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  1. Registrations to the Elite Series, Semi Elite series and Assist Series are now open to anyone wishing to join and get in early.
  2. With the knowledge of release for F1 2021 on Playstation 4/5 the Trans-Nation eSports looks to further evolve itself (other than the fact we're opening up an iRacing department within our branch) and are aiming to create an elite series for those who are the best of the best, using no-assists period. As most have come to learn (and we've stated many a time) that we've run a semi-no assist tier allowing Racing line as it kept numbers fresh and competition close. Now we want to kind of give back to those who have put up with that for season upon season since we opened up the no-assist/assist div
  3. https://discord.gg/7tpKJY77 Just gonna be short and sweet on this one, the Trans-Nation eSports requires drivers that run no-assists (Racing line for now is acceptable) and run with the best AI possible (105/110) to fill up some vacant slots in our No-Assist Tier 1 championship as numbers are starting to wane a little bit. We're at Round 12 (Belgium) but of course new game coming up so a new season fresh is always clear and crystal to have a shot at gold. Race times are 10am NZST Sundays which is 8am AEST (7am Queensland), 11pm British time, Midnight European time, 6pm Eastern Standard Sa
  4. I mean 214 views lmao there's gotta be some keen investors there! Show yourselves!
  5. The view count suggests people have it, just not what I am after lmao! If you have iRacing in general pop a reply!
  6. Pretty straight forward, anyone got iRacing, mainly around the Aussie v8 cars persuasion? 👀
  7. TNE powered by DrinkAlchemy Xbox League Our Xbox league is looking at set for a revival! If you have an Xbox and want to be part of our expanding empire then follow the link above and take part!
  8. Numbers are still fluctuating good, just keep in mind you can reserve in other tiers based on your pace and assist range until such time as this tier fills its numbers!
  9. Just started to creep into our first set of drivers for our Tier 5 mixed-assists group so let's get those numbers rocking up!
  10. Alright so we are now complete on our mixed-assist tier 4 and will be opening mixed assist tier 5! So let's smash out that listing and we can open mixed-assist tier 6!
  11. https://discord.gg/RQ3xB9KcGE With an abundance of people moving over to PC (myself included) there has been an influx desire to create a PC league for Trans-Nation eSports powered by DrinkAlchemy and here we are now with that announcement. We haven't got a day or time set for this nor do we have a setup point of when the first official season will get underway. However if we can grab an influx of drivers to come and take part and grab interest in days/times we can race in we can speed the process up and make something of it! So follow the link and come and help us expand our e
  12. Down to two seats remaining in our Tier 4 then we'll open up an unofficial Tier 5! So keep this up guys! A job well done!
  13. We're back this time we're in powered by our new major sponsor DrinkAlchemy and we're working on getting their hard work repayed by bringing them the best racing possible and we've already delivered with 2 No-Assist Tiers and 3 (soon to be 4) assist tiers. We also have a successeful regional regime going with two regionals (Europe and United States) producing a full lobby each day for their respective days of racing (even Europe is opening an extra day the influx is incredible). We are going to be very soon racing once a day all week and that is amazing to see for a league that started f
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