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  1. ThunderCats101

    Ranked DEAD due to Safety Rating

    I'm on S and Its practically impossible to match with anyone. The most I've been in a lobby is 4...
  2. ThunderCats101

    Where is the 1.10 patch?

    This can't be called a patch surely... 🤦‍♂️
  3. ThunderCats101

    Man this game really makes my blood boil.

    Hold on... I thought everyone was moaning (including me) that since the last few patches that the AI are lacking aggression and have once again become too easy to pass noticeably on corners.
  4. ThunderCats101

    Driver update in new patch??

    Why would it? You have driver transfers in career mode...
  5. ThunderCats101

    Dirty online racers in F1 2019!

    The exact reason I didn't give specifc numbers and said depending on safety rating, penalties and collisions. Youve got bad luck if you get rammed 10 races in a row...
  6. ThunderCats101

    Dirty online racers in F1 2019!

    Unfortunately you can't fix stupid 🤷‍♂️ but I definitely think there should be a system where depending on your safety rating and the amount of penalties and collisions you've had over a number of races you would get a ban for a short period of time like 24 hours to start which then increases the more bans you get.
  7. ThunderCats101

    No drs activation off cars which lap you

    You might have had a DRS fault and maybe Jeff didn't tell you about it... See if it happens again in the next race.
  8. ThunderCats101

    10 Place Grid Penalty for a new gear box

    You're only allowed 1 gearbox for every 6 races. If you choose to take a new one before completing 6 races then you take a grid penalty as the irl sporting regulations state. Funnily enough though I swapped mine out at the 4th race and didn't get a penalty 🤫
  9. ThunderCats101

    AI way too fast in the wet now, post-patch

    You can't use 1 tweet with a pic not knowing if the track was getting wetter/drier etc, as your evidence to conclude AI are too fast in the wet... Play a full season, experience wet weather on different tracks then come back to say AI are too fast...
  10. ThunderCats101

    Is anyone really enjoying THIS?

    I'm on 1.05 (from Azerbaijan) career 100% on 98 AI. AI were battling each other a bit too much for my liking in different clusters in Azerbaijan. Just did Spanish GP today and the field was much more spread out. I'm guessing it could be an issue with certain circuits.
  11. ThunderCats101

    AI not fighting each other

    AI not fighting each other? More like AI fighting each other too hard and not letting the field spread out. At least that's what I've found from doing a 100% race at Azerbaijan. I think 1.04 was slightly better but I haven't gone through the whole season yet. On the R&D the midfield are pretty much equal now (due to performance update + R&D development) so maybe that might of been why they were close. But the AI are definitely still fun and challenging to pass for me personally.
  12. ThunderCats101

    Rain, rain and again rain.

    I'm pretty sure this gets mentioned every year, yet I've never had this issue. I guess we'll just have to blame it on global warming! 🙈
  13. ThunderCats101

    Inter-team Driver Transfers CONFIRMED for F1 2019!

    So you're telling me when Max Verstappen in a Ferrari wins, we won't either actually see him in a Ferrari suit/or just in his Redbull one, no podium sequence at all, or just a "name tag" on the podium? ... Clearly it's not just an AI name tag changing....