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  1. That comment could apply to any configuaration of any other circuit in the game.
  2. The handling is just too “floaty” at the rear. They would be perfect if I could dial that out. Oh and the best car is the 1990 Ferrari. what have they done to the 1991 McLaren engine sound though. Ewwwww
  3. So loving F1 2020. Handling great overall. F2 awesome (apart from low speed wheel spin and harsh throttle). How about an expanded game next year incorporating F3? Having both feeders would be brilliant.
  4. Disappointed with Schumacher stuff tbh. Quick blast in Jordan and Benetton but that’s it. The colour schemes etc are just BS and won’t be used.
  5. 27 - Villeneuve, Mansell, Senna, Prost The number of Legends!
  6. So jumped into F1 2020 after a few months off 19. How fast and grippy are these things now?!?! I’m hanging on and button bashing for ERS and DRS. Crazy!
  7. Selected variable weather.  Started dry, went to torrential half way through. Replay shows wet for the whole race.
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