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  1. 2018: "I'm so glad that Codemasters haven't jumped on the microtransactions train, I love all these free customization options" 2019: "Hey, you don't necessarily have to buy the premium stuff if you don't want to, the free customization options are enough for most" 2020: "Sure, they only gave us a few free, very basic customization options and locked the rest behind a Podium Pass but it's only cosmetics and you don't have to buy or grind them if you don't want to" 2021: "Well, yeah, it's Pay-to-Win but it only applies to single player, seriously, it's no biggie" 2022: "Teams in real F1 need to spend tons of money if they want to win, why should it be any different in the official F1 game? You already spend money on your wheel and pedals, why not a better engine? Every tenth counts in the world of eSports" Can see it going this way, to be honest. I understand that the people of Codemasters are trying to make the system fair and fun but a) it is still a system that is designed from ground up to be as addicting as possible* and I can guarantee you it will not be tweaked to be less addicting in future games and b) Codemasters is a public company that has shareholders that expect constantly increasing profits without caring how it is achieved, as long as the profits and therefore the price of their shares goes up forever and ever. My own experience with the F1 2020 Podium Pass: I haven't played much Career (MSC helmets not fixed) or MyTeam (need to grind livery/suit/gloves first) yet but I'm already on tier 11 even though I haven't bought the VIP. It takes about three 50% races or challenges to complete a tier so that's fair enough, I guess. Still debating whether I should buy the VIP or not since none of the items in that part of the pass interest me. *I'm not saying that Codemasters came up with it on their own but that they've taken a template that has been extensively studied/researched and that works from other games
  2. Sector4

    Schumacher Character PS4 issue

    I had this problem, too. I just restarted the game and that solved the problem.
  3. Sector4

    Lighting and shadows downgrade on foliage

    Textures are blurry for a moment before loading properly and becoming clear. Sponsor logos, faces, gloves, umbrellas, trees, buildings, helmets etc. looking like they are from a Playstation 2 game, then after a second or two they load and suddenly look like they are supposed to.
  4. Sector4

    Lighting and shadows downgrade on foliage

    It sure is. Last year the issue was small enough so that you could learn to ignore it. Now it's impossible to not see everywhere. Menus, grid lineup screen, grid preparations, pit stops, post-race... The amount of texture pop up is insane. And there are a lot of FPS problems, too, mostly with replays and cutscenes. And strange screen tearing on PS4 Pro. Both of these issues were in F1 2018 but mostly absent from F1 2019. I've read that Codemasters now have two teams working on their F1 games so maybe 2018 & 2020 were made by the same team and that explains why we've taken a step back from 2019? It's not all negative though. In some aspects I feel that the graphics have improved slightly. The draw distance might be better, for example. I first noticed it when I was at the Red Bull Ring. Last year the big bull statue was barely noticeable when driving, it was just a blurry mess somewhere in the background. Now it's so clear and prominent that I felt I could reach out my hand and touch it. And the image I get is more clear and sharp compared to 2019. Reminds me of Xbox One X videos I've seen of previous F1 games.
  5. Sector4

    Schumacher helmets for your driver

    I hope this is coming with the big livery update.
  6. Sector4

    I love this game

    Yes, apart from glitches, other technical difficulties and some unfinished stuff I've really enjoyed this game more than the previous two combined. Handling is a slice of heaven, I'm grinning from ear to ear when I'm trashing the Mercedes around in time trial. And the AI is better, I've had some epic 25% and 50% races because of them. When you nail your strategy and end up leading the Belgian GP in Alfa Romeo with a few laps to go, you expect to be able to defend your position against the AI easily like you did last year. Then Hamilton outbrakes you into the downhill hairpin, goes around the outside and despite you squeezing him, he gets through, sliding a bit coming out of the corner because he's so eager to put the power down.
  7. Sector4

    F2 updated grid

    Hijacking this thread for 2 questions about Formula 2 in F1 2020: 1) Will the 2020 drivers who are not already in the game (Lundgaard, Armstrong, Shwartzman, Ticktum & co.) be added to the driver pools of Career and My Team when the F2 2020 patch is released? 2) After the patch is released, if you want to start a new Career, will the F2 portion of it be based on the 2019 or 2020 season? Thanks.
  8. Current with white rear spoiler: What they should look like: No spoiler or Spoiler blended to the rest of the helmet (without the logos obviously) or Transparent spoiler My only gripe about the game so far. Looks unfinished.
  9. Sector4

    Work in progress still?

    @BarryBL Is it possible to get rid of the rear spoilers like you did last year:
  10. Sector4

    Work in progress still?

    The white spoiler? Schumacher's helmets never had a spoiler like that and being completely white it sticks out like a sore thumb. Like someone was supposed to paint it like the rest of the helmet but ran out of time. Codemasters should just remove it from all of the Schumacher helmets, it should be possible since in F1 2019 Senna's and Prost's helmets had no rear spoiler.
  11. Sector4

    Work in progress still?

    Saw this on Reddit. I hope that the helmets aren't left in that state.
  12. Sector4

    F1 2020 LIVE-Streams on Twitch allowed?

    Wrong. https://www.twitch.tv/p/legal/community-guidelines/
  13. Sector4

    General graphics quality reduced?

    They added split screen so they had to reduce the graphics to get it running like it should.
  14. Sector4

    Feedback and ideas for F1 2020

    More Schumacher helmets even if they have to be unlocked through the pass thingy.
  15. Sector4

    Schumacher edition, really?

    Also, there are four (4) of Schumacher's helmet designs that you can use in Career. 3 of them are the old blue/white/German flag designs and one is the red helmet with German flag based on his 2000-2002 design. No newer designs. I'm only miffed by the top of the red helmet being like this: instead of this: But it's a very small gripe. I'm not going to complain too much because I only paid about 2 euros for the whole DLC pack.