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  1. Sector4

    Schumacher helmets for your driver

    More examples of a modder blending the rear spoiler/winglet with the rest of the helmet. Why can't Codemasters employees do it but modders can? I know there is probably more important stuff to fix but this should at least be acknowledged, right?
  2. Sector4

    F2 2020 drivers not in MyTeam?

    F for those who waited until the F2 2020 DLC to start their My Team because they wanted Tsunoda, Shwartzman etc.
  3. Sector4

    Formula 2 (2020) is Amazing !!! But ...

    Did one 50% race in Bahrain and by lap 3 Markelov's lead was 9 seconds. I overtook him using the alternate strategy (starting from last) and finished 1 second in front of him while the rest of the pack was over 20 seconds behind us. I was the only one to prevent Markelov from taking pole, fastest lap and win. I guess these wonky stats are why the 2020 F2 drivers haven't been added to My Team or Career yet?
  4. Same on PS4 Pro. No sponsors boards, brake marker boards, driver name boards in the pits and the pit garages are black on the inside as well. Also some metal guard rails are flashing around the track.
  5. Sector4

    F2 2020 drivers not in MyTeam?

    Have you guys tried starting a new My Team? That's what I'm going to do.
  6. Sector4

    Schumacher helmets for your driver

    Another mod Why can all modders paint the helmet spoilers but Codemasters somehow can't?
  7. Sector4

    When will F2 2020 arrive

  8. Sector4

    Will Take Two reinvent next years game F1 2021 or?

    Too late to change the game significantly at this point. The game will be released in 7-8 months and the devs have been working on it ever since they stopped working on F1 2018 (Codemasters have two alternating teams working on their F1 games these days). They'll just rename the game F1 2K21 and be done with it. But the game after that might be very different. Look at the WWE games. WWE '13 came out in October/November 2012, 2K bought the license in February 2013, then WWE 2K14 came out in October 2013 (that's 8 months after the 2K acquisition). WWE 2K14 had basically zero influence from 2K apart from the title. Then WWE 2K15 came out and it had 2K's fingerprints all over it. Better graphics, models and lighting straight from their NBA games (going next-gen also helped) but also microtransaction ********. And they changed the gameplay so that it became more of a "simulation" AKA slow, difficult, frustrating and boring. In F1's case they probably won't screw it up too badly since the gameplay already scales so well from eSports professionals to mentally disabled kids with missing limbs and everything in between. More microtransactions is 100% going to happen. Take-Two just spent a cool billion to buy Codemasters so they need to make that money back ASAP. Say goodbye to the incredibly fair podium pass system of F1 2020. Have fun paying 5-7 euros extra for a pre-order booster DLC that unlocks all drivers for use in Grand Prix mode from the start. Or refuse to pay and then grind 2 weeks as Latifi before you can unlock your favorite driver/team. But hey, maybe Codemasters will finally get the resources to license and make more classic cars and even classic tracks (as a paid DLC, of course).
  9. "wE cAn'T iMpLeMeNt It BeCaUsE iT wOuLd LoOk ToO cLuTtErEd! Official explanation BTFO Looks great otherwise but the gaps between all the drivers changing every second made my head hurt instantly. Who knows, maybe it wouldn't be a problem when focusing on the driving.
  10. Sector4

    F2 2020 info

    I'd imagine the pandemic is causing the delay. Car liveries, helmet designs, suits and so on can be done very fast, even when working remotely. But scanning the faces of the drivers new to F2 in these times might be impossible and if you have to create the faces from scratch using photos and videos as your only reference, the progress will take longer. Armstrong, Lundgaard, Sato, Ticktum, Shwartzman, Piquet, Daruvala, Tsunoda, Drugovich, Samaia. That's a lot of rookies. Possibly Vips and/or Pourchaire, too, depending on the cut off for driver lineups.
  11. I'd like a feature that allows you to customize every team's driver lineup before starting your driver career. After that the driver transfers would work normally. Every driver in the driver pool of the game would be available (F1/F2 drivers) and you could assign them to any team you like. So, for example, in F1 2021 you could have Hamilton/Alonso at Mercedes from race 1 of your driver career.
  12. Sector4

    Patch 1.12 | PATCH NOW LIVE

    Thank God, finally the yellow sponsor bug has been ironed out. What a relief. Now I just need the 2020 F2 content and those ugly white rear spoilers of the Schumacher career helmets removed and I'm perfectly happy with the game.
  13. Sector4

    Record books

    NHL 21 will introduce a feature I have wanted in F1 games since forever: And hopefully the record books would get updated as you go through Career or My Team. I think top-5 in championships, wins, poles, fastest laps, points and podiums would be enough.
  14. Still there on PS4 Pro.