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  1. ThunderCats101

    Gearbox Wear in MyTeam Master Thread

    Check your control scheme. You won't be downshifting at high revs with automatic gears.
  2. It's with developers Try to search the forum next time by using the search bar and if there's already a thread about an issue you've experienced, add your report to it.
  3. It's by design. Usually in Q1/2 the last 6 or 8 drivers (those at risk of dropping out) will go for a 2nd attempt. This is what you'd expect irl. You don't usually see those in the top 10 going for multiple runs if they are safe from Q1/2 elimination. This is a feature I believe is new to this year, as before most or all drivers would go for multiple runs even if the weather conditions got worst but now, if the start of qualifying is dry and turns wet, the AI won't go out for another attempt.
  4. It would be better if we had examples of crashes or cars stuck on the track where you expect there to be a SC. I also wouldn't expect a SC in the video, maybe a VSC though. The car is off the track and close to a marshal point. But from what everyone is saying, there does seem to be some inconsistencies.
  5. ThunderCats101

    McLaren Livery getting overlooked?

    When everyone kept banging on about the merc, I did keep mentioning the mclaren livery but no one noticed 🙁. I'm glad it's now got everyone's attention 😅 I'm sure it'll be updated as soon as they can.
  6. ThunderCats101

    No money, can't progress?

    Yes it's generated randomly by the game. Using the drivers you'd encounter in invitational events.
  7. ThunderCats101

    1.07 patch - is this legit?

    1.07 for 70th anniversary weekend? 🥴🙃 Also for those who haven't noticed, the "bullet hole" in this flying lap seems to be fixed https://mobile.twitter.com/Formula1game/status/1291654449061142528
  8. ThunderCats101

    Unusual moments captured

    This thread is for sharing your most unusual or surprising moments you've captured. Whether it's Grand Prix mode, F2 or online races, let's see your unusual or surprising moments you've caught! This was the last race of the season in My Team at Abu Dhabi. I was in Q1 getting myself some space and out of nowhere my teammate retires with an engine failure. I don't think I've ever seen AI retire with engine failures in qualifying before, you can just about see the smoke coming out of the engine. This is not a thread focused on bugs or glitches. If you're going to post such content don't expect CM staff to look into it here. If you want to report a bug/glitch go to this part of the forums https://forums.codemasters.com/forum/111-gameplay-issues-and-bugs-ta/ create a topic or add your report to a topic using the bug reporting template. F1®_2020_20200805134131.mp4
  9. ThunderCats101

    [My Team] Post your end of season results!

    In My Team I've just completed my first full 22 race season, Full practice, quali and 100% race distance. Difficulty 98% Whether you're at the end of season 1 or season 10, post your end of season results here! Which tracks did you perform best at? 🙂
  10. ThunderCats101

    Safety Car

    It is unfortunately something that hasn't been consistent in the last few years. People have had different experiences with SCs even when using the same settings. Some are even seeing too much of it at the moment. Simulation damage does affect AI. Not too sure with the difficulty. Higher difficulty means faster AI, whether it increases chances of mistakes is something I've personally seen.
  11. ThunderCats101

    What is the benefit of taking part in all Practise sessions?

    Correct. Skipping practice means you lose out on some driver acclaim. I think it is also lap dependent. The more you do the more acclaim you get, but maybe the cap is still 10 laps?
  12. ThunderCats101

    Safety Car

    Unless there's been dramatic crashes or cars stuck on the circuit you won't see much of the SC. It is interesting and surprising you and others have struggled seeing SC/VSC. Your chances of seeing it should be higher at circuits like Azerbaijan and Monaco. There are some bug reports about it not deploying when you think it should. If you've got some video of incidents you think need a SC add a report to one of the bug posts 🙂
  13. ThunderCats101

    Performance update

    When it's ready. They've had to (and maybe still are) collect a lot of data in a small amount of time. I imagine updating and bug fixing has been more challenging this year. Especially if they've had trouble using their offices. But I'm confident it'll come soon.
  14. This is game breaking! I can't play career because of this! On the topic of race day I'm personally not a fan of seeing and hearing the planes at every race.
  15. ThunderCats101

    MyTeam Fuel load Bug

    Turn off fuel assist when doing the practice programme, so you're not forced into rich mix.