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  1. Anthoine should be in the game. Removing him as though he didn’t exist is wrong. Maybe they could have option to choose him or the driver who comes in for final races?
  2. Just a quickie. F2 cars lift off at end of mulsanne when the player can take it flat. This causes an easy unrealistic pass / run at the AI.
  3. P4ULR7DER

    Safety Car is so hard to bring out ...

    Yes there is!!!
  4. P4ULR7DER

    Is anyone really enjoying THIS?

    No issues here, opponents using drs and going side by side. Red bull squeezed McLaren to inside brook lands and then pushed to go side by side through luffield. Im seeing no issues anywhere.
  5. P4ULR7DER

    Game crashing until xbox shuts down...

    Had same issue XB1X. Froze on loading screen for about 20 seconds then console turned off.
  6. P4ULR7DER

    No mandatory pit stop in F2 Feature Race?

    It works fine on my Xbox One x
  7. P4ULR7DER

    Safety car. F1 2019

    I have had safety cars in f2 and F1. They were triggered by crashes and cars stopping in dangerous places. Check that safety car is turned on when race distance is long enough.
  8. P4ULR7DER

    CAN'T get a good start in Formula 2.

    I’m using a pad. The only way I get a good start is Rev limiter off the line with no TC. if you use TC then it bogs down and you lose positions.
  9. P4ULR7DER

    F1 2019 on Xbox One x - WET WEATHER

  10. P4ULR7DER

    F1 2019 A disaster.

    Ok. I have played for 3 days. I love it. f2 is really really fun and competitive. Senna Prost could have been better - Too quick and easy. classic cars a bit loose, but play with the diff and it dials it out to an extent. Im happy.
  11. P4ULR7DER

    Paul Ricard Got "Laserscanned"?

    Bump isn’t as bad imo at Suzuka.
  12. Sooo. My game came very early (legends edition). I am absolutely loving it. Close racing etc. But. What on earth is up with the spray in the wet? Finding occasional misty spray, but most of the time it is like the track is wet, tyre marks in water, but no real visibility down to 1 metre spray. Also tried GP2 in Canada. No spray whatsoever. Are Codemasters aware of this?
  13. P4ULR7DER

    F1 2014 XBOX 360

    Selected variable weather.  Started dry, went to torrential half way through. Replay shows wet for the whole race.