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    Demoman free DLC on steam ( New DLC for GAS)

    i tried it . the Detroit looks beautiful the night with all these multicolor lights , i would like they let us to create our custom livery on Jupiter instead of blue and red default livery.. And even more i would like they give us the bloody Interlagos track (brasilian GP ) as a community gift .. (to port it from F1 series).. :p
  2. MiatakiasGR

    The future of grid

    first we are expecting the next DIRT  game ( fun of the first colin mac rae since 1998 here) that hopefully will be in the right direction like GAS ...Then we hope for the next Grid game that in my opinion must be even more to sim side (ok not too much like assetto corsa , rfactor , project cars etc) hello charger...:D
  3. MiatakiasGR

    Online Playlist

    OH come on guys , leave the boring playlist !! The real fun is in custom lobbies! hello aerodance! :)
  4. MiatakiasGR

    This is how you do it!

    hi Cos .. are you the Irish PC user right?? :D
  5. the mercentes above as competitor of BMW E30 , there was this car in Grid 2 , also i would love to see the Mazda MX-5 ( and especialy this of the first generation) in any of the upcoming Codies games ( i know its almost impossible to get this car in GAS) 
  6. MiatakiasGR

    Is this the upcoming TOURING CAR DLC?

    yooohoo i can't wait , what is its content? :p 3 cars; 2 tracks for 13 Euros...Wow cheap content/high profit...the only thing that matters is to ROB PEOPLE FOR GOOD! If u codies wanted to charge us like this, at least u should have put 3 more cars and 1 more track with 16 CARS ON the GRID!!! (NOT A LAZY 12 car's grid) but i just bought season apss on steam on offer for 14,99 and i got all 8 dlc so for me its very god deal... yeah 12,99 for the touring legend dlc is too much....
  7. yeah i agree , both cars were great in grid 2
  8. MiatakiasGR

    Touring legend pack content ! Availiable 16/09/2014

    within day probably :D
  9. MiatakiasGR

    Touring legend pack content ! Availiable 16/09/2014

    not sure but infos say that there is extra touring legend cars championship (like that of sprint dlc i suppose) and he new tracks and cars will be usable in custom cups but also in online mode..
  10. MiatakiasGR

    The Grind is over

    Go to a Destiny forum if you want to discuss Destiny. LoL ok the guy just refered that plays the destiny this time , he did not even discuss about it.. o:) and i think its not so bad to say something about other games in any game's forum.. :| I have no the same opinion with NoSskilz offcorse cause i am still enjoying GAS a lot , waiting today the new touring dlc like an hungry dog :p , plus i hate future-space games like Destiny...FIFA 15 , NBA 2K15 , Project cars  to play until maybe my best game ever to come .. Its called GTA V B) ! Any new DIRT game would be wellcome too !  :#
  11. MiatakiasGR

    Is this the upcoming TOURING CAR DLC?

    yooohoo i can't wait , what is its content? :p
  12. MiatakiasGR

    Is this the upcoming TOURING CAR DLC?

    yeah?? will surfers paradise be in next dlc?? anything to confirm this?? :o yes i would like to see this track in GAS i know it from TOCA 3  i think... it reminds me more city track than circuit because of the wall... 
  13. MiatakiasGR

    Roofcam Mod

    ok thanks.... i like this view yeah B)
  14. MiatakiasGR

    Roofcam Mod

    ok guys thanks.. can u upload any video?
  15. what we should to have about gears  is semi - auto shifts.. so the gears to be auto but the player to be able to enforce to gear up or down as in other games like assetto corsa.. (its mainly usuful ofr gears down before corners)
  16. MiatakiasGR

    Roofcam Mod

    does it work in online ??where do i have to copy paste all these foldiers??Which is the foldier?
  17. MiatakiasGR

    Matchmaking Still Not Fixed?

    is this about only playlist or for custom lobbies too??
  18. MiatakiasGR

    Codemaster's weekend sales on Steam !

    I think most of the people who want Autosport on here have it already so don't think it's really needed but some of them wait discount to get season pass o any saperated dlc so.. :p
  19. MiatakiasGR

    LAG - Codemasters you gotta fix this.

    Yes it happens many times to me too in online.... I have tried the game with 2 deferent video cards (GTX550ti and HD 6970) and happens with both , so its not about gpu i guess..
  20. i dont know in single but yesterday i hosted an online lobby with classic touring in all sprint tracks.. ( i though it is a good idea to run in cote d azure and california with ford sierra..) i did , and it was way better than Dirt 3.. hahahaa  :#  :D  :p
  21. MiatakiasGR

    Codemasters are on track with Grid Autosport

    Yes they are on track and runs with +300km/h....This is the point to have fun with something , bugs , dlc , bla bla are not so important to me.. B)
  22. i totally agreed with you man.... so if it is like you say compaliners , what would they say the F1 series customers ( i am one of them) about same content every year?? Ok even codies would give us as dlc with some of most famous tracks like Monza , silverstone , interlagos , would be this a new content?? Would be this some new experience?? I have only play some hours these 4 tracks of sprint dlc in Grid 2 but i have played the ones  refered for days or weeks or months in total in any racing games all these years i play ... And yes if you want my opinion i prefer these 4 tracks of grid 2 than some of the most famous circuits that i have played for millions of times in various racing games.... :p
  23. Yes, extra content we all want , but to charge me for something i had in previous game that was included in game from start and now i need to pay for it as recycled content called dlc, i can not understand that. Give me extra content, but something fresh and new, that will add something more and make me play it longer, thats a dlc, not this.Thats a lesson for me to never buy a season pass again! agree with you about recycling content but i am so satisfied with game that i dont care...But in this case we can consider as recycling content the SPA , instanbul , washington , san franchisco , buthrast etc etc etc that there were in grid 1 - 2 ... Also most of cars are almost same with grid 2.. I had personally understoon that we speak for a combination of Grid 1-2 content but with better handling and physics and with some good new features.... And it is , thats why i am satisfied with this game . Also we must seriously cosider that this is one of biggest codies games that if we consider that next tracks dlc will ahve 4 more tracks (classic touring i think or so)  we will reach the number of 24 locations (with over 100-120 routs) in total which is too much for codies games ... According to is i can be only glad and satisfied with the game..  B)