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    Dirt 2 Race Night!!!!

    hey turbodevin do you play dirt 2 ?? i play it too , which is your nick on GFWL..?
  2. MiatakiasGR

    DiRT 4

      we are almost  4 years after last dirt game (i dont consider showdown like that ) and nothing about the next DIRT game.. Why CM goes so slowly to the next generation ..? Kylotonn games is prepared the new WRC game for this fall , same for Milestone that creates its new IP called Sebastian Loeb rally for same period .. From codies nothing to hear.. any screen any video any info! :\ .Which is you answer codies? I reinstall DIRT 2 and there are still some players online on PC and i ahev fun with it.. When DIRT 3  will go steamworks so we get all DLC as free upgrade and then to reinstall it?? :(
  3. MiatakiasGR

    Grid Autosport 2?

    i heard that Dirt 4 was about to come on steam on february as early access game but this was cancelled after CM layoffs.... :(
  4. MiatakiasGR

    Grid Autosport Mulltiplayer

    set UK London as steam region , the game its not that dead yet..
  5. MiatakiasGR

    Grid Autosport 2?

    hi aerodance xoxflukexox..i have latest NFS Rivals , it has amazing graphics but after a level is like twisted metal or carmagedon series game , full of tech weapons etc its like war nothing to do with racing..:( come on guys forza horizon series has nothing to do with NFS series .. and as codies last years are to the arcade direction ( dirt 3 , dirt showdown , grid 2 , formul;a stars , toy box turbos ) why not to create a new open world franchise at least (i dont mean the grid series to be cancelled for that) But if this never happen no problem for me as in 2 weeks i will have the bloody GTA V which include everything so think the 80-90% of my gaming hours will be spending to this game ... an other franchise i would like for pc is  a Gran turismo - Forza motorsport style but none company seems that is gonna do this..:( do not say me about project cars , it has not so much cars , so many cars custimizations etc.. but i will probably buy this too.. i hope codies to take a more semisim - sim direction after latest lay offs.. i am sorry about them though..:(
  6. MiatakiasGR

    Goodbye :)

     hi Loore i am sorry too about layoffs , as rastus said we all know your work is not easy balancing between company's profits and the sincerity towards community ... i wish you good luck for your future plans and as you are in my friend's list on steam and you have in wishlist the GTA V to meet you in this bloody game in two weeks..  *  about GTA V we have to wait until 24/3 cause it got new delayed lol :# >:) :p
  7. MiatakiasGR

    Chat option in GRID Autosport!!

    i had forgotten this think.. do you rea lly believe that we have chances to get text chat n GAS after 6 months of release date.. i dont think so.. :p
  8. MiatakiasGR

    Grid Autosport 2?

    what i want more is the codemasters to create a new  open world racing concept like forza horizon ... in pc we have not such a good open world racing game.. the crew is too arcade , test drive unlimited series was better .. drive club is good enough for ps4.. simcade hanlding , good graphics , european field , great car's list , cockpit view , is what makes the forza horizon 2 the best open world racingbut its only for xbox1.. :(
  9. lol sorry i forgot the link... :http://www.gamespot.com/articles/codemasters-prepares-for-layoffs-as-dirt-4-team-sh/1100-6424561/
  10. MiatakiasGR

    Grid Autosport 2?

    Grid 1 was not terrible arcade ... for me it has best handling , damage system , collision ever in a racing game.. Grid 2 was big disappointment being too arcade.. GAS  is in the right direction , very good game very good content but about handling, damage and collision system Grid 1 was better..
  11. MiatakiasGR

    Grid Autosport 2?

    Please tell me you are trolling, GRID 2 handling was awful... Heck the whole game was awful. Go back to your Need for Speed or whatever drifty crap you like. ahhaa lol i agree!! :D :D :p
  12. MiatakiasGR

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

    The new year will be happy only if we have what we ask from Codemasters.. :D :p
  13. MiatakiasGR

    Chat option in GRID Autosport!!

    too late i am afraid for that... :( i hope the next codies game to include  -text chat -spectating mode -steam region free  These are the 3 reasons why GAS has few players online at least in custom lobbies on PC.. :( and i thing the most important of these 3 is the steam region free.. i can live waiting for the race to finish , i can communicate with microphone if i want but the reason that many times i leave GAS and i play an other game is the poor number of custom lobbies  that have good settings  ( playlist is bloody boring for me ) 
  14. MiatakiasGR

    xbox one

    dude if i had xbox1 i would be happy having Forza 5 and Forza horizon 2 , no need for other racing game..
  15. MiatakiasGR

    There are more players on Grid 2 than GAS. Why???

