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  1. Thanks s00zster, it figures. That's too bad that they can't get it to work as advertised. Oh well. Thanks again!
  2. Was this issue re: "F2 performance affecting how you are viewed in F1" ever clarified or fixed? Would really like to start a season in F2 before I go on to F1.
  3. NestoChe

    TV graphics - Driver Positions Screen

    WOW, that looks really good!. Is the guy charging $$ for this mod?
  4. Man I hope you're right that is broken. It would be nice if they can fix it in a patch!
  5. NestoChe

    PC: No Mouse Support Again... :(

    Yea, I agree this is baffling. Ten years of Codies F1 Games on PC and still no mouse support. Yep, no doubt about it, it's a console port. SMH
  6. Fortnite which I never played and Dead By Daylight which I play from time to time are similar with this type of game pass gimmick. Those games are online only and kids love to show off their barbie cosmetics. Thank god I like to play F12020 with the original traditional "real" livery and have no need for those ugly season pass liveries and cosmetics...gross! The My Team feature IMO is meh and underwhelming and I can live with the default cars/livery cosmetics you start with so I just ignore the season pass feature. You really don't need it for this type of game unless you love to show off those disgusting liveries, colors, and player cosmetics for when you play online. For me I really don't care what the cars look like. You don't see it anyway when you are inside the car! Also, look for cheap deals online..I paid $40 for the Shumi Ed.
  7. NestoChe

    TV graphics - Driver Positions Screen

    Yea, it's been like that since the first F1 game in 2010. No Official Formula 1 TV graphics overlays in gameplay. Very odd since they carry the F1 license
  8. That's too bad. I thought the same as well. Maybe next year.