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  1. I'm just saying people outside of europe don't get a chance to test these things which would be good to get rid of desync and all that stuff. It's just a thought I'm passing over to them in hopes that they can do it for F1 2020
  2. Next game I think they need to open the doors to more outside european servers. @Faya spare a thought to use Oceania fans! lol
  3. Probably way out of the lurch here, but any idea when the emails are being released pertaining whether you're in or not?
  4. I'm not rating my chances that much like last years release... but signed up and ready to do what is needed if selected.
  5. TNF1_DeltaNiwa


    Okay so that actually just makes an interesting statement that it might not effect the car that retired, because Force India and Mercedes are seperated by a good mile of pit road, where as the cars for us that retired were a Williams in Canada and Force India in Russia and Singapore and it effected Toro Rosso in Canda, Toro Rosso and Renault in Singapore (Renault was a result of both Toro Rosso's being stuck in tandun) and Toro Rosso and Renault both in Russia
  6. TNF1_DeltaNiwa


    @Faya I actually think we've discovered the source of the issue. It's people retiring in the pits. When someone pulls into the pits, pauses and retires the car, it suddenly confuses the game into thinking that there is someone in the pits still and as a result it won't let a car out of the pit box if that car retired near a certain area. So could you please try and get this fixed? This is a pretty big deal, because for league racing retiring in the pits was a good way to avoid carnage and chaos if someone opted to retire on track or deliberatly crash out. We have to oblige to those previous things if we don't sort this.
  7. TNF1_DeltaNiwa


    I'll also like to add that this glitch only seems to happen when the conditions are inter-changing (Dry to wet or wet to dry) It doesn't matter which way it goes. I have a feeling that it's the game getting confused into thinking the pitlane is congested therefore holding you there until it believes that it's not congested anymore. If that's the case, can we please get this resolved because we want to be able to run the leagues on all 'random, dynamic and realisitic' themese as possible and if not, we're going to have to run dry races until the seasons end and that isn't fun.
  8. TNF1_DeltaNiwa

    TOCA Touring?

    It's a perspective that demands some noticing. The Australian Supercars championship has evolved so much that it needs to be credited for in game, not on Forza, not on GT Sports on it's own racing platform #BringbackTocaTouring.
  9. @Faya This has got to be fixed because it's destroying the integrity of online lobby racing, mostly league racing (yes I know online issues people we have needs too!) So again my race as well as my teammates has been ruined 3 times by being stuck in pitlane. It's caused initially when my teammate pits, he can't get out. The game is set to 'on' for pit release assist so he shouldn't have to engage the clutch and leave the pits, but for some reason the car won't move and no matter what you do you are stuck and cannot leave. You can't even retire the car because the pit-crew then just stay put and you can't enter the pitlane. This also seems to effect the team behind the glitched garage. (We drive for TR HONDA therefore RENAULT get effected by it) I would appreciate it highly if this problem could be looked at and fixed, because it's destroying peoples races and we can't compensate for them all the time.
  10. So we have a weeks break for TNF1 which means we can recruit a little more for F5, but because our season is running along it's conclusion I have to make an ultimatetum. Now there are drivers in F5 officially and others I have moved pending removal for lack of attendance, so the room is only about 2/20 needed. If we fail to have 10 new dedicated drivers capable of driving at 10am GMT+12 (New Zealand time) on Saturday mornings (Friday nights UK/Europe and Friday afternoon/evenings US time) by the Russian GP (three weeks time) then this registration will resume but only to get people necessary to make an F5 possible for next season, which means when you join after Russia you will likely either sit in the waiting room for 5 more weeks, or you will get the odd reserve race for F4/F3 race on the same day. I feel there is no point having a 5 race season if no one is dedicated to the cause. Care to prove me wrong? Then please do so and register today!
  11. Looks like we're back in business for that we continue registrations for F5
  12. TNF1_DeltaNiwa

    TOCA Touring?

    Come on we need v8 Supercars and British Touring cars back on Ps4, that stuff would be dope. 
  13. So we've had to basically rejig the TNF1 formations of tiers to fill numbers which means we're back to square one for recruiting for our TNF5 category. Times for the TNF5 will be 10am GMT+12 which is New Zealand standard, so convert that to however you see yourself timezone wise and that is your race time. Once we gain 10 drivers we will begin the TNF5 category at whatever race we are at that weekend. https://discord.gg/MWVjkTp Hope to see ya soon Current drivers and their team: