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  1. come on people , be possitive  , we all know that GAS will be no a completely new game but that it would have many similarities about content with Grid 2... For me the point is to play something i like and to have fun with it.. With Grid 2 i had not fun (becuase it was not the real next Grid  game , it was too arcade etc bla bla bla) but GAS is really one of best racing game i have ever played , so any extra track is wellcome !  B)
  2. MiatakiasGR

    Sprint Pack

    I totally agree!! Are u blind guys??! This is the same content from grid 2 WAKE UP!!! We do not sleep to wake up!  :( .... GAS has so better handling- physics than Grid 2 that i want desperately to play these 4 tracks  in it! Plus they are pretty cheap for what this DLC offers (4 open road tracks with 24 routes in total) for only 5,99 euros.. What about that the SPA DLC costed 7-8 euros for grid 2(for a mediocre game it self)?? That was really bad strategy from codies , but about sprint DLC of GAS there is 100% value for money..  Pay attention PC players! Being near Miatakias_GR in California's cliffs is not very good idea! :p :s :# >:) o:)   See you!
  3. MiatakiasGR

    Sprint Pack

    YOOOOOHOOOOO thanks codies very good selection , its what i wanted more for GAS , more city - open road tracks that there were not many.. and all this in a resonable price.. offcorse i will get season pass soon..  :D
  4. MiatakiasGR

    Sprint Pack

    what is the content of sprint pack?? :o
  5. MiatakiasGR

    Chat option in GRID Autosport!!

     Purple44 said: No, i guess F1 2014 will not have chat option too... :p
  6. MiatakiasGR


    ahahah nice video yeah i hate flashbacks online as AI cars as well
  7. MiatakiasGR

    New tracks on the way

    yeah i liked miami more than chicago too in grid 2... also i liked open roads like cote d azure and california...Workhorse i am sad i can not modify the text anymore with those colorful letter to make your  day better..  :p    :D
  8. MiatakiasGR

    More openish playlists patch.

    ahahaha no just serch for the best lobby for you with filters..  playlist sucks cause any time you finish a race you go back to lobby to vote again ..  :( while in custom lobbies you can set 5 race in a row , so not need to go back in lobby .. this is waste of time.. plus i hate flashbacks  :s  ok if you like playlist stay there to play more mini miglia in brands hatch 5 laps , and have fun with it!    :D once DLC  trackscome u will be enforced to join custom lobbies to play with them..  :p
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    The making of Codemasters Games

    loooooool:D :p  
  10. MiatakiasGR

    Hate reverse track

    "Hate is a unbearable weight.. If you dont like something , just avoid it.."  ;)
  11. MiatakiasGR

    More openish playlists patch.

    Come on dudes! stop dealing with the boring playlist , go to create your own lobby with any option you like..  :p
  12. MiatakiasGR

    New tracks on the way

    yeah circuits they have got boring to me too... you are right , SPA is amazing track but i can drive there with closed eyes after having played it in so many racing games same for brands hatch etc.. yeah codies we need more city tracks from grid 1 or grid 2 or those open road of grid 2  .... or why not a completelly new city like Rome or London! :p (i know i am dreamer) No  more silverstone or donighton plz! + in city tracks you can have more layouts and versions cause they are not real tracks and devs can do whatever they want.. I have an exciting feeling when i run with over 250 km/h with a super street car with bars left and right and  i have to brake in a 90 deegres corner like those of San franchisco or Paris.. :D
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    lol photonik i have gone crazy with your numbers.. it may be like that ..:(  so i will wait for the 2nd hope , the xbox1 to go very bad and microsoft to be pushed to relase Forza series in PC..No need for latest forza 5, i could be happy with forza 4..  :p
  14. MiatakiasGR

    New tracks on the way

    confuced here.. what will be the possible new tracks..?? i did not understand!  Am i the only that it would like more city tracks than circuits? I like to drive full speed with the bars beside me and not to get  any penalty than to get pushed by other car and to get penalty in circuits..  :p
  15. MiatakiasGR


