt game plz!    ^:)^