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  1. Why has the brake bias been changed?? In the previous patches, around 56% brake bias was used to prevent rear locking. Now we can run 50% brake bias again. Rear locking is practically non existent even on 50% brake bias. Just like the previous f1 games. It has become unrealistic again. In real life, drivers run around the 60% brake bias setting. Why did this change?.
  2. I have a suggestion. The game should have a track limit penalty system closer to real life. In real life, drivers can exceed track limits 3 times and then get a black and white flag. On their 4th track extension, they receive a 5 second time penalty. I think this would be a great change to the current system. The current system is on the 3rd track extension, you receive a 3 second time penalty. This would make the penalty system closer to real life.
  3. Track limits don’t work after reloading from a mid session save. Patch 1.12 Grand Prix Mode This problem happens all the time after launching from a mid session save Using Logitech G29 on PS4
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