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  1. i like codemaster's music in all of its games..
  2. MiatakiasGR

    Save corrupt... what a ****

    thats a sad new, codies fix it as soon as possible! >:/
  3. MiatakiasGR

    Where are everyone?

    thank you man ..i had region Greece lol (where  i live) what will it change now?? :-?
  4. MiatakiasGR

    GRID Autosport Feedback

    i played SPA night reverse and was like an other track...the game has so much content and many combination about cars - tracks in online that i love it !  :x
  5. MiatakiasGR

    The 'I purchased Autosport' Thread

    lol  Camarimore  we all know that Greece sucks in football about spectacle.. (:| I am sorry that a team like Portugal is out of world cup now it is Greece too ! :-SBut the fights of  Costa Rica  vs Greece did not stop in football's world cup as you can see here : Yeah here it is shown me (blue with white stripes) and Costa ricano Mattey to race on track in a duel race!! I had challenged him since i learnt that the 2 countries would  meet each other in round of 16th... lol B-)Now Mattey have to face some dutch like Assiemodis8-Xor 053 (sandro)
  6. MiatakiasGR

    GRID Autosport Feedback

    AHAHHAA FLOW I SAW YOU TODAY  to play some hours GAS ..i am glad you like it.... i have no problem with reverse layouts intead of it i played in batheust , branch hatch , hockenhaim and i find them very good..  dint you forget GAS is not a full simulator... so i am happy with reverse layouts...what i would like is night option in city tracks...
  7. MiatakiasGR

    First Patch

    plus: Control settings for gamepads! Unlimited number of custom cars for someone to buy..Possibility to set custon livery on Jupiter (if i am not wrong there is no)
  8. MiatakiasGR

    So online huh...

    lol i love that u have to pay a lkot for repairing damages! it keeps crashers away of crashing  \:D/
  9. MiatakiasGR

    Where are everyone?

    How to check if i am U.K region?? the sure is that i could see Rastu's lobby ! So i should be in right region.. \:D/
  10.  Purple44>:) between upcoming content there will be some tracks ! you can check it on steam's page of GAS that there is already the season pass for selling with some more details..  :-??
  11. you are not the only here!! feel people around you!   :-h
  12. MiatakiasGR

    Can we have Close touring car racing like Grid1?

    if we can have close races in GAS ..??  =)) In fact yesterday in an online race 4 cars crossed the line touching each other... more tea... ~O)
  13. MiatakiasGR

    What are the sponsors that come with the black edition?

    there on some cars but for me is terrible!!  ~:> I will not use it in any of my cars dark grey and black is boring !!II did not black edition of GAS for this, but because i wanted to have this amazing game completed ! ( i will buy for sure the season pass) ;))
  14. Months? don't you mean years? PC GRID 1 online was doing well for the 3 years the online servers were running. Lots of hosts on a Saturday. Loore, can you tell us yet that text chat will definitely be in a patch soon? My money waiting to buy GRID Autosport. You give your word text chat in, I could buy GAS now and get started on career mode, before I go online. yeah text chat would be amazing , also spectate mode in lobby ... watching other drivers in after finishing a race is very funny , cause the Tv cam is way better than Grid' 2 ...  Purple44>:)  dont you forget that Grid 1 worked online with cracked game , that means that a big part of players had it cracked... anyway was amazing game as GAS it is...  ;;)
  15. MiatakiasGR

    Random Grid Order

    i prefer championship's standing reverse... in this way players that are in top positions of a championship , start next race in last positions ! this make the championships more interested until last race! :D RANDOM IS AN OTHER GOOD OPTION TOO...
  16. no comment for that! =))  For me honestly GAS is better from Grid 1 ( no need to refer that is way better than Grid 2) even from Toca 3  which was one of me best racing in PC considering that GAS has way better graphics and way better damage model ... And with upcoming patches , updates , fixes etc but also with 8 DLC that they are gonna to come in future , we can speak for one of the 3 top Codemasters games ever for me ! 
  17. MiatakiasGR

    GRID Autosport = Best AI ever

    yes i like A.I too but some times they are too agressive lol !  b-( they reminds me NFS shift 2 unlished... 
  18. MiatakiasGR

    GRID Autosport Feedback

    Loore just a quaestion! How many custom cars can you have?? so guys told me about there is limitation about that.. :( i want to buy as many cars as i can ( why not all of them ) plus i did not find selection to get Jupiter and to make custom livery for that! is it impossible?? If it is not, pleaase add unlimited number of custom cars or the 80% of total cars of the game for example ( this will grow the life of the game in online mode as players will play more and more to get more money  to get more cars) and add the possibility we make our custom liveries for Jupiter with any upcoming patch or update...Dont you forget control settings option for gamepads L-) ... Thanks! 
  19. GOOD LIVERIES DUDE ESPECIALLY THE s2000 monster livery and the m artni one... i like to make my custom liveries with ingame editor but i may try any of yours cause they are very good..  =D>
  20. MiatakiasGR

    GRID Autosport = Best AI ever

    For me also is best racing in PC since 2007 i got one.. And with extra conetn , patches , updates etc it will become even better! Loore dont you forget to pass to the team they make all upcoming racing games (Dirt , formula) semisim with handling like GAS, and not too arcade!  L-)
  21. MiatakiasGR

    Will you continue to play GRID 2?

    no i will not...if i want to play pure aracde i play NFS series .... what i want from codemasters is games like GAS .... next Dirt game must be in same direction as Gas and not aracde like Dirt 3..:D 
  22. MiatakiasGR

    Just bought the season pass

    yes season pass is better tactic than day1 dlc etc...i will buy it too..!
  23. MiatakiasGR

    GRID Autosport Feedback

    ahhahaa yooohoooo i got game and its amazing!:-O its better than i expected to be!  8-}                      This game has come directly from glory past of Codemasters!  Its a combination of Toca 3 (handling - physics) and some disciplines like touring cars etc) , Grid 1 (modes derby , drift , city tracks , fast action etc) and Grid 2 only about graphics (hopefully) ;))Also interface (in online where to select cars , upgrades , liveries ), music it reminds me the old gran turismo games of ps1 which i loved them !:xAnd becuase the enemy of the good is the better , some things it could be better : - Chase view could be a bit higher...sometimes you can not see the road well because of the car! (the option to adjust  camera's shaking is very wellcome) - Cockpit view has poor graphics (we hope in modders for that) But if ever made this i only install such a mod if it is fully compatible for online and creates no problem (lower fpsetc)- City tracks should have night version as it would be easy to be added directly from Grid 2! - Gamepad's settings ( to set dead zones , linirity etc) That time i can not find other negative feature but in any case i can live with them...I dont want to be heard extreme but i feel like having the best racing game ever since 2007 i have got PC.I am gonna buy seaon pass too!  Thank you so much Codemasters for this great game! =D>
  24. yes Loore plz i have to do some micro changes in my xbox360 gamepad to optimize it... the game is as Loore said 60% to sim and 40% to aracde  sim (with all assist off) , so gamepaders need control settings too..:)
  25. MiatakiasGR

    One major complaint about the tracks...

    come on dudes , ok normal version of any track is better , but reverse tracks help the game to have more content so i am happy with them... B-)