    Sorry i forgot to notice that i spoke for NFS SHIFT 1-2 and not underground ones..  I know about project cars over 2 years , i have watched many videos on tube , yes it seems very good , but it seems all about race .. I would like a racing exactly like Gran turismo and Forza .. over 500-1000 cars fully adjustable and customized , many many tracks , detailed cockpit view , handling physics to sim but with an easy 'console style" way and not heavy sim like those of simbin , rfactor etc..  Project cars offcorse is in my wishlist but i dont think it will be close to this style of GT and Forza but closer to Toca 3 etc.. I dont think Codies is a small company , i play their games since 1998 (colin macrae rally) and i have played almost all of their games..They have created some of the most important games in racing game's history! They make very good graphics , good handling in most of his games but the problem is about few content in most of them  (toca 3 is one of the exeptions) .the problem is that they want to release many racing games within few time , for expample the last 3 years they have released 8 games : Dirt 3 ,   F1 11 ,    F1 12 ,    F1 race stars ,    Dirt showdown,     F1 13,     Grid 2 ,   Grid Autosport ,                   ( did i forget any...?  :| ) Gran turismo and Forza are released every 3 or more years from a team that does not create any other game , right? How big was the deference between Grid 2 and Grid autosport just after a year ..??Codies it is supposed to be small team but within (or even less ) than one year made an amazing racing game like Gas! Ok i know that codies have 2 deferent studios but why these 2 studios not  to be united for something really big like forza , GT..? Plus Gt and Forza are exclusives so the number of users is limied , codies will have the advantage of releasing games in almost all platforms including playstation 3 - 4 , xbox360 - one , not sure about WI and WiU , PC windows - mac ... I am sure if the 2 codies teams decided to work for many years together for a big tittle like GT, FORZA they would do it well and maybe better ! Why GT and forza have very high sales.?? Because they are really good games with huge content! If codies decided to do something similar , they would have higher sales because they would release it in all platforms! Its so simple! They just do not want to do this! :(  Plus i stably believe that codies should make a competitor of NFS (police chases , nice coast and mountain open roads , sport cars , Nitro , pure arcade etc handling) They could do it better i think! :)
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    Hey guy do not shoot the guy that said about vehicles customizations , spoilers etc.. Not only NFS series have these features , but also great games as Gran tursismo and Forza motosport that many PC users would be happy to have...(between them , me) Personally , yes i would like to have these features in one of next codies games ( ok neon lights i dont like too)  :D   B)   >:) In other words i would like the Codies to make a game full of content, closer to sim (i am sure they can) as Forza and Gran turismo series (not like the too much PC sim style games like Assetto corsa , Simbin's racing , iracing , rfactor ect)  Its time for codies to do that , in PC there is no such a game ! I am really jealous about we have not such a kind of racing in PC , and its the only reason i have thought to buy a console last years (nevertheless i did not buy any) .. My only hope is either codies release such a game in all platforms including PC or xbox1 to go even worse in the future so for the microsoft to decide to release Forza in PCs.. (as recently happened with ryse son of Rome that was supposed to be one of the most strong exclusives in xbox1 , but finally will come within 2014 in PC)  :o  :p
  17. MiatakiasGR

    AI Discussion and Feedback

    Its ok but some times become too agressive hiting you ..  :s
  18. same happened with my Ford focus touring car yesterday.. while it was over 60 lvl and fully upgraded (3/3) i noticed yesterday that it was 1/3 upgraded and lvl 17..:(  but i think the stats ( accelaration , top speed etc) were right and maximized.. i am not sure though
  19. MiatakiasGR

    Colin McRae Rally on Steam

    yeah the game is just a good off-raod racing for mobile phones - android etc ... it is not like colin mac rae 2.0 of ps1.. Most PC users will find usuless this release... EGO engine seems still good enough in Grid Autosport (which i love) but the next-gen has already come codies , look at games like project cars , forza 5 , NFS the rivals (PS4, XBOX1) , Drive club... I hope the f1 2014 to be the last game with current EGO engine..No more android style games , no more dirt showdown or f1 stars games .. Come on we want AAA games with modern graphics focused on pure rally - motorsport ( as Grid autosport is) no more infected green cars , cat , mouse etc... :p  >:)
  20. MiatakiasGR

    Colin McRae Rally on Steam

    yeah i agree , the cockpit in remake is too blurry and dark and not detailed like in grid autosport.. also the physicks are better in originla game.. Come on codies we want the new DIRT game (which it must be like old colin mac rae games , focused on pure rally!)  with next-gen graphic's engine ! :s
  21. MiatakiasGR

    Announcing: F1 2014 and Beyond

    we expected next gen game (Pc user here) :( I dont think i will deal with it.. Waiting for next gen Dirt game and playing Gas which is great ... Once f1 series will be next gen i will check it again.. B)
  22. MiatakiasGR

    Colin McRae Rally on Steam

    if i am not wrong this is Colin Mc Rae 2 , why isn't called like that? Lovely game since ps1 period , it was released 2000 about.. New Grid game , new f1 game was announced for 2014 today , the remake of colin mac rae 2 on steam , but where is a new Dirt ( or colin mac rae) game?? This is what we expect more... :|
  23. lol nice crash man! yeah i agree , i have gone crazy with A.I cars in  racenet challenges many times... codies must disable them..
  24. MiatakiasGR

    Colin McRae Rally

    Colin mc Rae 1 is one of the best racing i ahve ever played.. i remember i was searching so desparately a good rally game in ps1 as sega rally was only in sega saturn and coin up... plz codies make your next dirt game closer to old colin mc rae rallys and not gimkana , mini xgames style , we need pure rally experience with semi-sim handling - physics... 
  25. MiatakiasGR

    Online Track Voting

    + i would like a hardcore playlist with probably assist off , full damage - colision , no flashbacks