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  1. On stages:

    - There are 4 long routes at each location (two are reverses of the first two)
    Ouch! The bug is back, it has translated 2 stages into 4 :D.

    So 2 long stages per location + 2 long reversed + 4 sections of each long stage + 4 sections reversed of each long stage = 12 stages. Thanks for the confirmation.

    Any news about the DLC strategy? It would be nice to know price and what's included before buying the game. Think that the ones waiting for this to buy will buy the game cheaper later on if nothing is said. Any clarifications?

  2. Rallystu2 said:
    Anyone fancy a rival third discord for all the really cool kids?
    You must be referring to CodingRacer.
    Yea I think @codingracer will be starting the 'codemasters soon to announce wrc 9' discord. 
    I will be beta testing the forum in the meanwhile. The current one has a known issue with dates (6 months gets translated to 2 weeks as Christina reported, 2019 to 2018 as reported by myself and so on). I hope this will be fixed.

    PD: I've just edited the comment to avoid the issue. 

  3. Remember the company made a big step ahead on the 1st of June. That brought more money but less flexibility too, so things has change slightly. It's not so easy when you have to delivery some expectations (money wise). Let's assume game times will be altered in the first few years, even if the work is almost there.

  4. tbtstt said:

    1pm this Monday or the one after, trust me, DiRT Legends will be announced then.

    Steady on @RallyDriven, you are starting to sound a bit like @CodingRacer there. 
    WRC 2019 will be announced really soon. I'm sure it will be ready for the start of next season, following the structure of F1 2018. Consistency is key.

  5. Tried to play Pro Tour, 1/8... 2/8.................1/8.................................2/8.

    Whatever, great multiplatform stuff, now it would be nice getting someone to play the game adding new content and things like that.

  6. They posted on Twitter about Colin Mcrae 2 with "New arcade mode". Do you think that could be the thing they are going to release? A new and improved arcade mode for Dirt 4? That would be awesome.

  7. Codemasters will no longer be Codemasters in 2018 (you can understand it as you want but the Singapore timezone might help you). It's been a long and nice trip, it will be different but hopefully they will bring nice ideas to a racing game.

    Best whishes guys!

  8. Operator1 said:

    ChristinaMc said:
    yes - A Road Book will be here Monday, probably around 2pm, maybe just after.

    Wow. That's a lot more specific than "soon." o:)

    Attempting to be a bit more precise has bitten me in the bum, unfortunately! We've hit a slight bump, so it might be tomorrow - but it's still coming, promise!!
    "Two weeks™", "Soon™" and now "Tomorrow™". "No problem™" Christina!