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  1. MiatakiasGR

    Welcome Back GRID Fans

    ok Loore i am waiting news for nex Dirt game...thanks
  2. MiatakiasGR

    What you want to see from GRID

    yeah agree with guys above we have said all this things so many times but...i hope upcoming CM's game to be like the old ones (colin mac rae , toca ,etc) ....hi flaw , nice video rastus..:D
  3. MiatakiasGR

    DiRT 4

    i could be happy if cars are heard like this guy in above video...i really say it.. ;))
  4. MiatakiasGR

    Welcome Back GRID Fans

    lol no i had probably sent the friend request in your old account cause it has same nick, name city etc with a car on photo...anyway i sent you in your current account...Dont tell me you are fun of goat simulator and you put this photo on you profile..lol....i got dirt 2 , f1 2013 on steam and i have dirt 3 and grid 2 too...will the dirt 2 go on steamworks or only dirt 3??when will come out next dirt game??any new?? as you can see i am still hungry for racing games.. :-O
  5. MiatakiasGR

    Welcome Back GRID Fans

    ahaha hi back codies team... hey Loore i ahve sent you friend request on steam but u have to connect about 160 days there..lol :))
  6. MiatakiasGR

    "Next" DiRT game wishlist!

    lol i a gree too all , its exactly what i want too....