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    DiRT Rally - Out Now

    Of the little I did and seen from others This is going to be an awesome Rally Game once the few bugs are worked out like North American Steam edition missing the Calls outs and HUD Directional arrows. I know your working on the fix though! Good on ya's! The Environments are beautiful and handling & Driving is challenging! Excellent! I am hopeful of weather like Rain and Snowing & water splashes like in CMR04 and 05! Be neat to add Germany and Australia and More English Countryside Rallies like back then! Hoping for more than one Hillclimb .Not sure if you can get Climb to the Clouds at Mount Washington Auto Road Rally in New Hampshire in the States. But love just rally in general if not. Hoping for a few more Older Rally cars in the future if they can be had! Players like to drive there favorite cars like Maybe a old Saab 96 & Alfas GT's & Citroens Rally cars and of course Lancia Group S Volta ECV1. This is going to be good! Thank you Codies!
  2. Big Lee mentioned to stop in and report so I am having the same problem with no Co-Driver Call Outs. Not sure what I am missing on my HUD as others are. System Specifications: Windows 7 Pro 64bit Intel Core 2 Duo 3.16 E8500 Asus Maximus II Formula 4096 OCZ DDR2 RAM Nvidia GeForce GTX Asus MARS Soundcard: Creative SB X-Fi Fatal1ty Pro Logitech G19 Gaming Keyboard Logitech G27 Steering Wheel Roccat Kave Headset ASUS Display 1920x1020 Direct X 11 Steps to Reproduce: No Co-Driver audio Call Outs/Pace Notes and possible other unknown issues. Your recent history of races:  All of them in Career so far. Which stage were you within the championship\custom event?  Career Mode.Championship Greece What were you doing specifically when the crashed occurred? Game froze once but Music was still playing rebooted and was ok How long was your current session? Four races in career Which graphics preset were you using? Maximum 100% - But Camera Shake I turned Off
  3. I'm all for Touring Cars as the main Focus! BTCC WTCC DTM V8 Supercars etc...  But do enjoy some Open Wheel Series but not nessasarily to F1 or Indycars. Although the ones in the Original ToCA's were a great bit of fun!!! Hoping someday CM include some different Racing Series like Shortrack NASCAR Whelen Modifieds that you had in Showdown (Less the Headlights and tuner sounds lol) and ISMA Winged Supermodifieds. Both awesome Open Wheeled Series! :D

    "Next" DiRT game wishlist!

    With the next DiRT Game I would just be happy with everything from the original Colin McRae to last Colin McRae 05. The Cars The Courses,Night and day with Weather Rain ,Snow. Put them in a Blender and make it DIRT 4 or whatever the name will be. I did enjoy the Pikes Peak as many Dirt fans here have! But that isn't the only Hill climb in the world! Maybe add a few as bonuses!  Mount Washington Hillclimb on the Mt Washington Auto road in N.H. is actually in June this year attracting a lot of the same popular Hillclimbers! Although I did enjoy a little silliness in Gymkhana I just didn't think it belonged in a DiRT Game. Putting it in Showdown made much more sence! If the game cannot be all WRC Rally like. Global Rallycross was a lot of fun. And the Off Road Stadium trucks were also. Either way it needs lots of Retro Rally cars that have been actually used in Official rally racing over the years! Lancia's Citroens Pugs, Fords, Audi's, Alfa Romeo's and on and on! Oh and Thanks You for bringing the Forums back! :D