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  1. Thank you!...I'll look for it. Much appreciate the reply!
  2. If you don't me asking, where is this "Fault Frequency" settings at?...I can't seem to find it, so many sub options in F12021 I might have overlooked it..lol Thanks in advance!
  3. Still waiting for SF1000 since a two months ago from Amazon. A streamer on Twitch that streams F1 2021 from Australia got his fast from where he buys electronics says he had no problems getting it and they had plenty in stock. Must be a USA thing with the current shipping issues and he's from down under near Asia where they make these Chinese products. The pedals(T-LCM) are in stock here in the US however. There are plenty in stock.
  4. This is so funny! I love this video!...I remember another old video with Vettel playing the F1 game and him having a hard time driving it as well. He even said that it was harder than the real F1 car! Then he went on to say oh, I think wasn't supposed to say that!...lol That video is somewhere on Youtube I believe. His reactions was funny too!
  5. I'm a casual player and a old man at 59 years old and I have no issues at all with the game. Sure, there are a few bugs/issues and problems with the game that I hope they correct but I am playing the game fine as is. I play really really casual: The AI is set to 60 for me and manual gear shift on (Hey! my reflexes and eyes are not the same as when I was 20-30 years old!..lol) with the assist of traction control on medium to full (depending on the track), ABS on, and Pit Assist on. all other assist is off. Hey, I even have DRS and ERS assist on so I don't have to worry about that...I'm
  6. That was a funny video from Norris......I didn't know he could do comedy as well!..lol He's a funny guy as well as a hell of a pro F1 driver! I like to see that in professional athletes.
  7. Oh, that's too bad. I understand it's not easy when you don't have the cash $$$ or someone to sponsor you. That's the unfortunate part of International Formula series of racing. You have to be lucky I guess. Maybe doing E-Sports and him being a Champion maybe he will get notice if he's that really good, that is, if he's still young enough to continue his dream.
  8. Well, I stand corrected. I never heard of him in the F1 circus talk. Why isn't he in F2 or F3? Is he still a young pup?
  9. Sorry, I'll take an opinion from a young "Real" F1 driver like Lando or George to improve the game better and more realistic than a "Video Game" E-Sports F1 arcade gamer. I'm assuming this E-Sports video game Champion has never driven any car on a real F1 track to make a judgment if there are some physic issues in the game. If this person you are talking about is some kind of real life race driver (doesn't have to be professional) Karting or small Formula cars will do then I can understand but I doubt it. That's my opinion and I'm sticking to it!
  10. Can't see the video. I know he's a E-Sports F1 Video game Champ. But would love to have real F1 drivers express their opinions too. Just looked at a video from the official F1 Youtube Channel that had Lando Norris and George Russell playing the game. I know they are gamers as well. What better than to have real Formula 1 drivers give their input on this issue.
  11. Option/Function 1 Toggle would be sweet! No reason not to have it. Get going on this Codemasters!
  12. Yea, Senna was a humanitarian and humble man. He was very generous and loved his people, especially the unfortunate and the poor and help as much as he could through charity . What a great man Senna was. I still miss him a lot. Watched all his races when he was with Lotus and McLaren. Thanks for the suggestions on getting your Senna Skin. I hope you make an account to RaceDepartment. Your Liveries would be welcome there and people would love it! You are talented skin maker!
  13. Love the Senna car! Please upload to Racedepartment!! Would love to use it for MyTeam
  14. Robert? is he an F2 driver?. I'm not sure, like I said, I may be incorrect but I recall something to the effect of F1, I think Kiviat didn't have his flag either...but I can't remember now.. Maybe someone who knows more might chime in and tell us.
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