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  1. Sector4

    f1 2021 - New Feature Reveals

    Look at F1 2020. mid-April: CGI trailer that revealed MyTeam and Schumacher Deluxe late-April: Zandvoort hot lap video early-May: Barcelona hot lap video mid-May: Gameplay trailer + info on MyTeam, new handling mode and other features late-May: Vietnam hot lap video early-June: Schumacher Deluxe trailer mid-June: MyTeam trailer early-July: Features trailer
  2. Sector4

    F1 2021 game

    Modifying a track layout is way easier than building a new track from scratch so I think the layout changes will be in the game but only added post-release like the new pitlane in Paul Ricard was.
  3. Sector4

    Ray tracing confirmed for F1 2021

    Ray tracing only for PC?
  4. I'm gonna hold my preorder until we know exact dates for the release of Imola and Portimao. If Codemasters started working on them RIGHT after they were announced in 2020, they could be ready for late-July/early-August since making a track takes around 1 year. I felt slightly burned by the F2 2020 DLC being released only in December.
  5. Sector4

    F1 2021 game

    Graphics on PC should be improved if your machine can handle it. Steam even mentions ray tracing.
  6. My guess for the 7 classic drivers: Michael Schumacher Ayrton Senna Alain Prost Jenson Button Nico Rosberg Mika Hakkinen Juan-Pablo Montoya
  7. They are already listed on Steam.
  8. The wording in the press release leaves the possibility that Imola and Portimao will be in from the launch and only Jeddah (which has the asterisk) will be post-launch content. But probably all 3 won't be in the game at launch.
  9. Sector4

    F1 2021 game

    Let's be honest, the biggest selling point of F1 2021 are the new tracks. Without them, one might as well keep playing F1 2020 with some free mods installed.
  10. Sector4

    F1 2021 game

    F1 2020 was announced on April 15th. It's now April 9th. Calm down, people.
  11. Sector4


    Which livery is that? And how did you acquire it? Item shop or podium pass?
  12. Sector4

    F1 2021 game

    Project CARS 1-3 don't have Istanbul Park as mods either.
  13. Sector4

    F1 2021 game

    Istanbul Park most definitely isn't in any of the Project CARS games.
  14. Sector4

    For what reasons you can't wait for F1 2021 game?

    F2004 hot laps @ Imola during sunrise.