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  1. I’ve never been the fastest but always love a good AI challenge. I love to be in the mix and not run into the distance. However I’m really struggling on the high speed stuff in the game. The big problem areas are like Pouhon at Spa and the super fast right hander (turn 8?) after the fast left right at Zandvoort. I just can’t get the car to stick. Everywhere I get a good neutral handling car but wash out in the fast stuff. Am similar on straights (if not slower) but as soon as I throw a bit of wing on the front or soften the front I’m oversteering off instead. in Pouhon I can lo
  2. Photo of my screen and not a pc saved image. However, irrespective, Mazaspin up to his old tricks again.
  3. That comment could apply to any configuaration of any other circuit in the game.
  4. The handling is just too “floaty” at the rear. They would be perfect if I could dial that out. Oh and the best car is the 1990 Ferrari. what have they done to the 1991 McLaren engine sound though. Ewwwww
  5. Selected variable weather.  Started dry, went to torrential half way through. Replay shows wet for the whole race.
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