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  1. 4 hours ago, Ferrethead81 said:

    Dude......if they don’t fix DR2.0 like they never fixed Dirt 4, so many people like me will never buy a Codemasters Rally game again. 

    Combine the FFB with a lack of content and expensive dlc......yeah, I’m not happy. 

    Many of us thought the same after Dirt 4 and we are waiting for the game to be completed before giving any money to Codemasters. The game is not ranking particularly well in the UK charts during the first week even though its a British game. That might be an indication of some people getting tired of the same problems. Still some people will buy it blind, which I understand if you are a rally fan, but not if you think twice about what they have done in the past.

    I don't know if they have financial problems or they need to release in a rush to keep the investors happy, but I'm almost sure that the way they are doing things they will not be season 3 (even season 2 could be changed as per terms and conditions) and Dirt 5 will be £90.

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  2. 2 hours ago, HeRtZDoNuT said:

    I'm not making noise dude. I already posted pictures and platform I play on few pages back. I get new bugs almost daily and I'm pretty sure they all caused by RaceNet for some reason. It takes time to download everything from PS4, put it on PC, edit videos, upload to youtube etc. and I don't have much time to do so. I already posted some of the most common bugs I get.


    Here is the latest, No Grip bug, like zero grip at all. PS4 Pro again.


    That might be an extra weather condition known as "black ice". I bet you've got the Deluxe version. 

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  3. 2 hours ago, ChristinaMc said:

    However, we just want to make clear that there is no easy fix for this; anything we change will affect all vehicles, surfaces and peripherals.

    So the translation of this could be that it's not really broken, it's just the way it was designed. So I guess it won't be changed the same way the physics weren't fixed in Dirt 4 because it was affecting all cars and it was too much work. See you in Dirt Rally 3.0 (aka Dirt 4.2)!

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  4. Codemasters should react faster. Everyone knows how game reviews work now adays and how easy an idea spread. The game can have potential, but with all the problems the game have they have done nothing for 2 weeks, and that's a lot of time. They could at least explain the plan and release small fixes, they have gone quiet as in Dirt 4.

    Im sure the next thing will be: they have been working hard, much more to come, etc, etc. It's sad, but it looks like another game that will die early. You can not just base your game and player base on hype. And after all is a £70 game, that's an expensive one, people have rights to want a Deluxe support. 

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  5. 9 minutes ago, Buckwilder said:


    DR1 with add ons would have been totally fine by me. The expansion packs could make use of next Gen graphics etc, but the core mechanics and game play would remain in tact. I don’t mind WRX, but living without it would be fine if it made room for more Rally stages and locales.

    I think most people want endless content with the same base game. Physics can improve slowly, same with graphics. It's anying with that with every iteration of the game we are almost at the same point. 

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  6. 22 minutes ago, ale81udine said:


    my question is this? when will a sim come out to be like Richard Burns Rally? all the real pilots, codriver, (italian) friends that I know run and have fun only on RBR world. in 2019 those who love the simulation "are forced" to drive on a 2004 game. until they only think about collecting money and making profits, a new Rally sim will never be born. 

    it's hard to be content, maybe in 20 years the simulator that I dream will be born.

    I agree 100%. Its an easy task if they really wanted to do it. I would love Dirt Rally 1 with mod support, and new countries and tracks as DLC. I would even pay a monthly subscription for that. That would be supporting us and making us love the game and company. 

    I honestly don't know why there are not more open source racing games. I know it's a hell of a lot of work, but so it's Blender, and if you just mention it people laughs at you like... Sure why do you not want to go to the moon too. 

    And just rally, please, no WRX. 

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  7. 1 minute ago, SS454 said:

    Doesn't make sense to me how to protects against cheaters. I can restart the career but the garage has new cars with upgrades, and credits to do any repair needed. It's like starting Far Cry again from the beginning but you're forced to start with all the guns.

    It seems like the technology is too advance, only Codemasters have the clue to understand it so far. But I trust them, the said its awesome. 

