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  1. I think most people here are under 35 years of age and have never run anything by Geoff Crammond. If they had they would know it is perfectly possible to create a program and fidelity model that is scalable to both the complete novice to the expert driver using intelligent aids. "It's either SIM, ARCADE or SIMCADE and nothing else! And CM has to cater to everyone! So no SIM!" That sentence has become a mantra of sorts while it is a complete fallacy. People must think I'm speaking Klingon or something, or talking about unicorns. Just load up GP2/3/4 (even though it is 25 years old and looks archaic at this point), and see how it scales with aids from the complete novice to the sim player. Then again these are the same people who say: "what do you mean single car replay?" what else could they have done?" Then again you can't ask someone to imagine what it is like to walk on the moon if they are born on a planet without one. Their mind simply can't go to that place. But more than a lack of imagination, it is laziness. Simply a lack of looking at what has been done before.
  2. I've been trying to improve this series for the past 10 years.
  3. You are lying on behalf of Codemasters. "Stuff that's not right" ???? My post said: "But still, replays are limited to just ONE CAR and do not change camera's automatically (if desired)." Either you are not a good reader or you are a poor moderator. Replays in F1 2019 DO NOT automatically switch between cars like a real broadcast event. They show a SINGLE car. The user has to MANUALLY select whichever car he wants to view. Replays in F1 games from 30 YEARS AGO switched between cars and camera angles automatically (if desired) like a real TV broadcast. In software from 30 YEARS AGO. People today don't know that and think what Codemasters has to offer is state of the art. WHILE IT IS 30 YEARS OUT OF DATE.
  4. codexas

    Codemasters, enough is enough...

    You have removed this thread and inserted it into the Lando and Max uninstall F1 2019 thread: https://www.google.com/search?q="Real+F1+drivers+say+F1+2019+is+nothing+like+driving+an+actual+F1+car."&rlz=1C1CHBF_enNL805NL805&oq="Real+F1+drivers+say+F1+2019+is+nothing+like+driving+an+actual+F1+car."&aqs=chrome..69i57.173128691j0j0&sourceid=chrome&ie=UTF-8 I am going to spend 3 or 4 days posting the same information on every forum and channel I can find. Today I (personally) recorded a video interview with a current (2020) F1 driver regarding the driving model of the Codemasters F1 game. It is not flattering to say the least. In fact it is quite damaging. I will publish that on all driving game forums, Youtube and Twitter. Your damage limitation has exploded in your face. You messed with the wrong person. But I can't let this go. I will actually change my plans for next week and make this my mission. I will spend a few hours of every day doing this. I will actually take time out of my life to do this. And again after July 10th. Instead of this damaging press having been posted on your forum alone, it is going to be posted on all channels. Well done. PS: Feel free to ban me for insubordination EDIT: I'll let it slide for the sake of the developers who have done an amazing job on this game.
  5. This is a false assumption in logic. Software developers knew how to do this even 29 years ago. F1GP and Grand Prix 2 by Microprose could be set to a fidelity that was on a par with real life difficulty (in terms of steering ratio, tire slip angles and opposite lock reactions using an actual steering wheel) while also featuring scalable assists for the complete novice player that actually made the game fun for everyone. That is why these games made by Geoff Crammond became legends and are still spoken of in high regard even today. That was in 1991. 29 years ago. That software by Geoff Crammond / Microprose also had a TV director replay function, where the post race replay would (if desired) AUTOMATICALLY switch between cars and camera angles depending on the action on track. When a car got close to another car, the replay would switch to the gearbox view of the car being lapped. If another car went off track the camera would change to trackside view of the car going off. If a car passed another car, it would show the overtake from onboard or trackside. Like an actual TV broadcast. That was 29 years ago. 27 years later (2018) software developers like Codemasters still had the single car replay. By the 28th year (2019) Codemasters finally included functionality whereby atleast the camera position changed on the single car throughout the replay; "Highlights". But still, replays are limited to just ONE CAR and do not change camera's automatically (if desired). It's not strange that in 30 years they have not done that as the product is iterative turn around. Very little development is done year on year as investment expenditure planning is asymptotic for every yearly release. Nothing can be done that fundamentally changes the underlying code. Just the jacket (assets) is polished up every year. The overarching problem for realism in Codemasters F1 isn't that it can't cater to the everyman. Like I said above, it could. The problem is the engine itself. Everything is canned in EGO. There is no actual physics based simulation. There are no wireframe tires actually physically interacting with a road surface based on physical constants. Everything is a pre-programmed effect. That is why in Dirt Rally 2 the tarmac physics are so off. The engine simply cannot be used as an accurate simulator. But when clothed in attractive assets it looks real to the layman.
  6. In my opinion, Codemasters need to censor/remove this statement on Twitch from 4 days ago: "Real F1 drivers say F1 2019 is nothing like driving an actual F1 car." This needs to be removed from Twitch ASAP because it will cut into product revenue. A lot of people are planning to buy this game while quarantined because they think the driving model is at least somewhat realistic. This will lure a significant portion of the quarantine maketshare in the upcoming financial crisis into buying Assetto Corsa, rFactor or iRacing instead. This must be removed/censored. Does Codemasters not have some shareholders in China. Chinese state censorship could be used to hide this truth from the web. Similar to the October 2019 censorship intervention against Nike, Activision, Blizzard and the NBA. This stream is only 4 days old and must be hidden/removed quickly before it gets traction and starts influencing product turnover figures. Potential buyers think F1 2019 is at least a somewhat realistic portrayal of driving an F1 car, we cannot allow statements like this from actual F1 drivers to have this affect on turnover. People must be led to believe it is realistic to maintain the current marketshare. In my opinion, consequently, attempts must be made to identify aggressive litigation possibilities if actual Formula One drivers or other Formula One professionals fail to engage and align with Codemasters business interests in the future. This could be by mutually agreed contracts or in case of resistance, through intervention of LM itself. This truth must be hidden no matter the cost. Adversely, it will have a major impact on future Codemasters F1 releases, with a possible consequence of even obsoleting the EGO engine itself. This means a complete overhaul of all technical development processes, packages, objects, UI, assists programming, etc. Physics will need to change to being physically-based with the tire thread and wireframe contact patch fully simulated and actual vs canned flatspots including Pajecka curves. The physics model will need to improve with higher samples, to enhance resolution of shock/spring responses which will in turn mean increasing the density of road meshes. Chassis flex, and torsional forces will need to be included, etc. Apart from the assets, the product will need to be rewritten from the ground up for increased driving fidelity, if statements like this are allowed to continue. This is impossible and must not be allowed to happen. The fact that it is an arcade game camouflaged as an accurate driving experience must not be exposed like this. F1 drivers: "F1 2019 is too much like an arcade game. You don't drive it anything like you do a real F1 car". From 0.35s on
  7. It seems they think it’s not a very good product for actual racing drivers.
  8. codexas

