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  1. P4ULR7DER

    What is your favourite F1 2019 Classic Car?

    1990 Ferrari. Nostalgia and sound. 2004 Ferrari. Same as above. Pity the McLaren Honda of 1991 doesn’t sound particularly realistic. And what’s with all the echo on tv replays?!?
  2. P4ULR7DER


    I think I actually prefer the F2.
  3. P4ULR7DER

    Handbrake options G920 Xbox one

    I just mapped 4th on the shifter as the handbrake and use paddles for gears.
  4. P4ULR7DER

    F1 2019 Worth £22?

    I love it. Can’t fault it. Racing is sublime.
  5. P4ULR7DER

    Hubert in F2 2019

    I think it’s fitting that he is in the game and not removed or replacement offered.
  6. P4ULR7DER

    F2 cars lift at end of mulsanne straight

    My bad!!! Doh!!!
  7. P4ULR7DER


    many people knock this game, and occasionally it does annoy me, but overall it is an absolutely fantastic experience. Cars darting around for track position, defensive driving etc. It’s great!!!
  8. Anthoine should be in the game. Removing him as though he didn’t exist is wrong. Maybe they could have option to choose him or the driver who comes in for final races?
  9. Just a quickie. F2 cars lift off at end of mulsanne when the player can take it flat. This causes an easy unrealistic pass / run at the AI.
  10. P4ULR7DER

    Safety Car is so hard to bring out ...

    Yes there is!!!
  11. P4ULR7DER

    Is anyone really enjoying THIS?

    No issues here, opponents using drs and going side by side. Red bull squeezed McLaren to inside brook lands and then pushed to go side by side through luffield. Im seeing no issues anywhere.
  12. P4ULR7DER

    Game crashing until xbox shuts down...

    Had same issue XB1X. Froze on loading screen for about 20 seconds then console turned off.
  13. P4ULR7DER

    F1 2019 A disaster.

    Ok. I have played for 3 days. I love it. f2 is really really fun and competitive. Senna Prost could have been better - Too quick and easy. classic cars a bit loose, but play with the diff and it dials it out to an extent. Im happy.
  14. P4ULR7DER

    Paul Ricard Got "Laserscanned"?

    Bump isn’t as bad imo at Suzuka.