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  1. Well, they charge for full price all the same. As buyers, we should get a polished version or support instead of old game re-skinned.
  2. Improvement for F1 series... Copy everything Geoff Grammond did. Seriously. I would go for gp4 instead of codies stuff if I could only make it work on modern comp.  Please codemasters, if you're reading this. Play Geoff's gp1-gp4 games and copy the features from them to make the F1 game that we all deserve and you can be proud of.
  3. There used to be a time when devs took pride in their product :(
  4. Just wondering how long it will take to fix the most common issues that are present in all 3 games... One of the most annoying one is on ps3, sometimes after loading from quali to race, the wheel stops working completely. And needs to be unplugged and replugged to work again. 
  5. Decided to play GAS after F1 games and first thing I've noticed that the AI just keeps crashing player car like crazy. Any hope that the AI will be changed in future or are we just stuck with this one? 
  6. That same thing happens with F1 2013 aswell
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