    Not we dont want realistic like games you said above but we want the known Codemasters style games we loved the last 15 years..And this is neither too aracde or too sim.. And i am sure despite the poor number of players left in GAS , codies will continue  making games like GAS (semisim) , so its better you to go to chose a game like NFS , Burnout  or even Sonic and all star racing transformed... :disagree: 
  16. MiatakiasGR

    CM, open your mind!!!

    yes i agree that playlist is boring in all games.. What CM must do?? The simplest thing, just not to add playlist option in all of its upcoming game.. Yesterday night on steam there was only one custom lobby with 2 players but i could find almost full playlist lobbies at least in touring and in street (playing there all the recurrent and boring events)  ... A feature that was added to help the online mode, it seems that definitely destroys it..:( I remember the Grid 1 servers on pc after was released 2 years there were over 10-15 custom lobby .. CM i stably believe that you have to reject playlist of your upcoming game!
  17. MiatakiasGR

    Server Region

    go on steam's settings in download tab and set UK London that there are the most players .. Codies plz disable the steam region restriction , you can hardly find 2-13 lobbies with few players anymore in custom lobies even in UK London region , this kills the online game , add a ping or latency tag for servers and thats it! :| Its sad that you can find more players in custom lobbies in DIRT 3 or even in DIrt 2 , games 3 and half and 5 years old.. :(
  18. MiatakiasGR

    Demoman free DLC on steam ( New DLC for GAS)

    Nobody likes demo on gas because it's on concrete. There is way to much grip, gotta drive it like a real race, can't drift around turns. Should've left it on a dirt track just like grid. yes i agree..:(
  19. MiatakiasGR

    Another Codemasters DLC Screw-Up

    lolwhat? upgrades as DLC only? Seriously?!  :| lol not sorry i did not want to say upgrades ...
  20. MiatakiasGR

    GRID Autosport Feedback

    I would like to see more city tracks( and point to point like Cote D azure) in next Grid game compare to official tracks.. i will explain why:   - More freedom for devs to make their own tracks , and this must be funny for them.. - Cheaper for CM as there are not rights to buy unlike official tracks .. - More layouts for each location compare with limited ones we can have in official circuits.. For example  spa 2 layouts (normal reverse) , while in Paris or San Franchisco over 5-6... - The racing games fans have played the most famous tracks millions o times (e.x SPA , Monza , Silverstone etc) while the city tracks are something new and not to much played.. ( considering the many layouts again) - No penalties ( in circuits this can kill the fun some times..) - Circuits are more suitable for pure sim games and no for the semi-sim like Grid..  Ok i dont say you not to add any of the circuits but i would like more city tracks compare to circuits like 70% city track and 30% circuits.. :p  ;)
  21. MiatakiasGR

    AI speed in racenet challenges

    the AI cars in racenet challenges go fast until go behind them that they stop on purpose to block you.. plz just tunr them off , these challenges must be pure players time competition..!
  22. MiatakiasGR

    Racenet repeats AGAIN!!!

    deleted :#
  23. MiatakiasGR

    Another Codemasters DLC Screw-Up

    yeah CM i ahve to agree with guys , do change your DLC strategy , it ruins the online experience.... Give all tracks -  modes for free and sell only cars , liveries , upgrades only as DLC.. :|
  24. MiatakiasGR

    Demoman free DLC on steam ( New DLC for GAS)

    people does not like demo in GAS... why someone must download a free dlc him self instead of auto - update as in most game on steam..? :o
  25. MiatakiasGR

    Demoman free DLC on steam ( New DLC for GAS)

    Fun fact, Interlagos was scheduled to be in the game but unfortunately it just didn't transpire. Shame, as it's phenomenal to drive around :( Glad to hear you're enjoying the Demoman pack :) Yeah Loore i had heard this , the Interlagos was in game in an initial stage .. Why can we not create our custom livery on Jupiter..?? i never got this.. :\ :s