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  1. P4ULR7DER

    F2 2020

  2. P4ULR7DER

    Formula 3 next time round?

    So loving F1 2020. Handling great overall. F2 awesome (apart from low speed wheel spin and harsh throttle). How about an expanded game next year incorporating F3? Having both feeders would be brilliant.
  3. P4ULR7DER

    Michael Schumacher Content

    Disappointed with Schumacher stuff tbh. Quick blast in Jordan and Benetton but that’s it. The colour schemes etc are just BS and won’t be used.
  4. P4ULR7DER

    What number do you choose and why?

    27 - Villeneuve, Mansell, Senna, Prost The number of Legends!
  5. P4ULR7DER

    OMG. HOW FAST?!?!

    So jumped into F1 2020 after a few months off 19. How fast and grippy are these things now?!?! I’m hanging on and button bashing for ERS and DRS. Crazy!
  6. P4ULR7DER

    F2 2020. Is it available?

  7. P4ULR7DER

    F2 2020. Is it available?

    I’ve scoured forums and drawn a blank. Are the 2020 F2 cars available yet (says requires internet connection). thanks
  8. P4ULR7DER

    What is your favourite F1 2019 Classic Car?

    1990 Ferrari. Nostalgia and sound. 2004 Ferrari. Same as above. Pity the McLaren Honda of 1991 doesn’t sound particularly realistic. And what’s with all the echo on tv replays?!?
  9. P4ULR7DER


    I think I actually prefer the F2.
  10. P4ULR7DER

    Handbrake options G920 Xbox one

    I just mapped 4th on the shifter as the handbrake and use paddles for gears.
  11. P4ULR7DER

    F1 2019 Worth £22?

    I love it. Can’t fault it. Racing is sublime.
  12. Anthoine should be in the game. Removing him as though he didn’t exist is wrong. Maybe they could have option to choose him or the driver who comes in for final races?
  13. P4ULR7DER

    Safety Car is so hard to bring out ...

    Yes there is!!!
  14. P4ULR7DER

    F1 2019 A disaster.

    Ok. I have played for 3 days. I love it. f2 is really really fun and competitive. Senna Prost could have been better - Too quick and easy. classic cars a bit loose, but play with the diff and it dials it out to an extent. Im happy.