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  1. 1 hour ago, Mike Dee said:

    It's never going away. I think anyone waiting for it to magically be removed will be waiting a long long time.


    And while people want to complain about it, honestly there is no issue. Maybe if you have spotty internet it can cause you problems, but in my 100+ hours so far the only issue it has ever given me was failing to connect - when Steam went down for Tuesday maintenance. I understand the general idea against it, but when it just works for the vast majority of players I can't really see the argument to avoid the game over the requirement. Even if you literally never touch My Team and only play around in Free Play time trials or Championships, you'll get more than your monies worth from the game.

    Well I guess it makes sense, it an already finished product so the will just probably release the remaining DLCs and minor bug fixes. It's a shame as my connection often works in 56kb mode, I guess I will pass this time, see you in the next Dirt edition guys!

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  2. Having a extra rally game is awesome as it's good for anyone loving rally. WRC7 can be improved in many ways and so it does Dirt Rally 2, so I hope we see a step forward in WRC8. For me I see the two games as:

    Dirt Rally 2:

    - Physics (they are not close to real life, but they are fun and that's important in any game).

    - Collisions.

    - Good graphics.

    - VR Support.

    - WRX even though for people like me who likes pure rally is something it could be removed, but it's a positive.

    - Great stages but low amount.

    - Bad performance.

    - Good selection of cars including historical ones.

    - Price is too high.

    - Meh career mode.

    - Hype based experience (no demo).

    - Crappy DLC system, online requirement, bugs and also a few more bugs.

    WRC8 (based on 7):

    - Meh physics (as far as Dirt Rally from real life but less fun to drive).

    - Collisions feel more like bouncing.

    - Great graphics.

    - No VR Support.

    - Clean focus rally experience, you and the road, nothing else.

    - Awesome stages and multiple countries (a step ahead Dirt Rally) but some of them need improvement.

    - Bad performance.

    - Official rally cars, if they add old ones then awesome.

    - Fair price.

    - Meh career mode.

    - Experience based hope (no demo).

    - No DLC based, no online requirement and they fix bugs quicker (some of them).

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  3. 48 minutes ago, SteV said:

    I was going to buy this game this week, however, after what I've read today I will not be bothering.

    Requiring an always online connection for single player career in a racing game is quite honestly, ridiculous.

    Thanks, but no thanks. Sale lost. Recommendations lost. 

    Will you buy it at later stage? I'm on the same boat. Wanting to buy it and I've delayed it, but now I'm thinking about not getting it at all. 

  4. 1 hour ago, kheiro said:

    Thursday for our first WRC 8 livestream! 



    Yay! Nice the developers will be answering questions. A few years back there was an article where one of the devs was explaining how the stages were created, even explaining technicallities. I hope is not a hyped marketing chat. 

  5. 8 minutes ago, VirtuaIceMan said:

    Bit of gossip? From: http://blog.codemasters.com/community/03/celebrating-the-women-behind-our-games-for-iwd2019-meet-mandy/

    "I’m currently trying to arrange for a car to be scanned that is going to be in one of our DiRT Rally 2.0 service updates – however this car is stuck to a wall in a museum somewhere, so it’s going to be a fun job for the Vehicle Art team!"

    Anyone know of any wall-mounted rally cars?! The article also gives some insight into how "fun" licensing even logos is...


  6. 13 minutes ago, ale81udine said:

    DLC ,first season ! 90% pay old contents , nice politics. the people out of this forum are ****** off.

    Calm down! It's as simple as not buying the game, money is what hurts the guys taking the business decisions about Codemasters games. 

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  7. Codemasters should react faster. Everyone knows how game reviews work now adays and how easy an idea spread. The game can have potential, but with all the problems the game have they have done nothing for 2 weeks, and that's a lot of time. They could at least explain the plan and release small fixes, they have gone quiet as in Dirt 4.

    Im sure the next thing will be: they have been working hard, much more to come, etc, etc. It's sad, but it looks like another game that will die early. You can not just base your game and player base on hype. And after all is a £70 game, that's an expensive one, people have rights to want a Deluxe support. 

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  8. 9 minutes ago, BloodCat said:

    That RaceNet thing is really keeping cheaters at bay, eh?

    And... here they are. So Codemasters customers are angry and Codemaster cheaters happy as always. I don't know what kind of verification the sever does (it would be helpful if they could explain it so we can make recommendations). But the always online does not add any extra layer of security apart from hanging a server even more (hence the connection problems). 

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  9. 1 hour ago, bn880 said:

    IKR!   Usually (not always) this is a top down driven meeting, so someone at CEO/CTO level will be making this call.  Just FYI. (I've been in such meetings at another company where 70% of the participants can be baffled but see the short term financial aim, the other 30% are yes men[or women] hired to agree).

    +10000 to this. Some times those guys don't care about the product, they just want to see the numbers going up. Some of them will be there just for a few years, so... Make as much money as you can, and then... It's not my problem if customers are unhappy. To make great products all up the chain must be aware of what they want to achieve as a group. 

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  10. 2 minutes ago, JackKey said:

    I don't see how making the Career Always Online results in protecting cheaters from uploading fake times?

    Maybe the have better cheat-protection this time, but that would have nothing to do having the Career always online.

    It's always the same story. Tones of DRM, protections, servers, internet, etc, and then there is a random guy who can easily find a work around these things. Then they will say the game is not selling well because they maybe didn't enough promotion or people is not interested in rally.

    It will be funny to see how long it takes for the first 1 second stage to happen.

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  11. 7 minutes ago, F2CMaDMaXX said:

    No, this really is about the person with a console in 2019 not having an internet connection and not realising they're not going to have access to everything in the game without one.

    Plenty of the game is available without a net connection, you're pretty blind to expect a 2019 game not to want some kind of net connection for at least part of it these days.

    All games in gog.com don't force you to have a connection. But maybe that's an edge case because that the company philoshy. But think a out Project Cars, Dirt Rally, Dirt 4, etc. If you want to use specific o line modes then you need a connection, those were you play with more people. But a career mode with online requirement breaks the game. Again I add the NBA 2K example, were you can not even see career videos if you don't have a connection. 

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