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  1. 1 hour ago, Mike Dee said:

    It's never going away. I think anyone waiting for it to magically be removed will be waiting a long long time.


    And while people want to complain about it, honestly there is no issue. Maybe if you have spotty internet it can cause you problems, but in my 100+ hours so far the only issue it has ever given me was failing to connect - when Steam went down for Tuesday maintenance. I understand the general idea against it, but when it just works for the vast majority of players I can't really see the argument to avoid the game over the requirement. Even if you literally never touch My Team and only play around in Free Play time trials or Championships, you'll get more than your monies worth from the game.

    Well I guess it makes sense, it an already finished product so the will just probably release the remaining DLCs and minor bug fixes. It's a shame as my connection often works in 56kb mode, I guess I will pass this time, see you in the next Dirt edition guys!

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  2. 1 minute ago, xGabe62x said:

    Bought mine from Green Man Gaming.... no refunds allowed once you activated the key.

    Will never do that again !

    If you don't buy it on Steam is almost impossible to get a refund. I bought a DVD copy of Dirt 4 and because you always have to use Steam the retailer is not going to make a refund.

  3. Having a extra rally game is awesome as it's good for anyone loving rally. WRC7 can be improved in many ways and so it does Dirt Rally 2, so I hope we see a step forward in WRC8. For me I see the two games as:

    Dirt Rally 2:

    - Physics (they are not close to real life, but they are fun and that's important in any game).

    - Collisions.

    - Good graphics.

    - VR Support.

    - WRX even though for people like me who likes pure rally is something it could be removed, but it's a positive.

    - Great stages but low amount.

    - Bad performance.

    - Good selection of cars including historical ones.

    - Price is too high.

    - Meh career mode.

    - Hype based experience (no demo).

    - Crappy DLC system, online requirement, bugs and also a few more bugs.

    WRC8 (based on 7):

    - Meh physics (as far as Dirt Rally from real life but less fun to drive).

    - Collisions feel more like bouncing.

    - Great graphics.

    - No VR Support.

    - Clean focus rally experience, you and the road, nothing else.

    - Awesome stages and multiple countries (a step ahead Dirt Rally) but some of them need improvement.

    - Bad performance.

    - Official rally cars, if they add old ones then awesome.

    - Fair price.

    - Meh career mode.

    - Experience based hope (no demo).

    - No DLC based, no online requirement and they fix bugs quicker (some of them).

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  4. 10 hours ago, mesa said:

    I don't know what degradation mean for Codemasters, buti don't see any difference... 😮

    Also i don't know what these settings mean: and what is the difference:

    - Realistic
    - Optimal
    - Full

    Why no a F. Users Manual released yet?

    Oh, THE MANUAL, that thing that used to come with a game (non Deluxe/Prime/Day One edition). It would be nice having a PDF at least. 

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  5. 30 minutes ago, Jake Cushing said:

    I don't think it's a case of anyone laughing in anyone else's face. I think it's a situation of a software company struggling to get the game they wanted out exactly at day one. Then having to manage the massive headaches involving an online element, which seems to be so necessary nowadays. How is this unusual? We know there is a patch coming. If they tell us what's in it, there will be screams and wails, as not everybody will be pleased. And how do we know CM are not trying to fit as much as they can into the patch? If they announce a certain fix, do they know they can deliver it yet?

    I do not support any of the 'I wuz ripped off and I demand fixes or compensation or whatever' arguments. Who forced you to purchase a pre-order? We were all free to wait until release, read a few reviews, read the forums, watch some youtube videos, wait for a patch, whatever. Hey, I'm waiting desperately for a patch to address the issues I want addressed, so I can play this MF like there's no tomorrow. But there are 50,000 other videogames to spend your money on if you don't like this. By all means we should point out what sucks and what doesn't, but I can not support this entitlement mentality. Take a look at No Man's Sky players. People went insane, there were death threats, etc. All because of entitlement mentality. It doesn't matter what was promised, because nobody forced anyone to buy on day one, without waiting to confirm with reviews etc as to what they were getting.

    The patient NMS players waited over a year. And now they have an experience which is just incredible.

    No one is forcing anyone to buy anything, but if you think about the pizza example again, if I see a nice picture of a pizza in a restaurant leaflet I might think the pizza look nice and I will try it. If they forget to put it in the oven for more than 2 minutes and it's still raw I would be complaining. They will probably apologize and maybe offer me a free drink. It would be very different if they say "oh, I see, the pizza is raw... please sit on this bigger table to eat your raw pizza, we will look to see if there is a problem with the oven". By the way the pizza costs £70 in this example and they told me that the desert is included but not which one (so I may or may not like it).

    In Codemasters game you could probably argue about false advertising with the wheel thing and how awesome was going to be, or about some things like online requirements not being explained clearly from the beginning. And hopefully the previous sentence is wrong and the did everything with the best intention, not wanting to sell more, then I take the company is struggling to deliver the game they wanted. People can buy another game, wait for the patch, understand Codemasters, but the customer is always right to complain in situations like this. Developers can be mistakes (very big some times) and I understand that because I make them every so often, but if I promised something and the customer is giving me their money I deliver, because otherwise that customer is gone.

    People goes over the moon sometimes with all the social media stuff, and that's not something I support, but if you feel cheated I understand people wanting something back.