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  8. It's Racenet protecting Racenet from cheaters. It's an AI technology developed by Codemasters to keep the users happy with fair leader boards. Imagine what people could do if they were allowed to restart their progress! They could look like they have always been that good! That way you can also track your progress. 

  9. 1 hour ago, Rallystu2 said:

    Can you tell us the future DLC plans please @CodingRacer? Cheers.

    Of course, you know I'm always open to answer any question about the future of virtual rally. Plans are: release the Preview edition in February, then DLC Season 1, then DLC Season 2 and then release the Full edition by August (this is Preview + DLC + VR). The Deluxe version includes Preview and DLC. 

    After that Brum Brum (tm) and getting ready for Dirt 5 and Rally 3.0. In the meanwhile WRC8 finally released, which I hope it's great with all the extra testing during 2018 and 2019.

    You are going to enjoy Dirt 5 guys, with improved tarmac physics and finally 90% of the WRX tracks. 

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  10. For me the problem is that Codemasters/Christina promised too much (again). It's fair to create hype, but too much artificial hype creates frustration when problems appear, even more after Dirt 4.

    Since the release of the first Dirt Rally they changed the attitude to say "this will be awesome guys", "we are listening", "we might or might not have something great coming", "patch in 2 weeks", "this will be added after release", and so on. When you play the role of being cool and close to the people, it's easy to find out when you are not honest. And people can make mistakes once but when the same story gets delivered we learn.

    Dont get me wrong, the game might be entertaining and good, but when you promise gold make sure to hear the complaints when you don't deliver it, or the privious silly mistakes come back. 

    Customers need to think about what they are buying, and take a breath before accepting what the marketing team is saying. This applies for any product really. 

    I'm really sceptical about the DLC bit, I'm almost sure there will be no more seasons. Instead as I see it, they are just selling the game split in 2 parts, so £20 extra per copy. 

    They should put the head down and say "sorry, we really make a lot of mistakes and we will try or not to fix them". Instead it seems to be the same route as Dirt 4: "We are listening, in 2 weeks". They radio silence will be postponed 6 months this time.

    I think I own every single Codemasters rally game since I was a kid and loosing a loyal customer is as easier as cheating. They can still fix things but there are a lot of things to change. I really hope there is still someone that is a "Genius at play" and not a "Racing ahead", because some of us are "Racing somewhere". 

    And at the end, this is a game, first World problems. So enjoy it if you like it and complain if you feel like that. 

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  11. 9 minutes ago, BloodCat said:

    That RaceNet thing is really keeping cheaters at bay, eh?

    And... here they are. So Codemasters customers are angry and Codemaster cheaters happy as always. I don't know what kind of verification the sever does (it would be helpful if they could explain it so we can make recommendations). But the always online does not add any extra layer of security apart from hanging a server even more (hence the connection problems). 

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  12. Is it possible to play online without AI? If there are 5 cars they get split into different races with AI in them, so you end up playing just with AI most of the time? Same on rally stages? 

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  13. 1 hour ago, bn880 said:

    IKR!   Usually (not always) this is a top down driven meeting, so someone at CEO/CTO level will be making this call.  Just FYI. (I've been in such meetings at another company where 70% of the participants can be baffled but see the short term financial aim, the other 30% are yes men[or women] hired to agree).

    +10000 to this. Some times those guys don't care about the product, they just want to see the numbers going up. Some of them will be there just for a few years, so... Make as much money as you can, and then... It's not my problem if customers are unhappy. To make great products all up the chain must be aware of what they want to achieve as a group. 

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  14. 2 minutes ago, JackKey said:

    I don't see how making the Career Always Online results in protecting cheaters from uploading fake times?

    Maybe the have better cheat-protection this time, but that would have nothing to do having the Career always online.

    It's always the same story. Tones of DRM, protections, servers, internet, etc, and then there is a random guy who can easily find a work around these things. Then they will say the game is not selling well because they maybe didn't enough promotion or people is not interested in rally.

    It will be funny to see how long it takes for the first 1 second stage to happen.

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