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  1. - More "simple" liveries for the FOM car instead of those abstract, non-symmetrical and glittery designs that just scream "How do you do, fellow kids?" - Same for helmet designs (would like to see helmets designed based on the alphabet, kind of like Jacques Villeneuve's helmet is V) - Classic team logos available to be used in My Team (Brawn, Jordan, Benetton, Minardi etc.) - F2 team logos available to be used in My Team - Team orders (automatic when necessary, you can also ask for a team order and force your teammate to move over/stay behind in My Team) - Reserve driv
  2. Don't they usually time new Podium Pass series to start at the same time as new events? And Podium Pass usually has at least 1 week between series. It was the same between S2 and S3, the weekly event was locked for some time.
  3. Madness Engine is barely an improvement on what F1 games currently use. In many ways it's actually worse. And the engine was developed by a company that used to make games like Need for Speed: Shift. Why do people think that Codemasters can't improve upon their game engine, too?
  4. I don't have any footage but I have seen tons of AI crashes on proper race tracks. Just after Christmas I was playing Career and Hamilton threw it in the wall going into T11 at Spain. I usually do 25-50% races.
  5. Career starts from Young Driver Test in Abu Dhabi. After that you get 3 offers to choose from and they all depend on how well you did. Could be race seats or reserve driver seats, could be from a top team or a midfield team or a backmarker. You can also get demoted to a reserve driver if you don't perform and then you have to impress to get another chance in a race seat, whether in your current team or somewhere else. As a reserve driver you would do FP1 sessions. Maybe after a season you get two contract offers: a race seat at Alfa Romeo and a reserve driver at Mercedes.
  6. Did he? Hamilton got a 10 second penalty for Silverstone. Verstappen got a 3 place grid penalty for Monza.
  7. The #33 will be protected until Max has been out of F1 for 2 years. Even if he keeps using the #1 for the next 15 years straight, nobody can take the #33 because it's still Max's "actual" number.
  8. Imagine - having more support from your teammate over the season (apart from the last race) - being allowed to break track limits a million times in Bahrain and then the stewards making it illegal once your rival did it once - crashing and being saved by a red flag caused by your teammate and your team's junior driver crashing into each other right after - getting free points in Portugal and Monaco because the team sacrificed your teammate's race for you - getting a free win in Baku because your rival's tire exploded (and then choking the win away) - getting a free win in Silve
  9. Quick googling gave me this: - Confronting sportswashing by countries like Bahrain, Qatar, Hungary and Saudi-Arabia (but not Malaysia obviously because of Petronas LOL) - Supporting movements like Black Lives Matter with public statements like wearing a t-shirt with the text "Arrest the cops who killed Breonna Taylor" during a GP weekend - The Hamilton Commission (a partnership with the Royal Academy of Engineering, goal is to find ways in which motorsport can engage more young people from black backgrounds with science, technology, engineering and mathematics subjects and, ultimately
  10. Just to clarify: if/when Verstappen chooses to use #1 in real life in 2022, that means that his number in F1 2022 will be #1 instead of #33, no matter what happens in the game? Having both the player and Verstappen use #1 at the same time would be... Sort of like, I don't know, having the player drive as Michael Schumacher with Michael Schumacher as his teammate...
  11. Zero chance of that happening. They will drag it out to early next year but in the end Verstappen will stay champion, Masi will get replaced and FIA will publicly apologize to Mercedes. That's it.
  12. Yep. What Masi should have done if FIA wanted to decide the championship by racing AND wanted to keep it fair for everyone: Red flag the race immediately after Latifi binned it. Clear the track, everyone can change their tires for free. Then 3-5 laps of racing to end the race.
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