    PD: I'm sure developers are doing an awesome work, at the end of the day they just do what they are told to. But the communication is good when they want to (before release) and missing when they want to (after release).

    Edit to say I'm a happy girl, just annoyed about the situation with people who spent their money and they get problems every single day. I love rally!

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  6. 8 hours ago, Riggs said:

    Nowadays everything is a reason to ask for compensation, discount, refund. Getting a bit nonsense. Some people don't realize how hard it is to work on such a project/game. Bug hunting is way more difficult than developing the feature. And we've already got a 1 million credit compensation for the launch issues (deluxe owners), which is a pretty big advance comparing to others.

    I'm not saying I prefer a 1 million credit ingame than real life money compensation or whatsoever. But people need to be more patient. This game has just landed, give it time to breathe.

    Well here it goes my explanation from a developer point of view. I don't know how it works in the gaming industry but in any other similar sized project (in terms of revenue) these times are not admissible.

    You can't just go quiet and say to your customers you are working on a patch that will come at some point in the future, and that's even more true when the project has already been paid. Please remember you are the customer and they have made a product/project you have paid for. 

    If there is something broken that needs urgent patching and there is a delay re-agreements are made, and that works for software development, game development or when the pizza arrives late. So the client is on its full rights to complaint and ask for a compensation (and giving you one billion ingame credits is not a compensation in anyway).

    I can only see a luck of respect for the customer in this situation, and in a normal scenario that client would not work with you again. I know, this is just a game, but we just get quiet because it's just a game, just £70, then they will continue doing what they do. It fine if they think a big percentage are just kids, but some of us have been playing games for decades and we need to make them realise they can not laugh in our face. 

    And that's with all the repesct for everyone, but I'm tired of always reading people defending Codemasters as they were on payroll, when in this case they are not acting right. 

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  7. 7 hours ago, RodgerDavies said:

    But either way, it would be good to know if this is a purposeful decision, why it was taken, if the feedback on it has been heard and whether there's any hope for it being addressed going forward.

    I don't think Codemasters is going to spend much more resources and money on the game based on how broken it is in certain areas. They probably have all the DLCs ready so the team can move on. It's sad but it's the same situation as the 2 previous games where they could just tweak it and make something to remember, and that's the problem, they will always leave something broke so people by the next one with a hope for fixes. 

  8. 48 minutes ago, SteV said:

    I was going to buy this game this week, however, after what I've read today I will not be bothering.

    Requiring an always online connection for single player career in a racing game is quite honestly, ridiculous.

    Thanks, but no thanks. Sale lost. Recommendations lost. 

    Will you buy it at later stage? I'm on the same boat. Wanting to buy it and I've delayed it, but now I'm thinking about not getting it at all. 

  9. 9 minutes ago, RodgerDavies said:



    Hope to see a blog update about which issues are being worked on, what's targeted for first patches - not in great detail, just an overview. Comms need to be more transparent IMO.


    We are lucky they are not using the usual "We may or may not fix a bug related to a USB device connected to your PC, stay tunned :)".

    Since the official release there hasn't been a single update, and still they start selling the content ripped from the original game. This show how broken the DLC nonsense is in the gaming industry. 

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  10. 1 hour ago, kheiro said:

    Thursday for our first WRC 8 livestream! 



    Yay! Nice the developers will be answering questions. A few years back there was an article where one of the devs was explaining how the stages were created, even explaining technicallities. I hope is not a hyped marketing chat. 

  11. 8 minutes ago, VirtuaIceMan said:

    Bit of gossip? From: http://blog.codemasters.com/community/03/celebrating-the-women-behind-our-games-for-iwd2019-meet-mandy/

    "I’m currently trying to arrange for a car to be scanned that is going to be in one of our DiRT Rally 2.0 service updates – however this car is stuck to a wall in a museum somewhere, so it’s going to be a fun job for the Vehicle Art team!"

    Anyone know of any wall-mounted rally cars?! The article also gives some insight into how "fun" licensing even logos is...


  12. Just now, ale81udine said:


    I am calm, do you see me agitated? thanks

    To be honest this forum seem to be as buggy as the game. Why some comments are listed in Spanish, Italian or French? So I might have misunderstood you. 

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  13. 13 minutes ago, ale81udine said:

    DLC ,first season ! 90% pay old contents , nice politics. the people out of this forum are ****** off.

    Calm down! It's as simple as not buying the game, money is what hurts the guys taking the business decisions about Codemasters games. 

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  14. Yay! Awesome! Nice to see they take time to remaster an impresive game like Dirt Rally. Any chances this can bring DLCs to the owners of the original one? Maybe cross game play? I can wait to play in rainny Greece! 

  15. 10 hours ago, SkiddyMcCrash said:

    Ask @CodingRacer he gets all the scoops on WRC8

    WRC8 development time is more than enough to see a big improvement since 7. It's not like it will be the next Richard Burns Rally but I think they are moving in the right direction, not over promising and a real evolution over time. If people consider it at least as an option or alternative to Codemasters game it will be good for all of us. The variety of stages is awesome, and there is no WRX! Deal with that FIA! 

    In regards of Richard Burns Rally I've contacted Square Enix this week but I'm not expecting a reply to be honest. 

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