    Codemasters, enough is enough...

    Thanks for the explanation, but as the original poster of that thread, for me it was unnecessary. Like I mentioned in my post above, I am against freedom of speech and arguable customer satisfaction issues when Codemasters profits are concerned. There is a lot of money tied up in this product and with the current Covid19 issue putting a stop to actual racing, more and more people are turning to the sim races organised in their stead. The unlikelyhood of F1 2020 being released has meant that people are simply buying F1 2019 in record numbers and the price has been hiked up to reflect this demand in the past week alone. Covid19 has been a boon for the ROI of this product. Removing that thread (which described how Lando Norris and Max Verstappen had ceremoniously uninstalled F1 2019 due to their dissatisfaction with it) was the right thing to do. It would have caused a serious MO considering current purchasers are mostly those who follow the virtual GP’s and for whom Norris and Verstappen are considerable influencers. This product (F1 2019) is baked and shelved, there is no undue reason to limit financial losses to Codemasters through bad press. The shareholders need all the revenue they can get with the looming depression, and frankly, customer satisfaction, or the pursuit of making future products better by illustrating the shortcomings of the current product, should not interfere with business. Customers should not be able to just say what they want and influence revenue. The time of golden age democracies has gone and is rightfully replaced by intelligent and diligent censorship of speech. It’s not like the target audience has suddenly shifted either. This product (since 2010) was developed for a target market of hobbyist arcade game racers, not genuine racing drivers. The skill sets are vastly different. But seeing as you’ve removed the thread simply because it contained a repetition of the question (in another thread) of ranked and unranked servers allowing a search by assists used, I have removed the video from that thread, and have reinstated the original thread with no mention of ranked and unranked servers. Sorry for the confusion.
  9. codexas

    Codemasters, enough is enough...

    Codemasters representatives: Thank you for deleting the stand alone thread that was posted yesterday about Lando Norris and Max Verstappen uninstalling Codemasters F1 2019. https://www.google.com/search?q=codemasters+f1+2019+lando+norris+max+verstappen+ceremoniously+uninstall&rlz=1C1CHBF_enNL805NL805&oq=codemasters+f1+2019+lando+norris+max+verstappen+ceremoniously+uninstall&aqs=chrome..69i57j69i60l2.12179j0j7&sourceid=chrome&ie=UTF-8 Although freedom of speech has its uses, the monetary value linked to the specific reputation of a product should be defended. My hat's off to you for defending our most beloved game. Ignore the actual racing drivers.
  10. codexas

    No-Assists Learning Process

    Your hands should be synchronised to your right foot. The further your foot presses the more your hands unwind. Both should be synchronised. No moving one without the other.
  11. codexas

    Codemaster F1 2019 Gear ratios

    How are you going to affect the vmax by changing drag if it's already bouncing off the limiter in top gear? Taking off a gurney flap is suddenly going to engage a warpdrive ratio on the drivetrain? The aero of a car has nothing to do with the transmission.
  12. The network infrastructure is abysmal from a lack of ease of connectivity like we mentioned, to outright critical errors.
  13. Hi, I’m new to F1 2019 and am having trouble with the UI. How can I find unranked or ranked servers where the host has disabled traction control and ABS and other aids? I would like to race in lobbies where people do not use aids.
  14. Hi, I’m new to F1 2019 and I’m having a hard time understanding how to set up lobbies. It’s kind of user unfriendly to figure out. I created an unmarked lobby and I am a Spectator. 3 lap race, no qualifying. Very few people are showing up, like 1 per 5 minutes, and they log out again. My “Status” column in the lobby, the row with my name, the 5 bars of the signal strength are flashing white and black. Does it mean I have no signal?But if so, my pc is connected to the internet. Or what does that flashing mean? My pc is an Esports competition PC, including a half gig 500mb up / 500mb down internet connection. The internet is superfast. What am I doing wrong here, why is no one showing up to my Unranked lobby? I live in the heart of western Europe and it’s noon on a wednesday.